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  2. This has been reported and the developer says it will be fixed in release
  3. I have a pool that I'm downsizing and it currently is down to a single 4 TB drive. The DB Console is reporting that the pool is over 83 TB. Screen shots - https://imgur.com/a/3jir69H. Running a file validation pass corrects it but it just comes back. I've opened a support ticket, but just checking if anyone else as seen this.
  4. Actually I think that it does not hang, it just stays at 11% for hours... When running it from a command line, the 11 percent complete stays there, but the number of files scanned evolves (very slowly). Issue, when launching it from Drive Bender is that you don't see that evolution, and the task can't be canceled.
  5. I've not seen anything like this. Hopefully the developer will get back to you with some assistance. Let us know what you find out.
  6. I also submitted that through a support ticket, but maybe the community here I'm currently testing Drive Bender to replace DrivePool (I actually just switched from FlexRAID to DrivePool, but did not consider DriveBender initially). I'm running into issues with the "Check this drive" button. When launching this with "surface check", I have 2 issues: 1/ The first time I did that, I received an error notification from DriveBender saying: "The volume \\?\Volume{xxxxxx}\ is not responding, or has gone offline.", and then "The pool has reported an issue with one or more drives within the pool. The error was - "Drive node root path: "\\?\Volume{xxx}" is not responding, pool switching to read only mode.". This is less of a problem, I understand that the drive being checked should be removed from the pool. My problem is that I did not see that when I did the same thing on a second drive. 2/ each time I do this, the process of chkdsk hangs at around 11%, and never completes. If first will create a Drive Letter, starts correctly, but will hang at around 11%. Then, attempt to re-display the corresponding drive's information generates an exception (see attached). I also cannot cancel the task manually. I have no idea if the chkdsk continues behind the scenes, and completes - but it never does for DriveBender, and therefore the drive letter needs to be manually removed at next reboot (would not risk to do this without rebooting, no idea what impact if I remove the drive letter while chkdsk is in progress - even the reboot I'm afraid it could harm the drive...). Anyone running into similar problem?
  7. A question best asked in a support ticket. https://support.division-m.com/hc/en-us/requests/new
  8. I recently lost my PC to an electrical storm. All of my externals were set up using PoolHD which is no longer available. If I were to purchase Drive Bender, is there an easy way to convert the drives without losing data?
  9. I just opened a ticket. I was wondering why my SSD system drive was running out of space. To my surprise, the DB log files I have total to just a few bytes shy of 60GB! That's dating back to Jan or Feb this year. I asked two things.... 1. Can it be safely trimmed down or removed altogether? 2. Can it be moved to a different, non-SSD drive? And in doing so, will the performance degrade? UPDATE: After receiving a reply from Anthony, I went ahead and deleted all the files under the Logs directory. The server is still up and my SSD can breathe again.
  10. 12GB seems quite large. My total for the log folder is only 428MB. Your best shot for a quick response is to open a support ticket to ask Anthony.
  11. Hi Anthony, I've just run a drive space review and found that the DriveBender log directory is now over 12gb! The big files all start with "HealthMonitorAudit". The oldest is from 14 October 2018 and most recent is from 15 August 2019. There are 41 HealthMonitorAudits in the folder. Each file is about 300mb, with a trend of growing over time (a few exceptions to this, perhaps because the machine was turned off during audits?) It seems to be a list of every single file on my drive pool with a couple of attributes (IsDup, IsAudited, VolumeName, etc). I'm running DriveBender and as far as I can see I have logging off (eg Settings>Performance>Logging Level = None). Is there a log for the HealthMonitor I need to disable, or some kind of switch so it only keeps 1-2 logs? In the interim can I delete the old logs manually as a workaround? Is this normal behavior?
  12. https://blog.division-m.com/2019/08/12/mid-year-update-more-banging-on-the-anvil-and-free-give-away/
  13. Release v3.0.0.0a release (2019-07-10) [ b ] Windows Explorer integration could cause Windows Explorer to crash. [ n ] Added script command to install that can add/remove Windows Explorer integration. Release v3.0.0.0 release (2019-06-24) [ u ] Updated service with all new Drive Xtender code base. [ u ] Updated client to be compatible with service. Download here
  14. I'll contact Anthony separately and ask if there are any updates on this product.
  15. As there is no where to post about Drive Xtender, and I have yet to see any news about Drive Bender Duplication to a Cloud, I was hoping someone here could post an update as to this feature. I know I've been waiting a number of years for this type of integration.
  16. I have received the following response from Anthony. Alas.:( Hiding a drive letter based on the logged-in user is not possible, as the drive letters are mapped at the system level (and are not "user aware"). The only solution I can think of is to flag the backup folder as hidden... but then its not visible to anyone, but still accessible if you know its there. Thanks, Anthony Smith - Division-M
  17. I will keep you guys posted. Ticket submitted
  18. thanks for the info- yes I have reviewed the FAQ. Also I have created the separate mount point M:/ for the MEDIA folder, however the point P:/ remains accessible from the HTPC account. I will contact the devs.
  19. Welcome edo. To be honest, I'm not sure what the answer is, as I only have single accounts on the servers where I run DriveBender. Have you checked the permissions within DriveBender? It may be possible to create a separate folder mountpoint and grant access to this mountpoint only to your HTPC user. Have you read through the FAQs for DriveBender - https://support.division-m.com/hc/en-us/categories/201693583-Knowledge-Base-Drive-Bender If none of that is possible, and in lieu of any other answers, you could raise a Support Ticket (https://support.division-m.com) and get the devs involved. Let us know how you get on.
  20. hello folks, I am new to DB so please be patient with me. I have some permissions issue that I can't resolve. Here is my setup: I am running a windows 10 PC which doubles as (1) the home theater computer and (2) as a backup server for all family / work files. The pool consists of two 6T drives running from an external enclosure connected via a USB 3.1 port. No RAID configs. The pool is mapped to the letter P: (I know, I am not being too original here...) The PC has two accounts: The HTPC account is limited used by everyone in the family to watch movies, etc. It is logged in automatically at startup, requires no password and has a disabled UAC. The media files are stored under P:/MEDIA The Admin account used to configure the backup program which runs a service in the background. The backup files are stored under P:/BACKUP The idea is to make the HTCP account only see the MEDIA files and not the BACKUP files. Now, here is what I did: when logged from the admin account I navigated to P:/BACKUP folder and used properties/sharing/advanced sharing to set the permissions allowing read and write access to the admin user only. In contrast I allowed the HTPC user to access P:/MEDIA files. I then logged into the HTCP account and mapped the MEDIA folder to letter M:/ so all my media files became accessible from M:/MEDIA so far so good - this is what I thought.... But here is the problem: the entire pooled drive P:/ remains visible from the HTCP account including full access to the BACKUP files. I am unable to remove the mount point P because it then also removes the mount point M. The sharing on the P drive doesn't seem to work at all. What I am missing and how to restrict the HTCP account from seeing the BACKUP files? Thanks and sorry for somewhat detailed posting Ed
  21. That's sounds strange Marcelo. Have you rebooted the PC since setting up the DriveBender pool? Which version of DB are you using? There's always the option of raising a Support Ticket (https://support.division-m.com) and getting the devs involved. Keep us updated.
  22. Ok I have to admit that ever since the WHSv1 and then WHS2011 days I have looked at Drive Bender (and tested for a short while back in the day) but opted for DrivePool at the time. Now all these years later I have finally seen the light. Drivepool has destroyed my carefully created and non fragmented archive drives for the very last time. Then having messed with Storage Spaces for a few days I abandoned that quickly. So it was time to revisit Drive Bender and I'm extremely happy. "Cascade Mode" is all I have ever been looking for. Thanks Anthony.
  23. I'm testing drive bender ... I mounted the server and made a pool I can delete, save, read, modify, but I can not copy the file Has anyone had this problem ??
  24. You have right. Scan for Drives und delete the other Moundpoint solve the problem. Server now finish and works great with drive bender. Thanks for the help.
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