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  3. When you added drive D:\ into the pool, can you still see D:\ in File Explorer?
  4. I did see the "ghost pool" (your drive X:) once a long time ago and like you I just got rid of it and all was good. Glad it went well for you.
  5. Release v3.6.5.0 beta 1 (2020/03/31) [ b ] Change in pool size error was causing the pool to switch into a fault-tolerant mode, and not switch back. [ b ] Detecting missing drives ate boot time now works as expected. [ b ] Scheduling task no longer blocks tasks for extended periods. [ u ] Even balancing has been improved on larger drives. Download here
  6. Thanks everyone! I've been putting off this migration for months but I finally mustered the courage yesterday to pull the trigger and to my delight, everything went relatively smooth. The following are my experiences specific to Drive Bender: 1. After releasing the license, I got a notification that, in effect, the pool will still be accessible but will be in read-only mode. However, I was still able to create and delete files on the pool. I don't recall seeing anything about this taking effect after a reboot but all things considered, not an issue for me. 2. In the new OS, Drive Bender didn't took long to recognize the existing pool (Drive P:) and brought it up. However, I was surprised that it brought up a 2nd identical mount point (Drive X:). I just removed the redundant mount point and everything was back to where it should be. This may have been a mount point I created but removed a long time ago. DB could've seen its remnants and decided to mount it. Though unexpected, it's a minor aesthetic issue.
  7. @oj88 Once you release the licence on your old server, the pool will stay online until you reboot, and even then, it may still run for 60 days, as that is how long the evaluation licence is for. When you install DB on the new server, you will again have 60 days evaluation until you have to apply the full licence. So really, you could set up your new server, move the disks and utilise the 60 days, without having to release the licence on your old server, just in case you need to move back. When all is OK on the new server, then release the key, wait for the support people to release it and then apply to the new server.
  8. For item 3. You should be able to roll back without a problem, again, release the license from the Win2k19. On the other 2 questions. You should open a ticket and ask about your questions 1 and 2.
  9. I'm creating a checklist to migrate from WHS2011 to Windows Server 2019. Basically, I'm swapping out the old SSD with a new one where Win2k19 will be, but still using the same hardware. This server runs Plex Media Server as well as the UniFi Controller, among others.... which implies that I need to be very cautious with every step as well as familiarize myself with the behavior of each software/app that needs to be moved. Question is, when I release the Drive Bender license from the old OS, what happens to that DB instance? 1. Do I immediately lose access to my pool drives? 2. Does DB go into trial/eval mode? If so, for how long before it expires? 3. In case I've migrated the pool drives on the new OS but run into problems (non-DB related) and need to rollback to the old OS, will there be an issue accessing the pool drive again in WHS2011? Thanks!
  10. Gotcha. I was looking for a manual and couldn’t find one. But... If parity isn’t a feature then maybe Drive Bender isn’t for me.
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  12. Is this your first encounter with Drive Bender? You will find the manual for the product in the software install directory. It describes how to set up a pool. Parity is not a feature of Drive Bender. In a nutshell; Follow the instructions in the manual for adding your drives to the pool (they should be empty / formatted) Once the pool is created the 16 drives should appear as a single drive to File Explorer and the original drive letters should not be there for the native drives anymore. As you create directories on the new drive bender drive you should go into the Drive Bender manager and specify which folders you want duplicated or you can set duplication for the entire pool. Data that is copied to folders or the drive you've defined for duplication will be put on 2 physically separate drives in the pool. This way if a drive in the pool fails there will be an additional copy of the files on the failed drive elsewhere in the pool. So your first order of business is "read the manual".
  13. I have installed 16 brand new drives and can't figure out how to create a new pool? I'm looking for something with at least dual parity. It seems so simple but I just don't see the option.
  14. You can force remove it once you've pulled it from your server.
  15. Actually no I did not open a ticket on it. Sorry =/ But I think I figured my problem out at least to some degree. My guess is, for whatever reason some files can't be properly access / written to. When I moved the files that fail and recopied them into the folder again, it works. So its either a problem with the disk drive (which I doubt, because neither SMART nor chkdsk found any error) or a permission problem. Anyway I could finally backup my PCs so I'm happy now.
  16. Hopefully you've opened a ticket on your problem. https://support.division-m.com/hc/en-us/requests/new I use WHS2011 with drivebender and have my client computer backup folder in the DB pool and it works fine. I will say that I started with the client computer backup folder in the pool so I wonder if the problem might be related to moving the folder after you had been using it on a native drive.
  17. The drive is heating up beyond safe temps, so I am going to pull the drive. So I ran a scan disk on the drive, and it found and "FIXED" some things. Then I was able to delete the file in question. So I kicked off the remove drive again, and it failed on another file in the middle of the night. Then drive bender decided to fill it back up with data on a balance operation. Um WHAT? So I have a failing drive, I had to scan the whole thing with scan disk, remove data so the remove process would stop being pissy, only to have data written back to the drive. How much work do I have to put on a stressed drive before drive bender will let me pull it? This is very poor drive management. So now someone is going to come back with drop the drive and pull the files manually. OK, but that is not the way drive bender is supposed to work. It has a procedure that removes a drive, but it obviously needs more error coding to make it work right. At a bare minimum drive bender should have a flag you can set to say stop writing to this disk. If you are removing a drive that is failing, Drive bender should log files it can't pull and move on, not just abort the process. I am VERY disappointed in drive bender.
  18. Obvious one here but..... you've tried rebooting your server and then tried to remove the drive from the pool?
  19. Heya, on this Server I was using DriveBender for a long time but never for the D:\ drive (where the Clientbackup is stored) because I know in the past there were certain problems with DriveBender and WHS 2011 / Windows Server 2012 R2. A few days ago I decided to merge the drive into my current pool and ever since I'm not able to backup my PCs anymore. This was excatly what I was afraid of. I have to admit that the version running there was quite old by now v2.8.0.0 but it worked fine. Now I upgraded to a newer Version and noticed that there were some issues with the driver so I completely deinstalled and reinstalled. But even after that, it still doesn't work. I even tried to manually updating the driver to v6 (which I think is only for win10?). [03/16/2020 20:44:52 c58] MainService: Error: The Windows Server Client Computer Backup Service encountered the following error: Error code: 1237 API name: WriteFile File: D:\ServerFolders\Clientcomputersicherungen\D.VolumeCluster.4096.dat Error: 1237 [03/16/2020 20:44:52 c58] MainService: Error: The Windows Server Client Computer Backup Service failed at (564) of (admin\serveressentials\backup\pc\util\diskfile.cpp) The error I get is random, meaning it always fails to write to different files and it always fails at different percentages. I ran chkdsk on all of my drives but they seem fine. Now I'm out of ideas. I also tried to delete the content.dat of the client backup folder I thought in the past it helped or something, but nah.
  20. Did the drive fail or are you just upgrading the drive? Have you tried assigning the drive a letter and manually deleting the file. Then you might be able to get back to the DB drive removal process. Seems like there's a force option, but if the only copy of a file is on the drive being forced I think the file would be lost. You should probably open a support request and seek help from the developer. https://support.division-m.com/hc/en-us/requests/new
  21. I am trying to remove a drive from the pool, but it keeps getting to a specific file and throws the error Error occured moving file: blah blah blah from the drive being removed, removal has been aborted. I can not delete this file manually from the drive through explorer. How do I get drive bender to bypass the file with the problem and move on?
  22. I have this problem on Windows10. Since installing Drivebender certain folders (some OneDrive subfolders for instance) are locked and I cannot regain control or seize ownership. I have had to move my OneDrive folder elsewhere.
  23. This is the only report of this that I've seen since You should open a trouble ticket with Drive Bender support. https://support.division-m.com/hc/en-us/requests/new
  24. Good evening all, anyone know why the drivebender service crashes whenever I remove a drive from the pool? Upgraded 2 drives in last couple days and when DB is done copying the last file it crashes the driver. Also, had a couple issue a couple of weeks ago where 2 of my drives physically dropped server case issue) and the service crashed thanks well, normally it DB goes into read mode whenever an issue with a drive. I'm on latest (I believe). Any ideas?
  25. In your upgrading process did you drain each drive that was to be upgraded before you removed it from the pool? If not, the removed drive would be the same as a drive crash and should be handled that way to recover any primaries on the removed drive. I believe the process is defined in the manual which is located in the directory that you installed Drive Bender in, typically "C:\Program Files\Division-M\Drive Bender". There's also documentation on the Division-M website. https://support.division-m.com/hc/en-us/categories/201693583-Knowledge-Base-Drive-Bender If you need more help I would suggest that you open a support ticket; https://support.division-m.com/hc/en-us/requests/new 1971 240Z guy.
  26. Hey Everyone, I noticed a bunch of files missing from my storage pool that are still stored across all the duplicated folders, how do I restore the duplicated files back over to the primary folders that are missing them? It's a bunch of random TV shows and movies that went missing when I was moving drives around and upgrading to bigger drives I think. But it's random episodes here and there from various shows and seasons. I ran a scan of duplicated files missing in primary folders, and can see the path and they are there. Thanks again
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