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  2. I don't know if the drive idle change is with the version since the release info in the Announcements section of the forums doesn't mention it. You could open a ticket and ask the developer. Submit a request – Division-M - Support (division-m.com)
  3. Have you opened a support request? The developer can tell you exactly what logging he'll need for your issue. Submit a request – Division-M - Support (division-m.com)
  4. Almost sound like the target drive has gone to sleep. You should open a ticket and see if the developer has any hints for you. Submit a request – Division-M - Support (division-m.com)
  5. Hello, I have recently been having problems with the drive bender service crashing. This has been happening every couple of days. I have attached logs from my windows 10 event viewer, but would like to understand the steps to enable logging in the drive bender service itself (since this probably does not give enough information). When I open the client, it prompts me to connect to the drive bender service (which has crashed), and my pool no longer shows in windows explorer. I have recently made changes to my hardware (Ryzen 5 3600, 32GB ECC memory [memtest passed]) and my versi
  6. Is 3.7 the next major release referred to above that implemented a new version of Drive Idle? It is listed as experimental so I want to make sure it is safe to use without fearing loss of data or major time spent debugging strange behaviors.
  7. Here is the background on my configuration and problem: 1. Running Windows 10 Pro with Hyper-V enabled 2. The physical computer has 5 drives in the Drive Bender pool and shared on my network(no landing zone) 3. Running a VM on Windows 10 that has Qbittorrent running (save location is the shared DB pool) 4. I get errors in Qbittorent(and transmission) intermittently that say: Error write_file "The specified server cannot perform the requested operation" 5. I can often just hit start again on the torrent and it will work again for random amounts of time, sometimes they w
  8. Yeah, Same here. Irreplaceable files were duplicated so the only items lost were Plex media. I can recreate them from scratch but it doesn't make it any more pleasant.
  9. Damn. I lost a 4Tb drive last year, but didn't lose anything I couldn't recover from elsewhere. I made sure I had my important content duplicated within the pool and/or backed up to my Google Drive.
  10. Thank you. The drive no longer show up in BIOS... no chance I'll be able to check SMART, much less recover any files using Windows.
  11. @oj88 1. Nothing available, unless you manually run something yourself, which is now too late. 2. Yes, use the Force Remove option, then you can add a drive letter to it and see if you can access anything via Window File Explorer. 3. It should do. The drive doesn't sound too bad, but it's hard to tell. What does the SMART information say? If you need anything else, let us know. Thanks.
  12. Sorry I'm so late to your party. Have you checked the manual, it's in the DB program Files directory? In my own case the only thing I have on my DB drives is well known so knowing what's where is no big deal for me. It would really be nice if DB kept a "catalog" of files in the pool so that questions like this could be easily answered. I've submitted this as a request before. Maybe if we get more people to suggest it...
  13. Well, 2021 for me has come up to a rocky start. I'm still shaken a bit from this ordeal so please bear with me. I would appreciate help and sanity checks with the following: 1. How do I generate/enumerate a list of files along with their path names that are now missing from the pool? 2. Do I just "Force remove" the drive in DB to regain Read/Write access to the pool? 3. After #2, will the duplicated folders be re-duplicated automatically to the surviving drives? The 4TB drive was around 85% full so that is a LOT. It would really help to know what exactly was in it. Tha
  14. Touché I probably shouldn't have given this parameter too much emphasis. Consider it just an example. What I'm trying to do is to inspire abstract thought, however absurd, but should still be plausible. Funny enough, all WD Purple drives are CMR, whereas WD Red in the 2-6TB range are SMR. That will probably account for the presumed better write performance, but without stipulating that that was probably made in comparison to their SMR NAS drives...maybe.... But I digress. Beyond physical and accidental damage, what other parameters can dictate the lifespan of a WD Purple (or Sea
  15. So what's the load/unload cycle min? Will the drive crash at 300,001 cycles? If the drive did a load/unload every minute the drive would die in 208 days at 300,000 cycles.
  16. In my test runs on Windows 10, it will only recognize physical drives. It won't let you backup shared folders or mapped drives pointing to a NAS or in my case, another Windows machine where the pool resides. My best guess is that, if I ever managed to get it running on the actual server where DB is, it will only backup the individual physical drives, NOT the pool drive. But that wasn't the show-stopper. My main issue with them is that, ONLY they get to choose which files to backup! This is in spite of their "no strings attached" slogan. Just take a few moments to read the aforementio
  17. I can live with a marginally slower performance across the board. What I am worried about is what sort of voodoo magic did the engineers do to make these drives optimized for surveillance use. To be precise, they have this feature called "AllFrame AI", which, suffice to say, makes the drive better at its job in an NVR environment. What's the possibility of this "AllFrame AI" interfering when used in a non-NVR specific equipment? Another thing... these drives are designed to have a load/unload cycle max of 300,000. I would imagine that in a NVR with continuous recording, the drives would b
  18. Don't see why it wouldn't, it's only accessing a drive letter at the end of the day.
  19. I didn't go that far. My DB pool is running on Windows Server 2019, which is unsupported. I asked the question seeking to get a go or no-go before I move the DB pool to a Windows 10 OS, which is supported. But since I never got any reply, I just dropped the idea and kept DB in Windows Server.
  20. Really wish someone gave this answer... regarding the use with BackBlaze Personal on Windows 10 . Seeing all these unanswered questions and the age of them concerns me as a potential customer. Any chance you tested for yourself?
  21. As you know, most any drive of any size can be added to the pool as long as it's NTFS formatted. The unknown is drive longevity/reliability and speed. My guess is if it's slower than your existing drives and dup'd data is being written to it, I would guess it would slow down the operation. Can't speak to the Synology question.
  22. Is anyone running mixed WD Red (NAS) and WD Purple (Surveillance) HDDs in the same pool? Please share your experience. WD Purple drives are way cheaper now than WD Red drives. I currently have 7 WD Red drives now in a 24TB pool and I'm wondering if I can use a WD Purple drive as the 8th drive. Follow-up question... how about using WD Purple with Synology SHR? This is used as an iSCSI target for backup purposes.
  23. I had an excellent experience with support and through some careful hunting we found that one of the pooled drive file systems had converted to exFAT from NTFS for some unknown reason. The fix was to copy all the files from the mount point of the exFAT drive to a good NTFS drive in the pool, then force a removal of the bad drive from the pool, reformat the bad drive, add it back in, then rebalance. I have no idea how the drive decided it wanted to be a different file system, and we may never knw the root cause, but I want to thank Division M for the great product and great support.
  24. Sorry this is so late! Sounds like you need to open a support ticket with the dev. Here's the link; Submit a request – Division-M - Support (division-m.com)
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