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  2. Landing zone rules

    Thanks for the feedback and explanation on how files systems work. I assume that there was some underling magic that immediately worked out that there would be insufficient room!
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  4. Landing zone rules

    First up, some good news... option B is in the works and slated for v3! No to the not so good news... Options A and C is not possible because the OS (and by extension DB) does not know the size of a file being written to the pool (there are exceptions to this, but by in large, we cannot know). When an app, for example notepad, writes a file, it first creates the file, then repeatedly write blocks until done, or an error occurs (aka no space left), and at no point does the file system know the final size of the file, until, the file is closed... this is one of the key issues with pooling in general, and why we are implementing "File Spanning" (see - https://www.drivextender.com/) in Drive Xtender.
  5. Where have my links gone in GUI

    Looks to be an issue with rdp as was using the admin console via a rdp session to a virtualised windows 2012 R2 server The RDP session is set to auto scale depending on the monitor I'm using. Looks like the management console does a good job at scaling just somehow got stuck on one of the servers. Fixed by going full screen, closing and then reopening the management console.
  6. Where have my links gone in GUI

    Ok will check this out as its not config Ok on windows 10 at 250%
  7. Landing zone rules

    Added thanks
  8. Landing zone rules

    To make sure the developer sees this you should also open a ticket. https://support.division-m.com/hc/en-us/requests/new
  9. Where have my links gone in GUI

    What do you have your display settings at? Is it greater than 100%? If it is, the DB management console may not scale well.
  10. Landing Zone Disk Size checks

    found this on support https://support.division-m.com/hc/en-us/articles/214026643?input_string=landing+zone+size
  11. Landing zone rules

    Add further rules to the landing zone a. Any files smaller than [landing zone fee space] would get written to the landing zone. b. If the landing zone reaches a % of [landing zone capacity] then balancing would occur immediately based on balancing rules. c. If the file is larger than the [landing zone capacity], the landing zone would get bypassed based on balancing rules. This would allow the landing zone to still improve the performance for small file writes and support slower very large file writes.
  12. Landing Zone Disk Size checks

    @w3wilkes thanks for the suggestion Currently removed the landing zone from the backup server. Wanted to check with the community that I wasn't a complete idiot (just mostly)
  13. On one system I can see running tasks and not especially well formatted version number in the GUI of a remote server From another system with the same version of client 2.8.00 no links Is this a client setting?
  14. Landing Zone Disk Size checks

    I think you should open a support ticket and maybe suggest a "feature". Something along the lines of being able to exclude certain files or files from a certain process be excluded from writing to the landing zone.
  15. Landing Zone Disk Size checks

    Yes the balancing is enabled and set to clear at midnight, so the landing zone not clearing is a different issue I think (mapped the drive to see what the files were and they are old 2017) In my case the landing zone might never be big enough when backing up servers (using WBADMIN to do the backup typically once per week). Would be good If it fails gracefully into a most space balance mode so option b.
  16. Landing Zone Disk Size checks

    Did you review the setting in balancing? The default is to clear the landing zone once a day or when it gets to disk full %. I thinkmyou need balancing enabled as well (but not sure). I bet the landing zone needs to be larger than the largest file.
  17. Landing Zone Disk Size checks

    I have also observed that the landing zone is not clearing (will need to find out what is in it)
  18. Landing Zone Disk Size checks

    I have made a few assumption (which I think are wrong but need some help) about the pool configuration. I have used a SSD for the landing zone to speed up writing of backup files The SSD is only 20gb There are 4 further disks each of which is 2Tb a. I assumed that any files smaller than 20gb would get written to the landing zone initially. b. If the landing zone filled then balancing would occur immediately or a larger disk would be selected based on available space. c. If the file is larger than 20gb again the landing zone would get bypassed. Is any of this true? What I'm observing if that large files (>20gb as they are backups) are not getting copied over and there is an insufficient disk space warning. So does the landing zone have to be much bigger, and how much bigger if a. b. or c. don't happen.
  19. landing zone question

    Did your landing zone every empty as mine still has items in it.
  20. Bug Report + Feature Request

    Request submitted thanks
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  22. Bug Report + Feature Request

    To ensure that the developer receives this in a timely fashion you should submit a support request. From your description it sounds like a probable bug. Seems to me that these pool maintenance functions should work properly for online pools and be bypassed for offline pools, especially the clearing of the Landing Zone. Here's a link to submit your support request; https://support.division-m.com/hc/en-us/requests/new
  23. Bug Report + Feature Request

    I have 3 arrays, one primary and two backups that I usually keep in "offline" mode with the enclosures off to save power. I noticed yesterday that the balancing was not working correctly and my LZ SSD drive was nearly full. Looking at the real-time monitor I see: When I turned on the two backups and set them back to "online" mode, the jobs ran and the LZ was cleared and the pool balanced correctly. So it seems like there's a problem where if a few of the pools are offline the tasks don't work correctly for the online pools. Also switching between online and offline appears to be problematic in general. It would be nice if there was functionality similar to the USB drive disconnect in Windows where you can easily disconnect a pool and then reconnect it when necessary. I believe I've seen many errors when I switch pools offline which I wouldn't expect to see. For the most part Drive Bender is working well for me. Keep up the good work.
  24. Dialog box spamming

    Dup post. Again, open a ticket. This seems more like a bug than a feature request.
  25. Dialog box spamming

    Have you opened a support ticket? This is the best way to make sure the developer is aware of this issue.
  26. Smart reporting for disk on H310 flashed to IT mode

    You should open a support ticket to ensure the developer is aware of this issue.
  27. I needed more SATA ports so I added a Dell H310 raid controller, flashed to IT mode. All the disks attached to it are recognized by the OS and by Drive Bender, but Drive Bender's SMART software is not seeing the SMART data. I also had this issue with Crystal Disk Info, but resolved it by enabling ATA Pass Through. Using command line smartctrl.exe from www.smartmontools.org using the command -d SAT enables smart data collection. e.g. smartctl -d sat -a /dev/sda or smartctl -d ata -a /dev/sda Any way to enable ATA pass through? The HDSentinal site says the H310 is compatible: https://www.hdsentinel.com/compatibility_disk_controllers.php Also the trial version of HDSentinal Pro does report the drives attached to the Dell H310 card.
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