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  2. I plan on trying Windows and see how that works but I was wondering if there are any best practices for building a media server? I Plan on running Plex from an nvme and not the pool. Folder duplication, is this a 1 for 1? Meaning If I have 80Tb of media will Drive Bender use another 80Tb to duplicate? *Mobo – Gigabyte GA-7PESH 4 *CPU – 2 of Intel Xeon E5-2670 v2 *RAM - 4x [SK Hynix PC3-12800R DDR3 1600MHz ECC 16 x 16Gb = 256Gb ] *HBA - LSI 9300-16i 16-port LSI00447 12Gb *GPU for transcoding – ZOTAC GeForce GTX 1060 Mini *HDD – 10 WD 12Tb and 2 14Tb Whi
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  4. I presume you opened a ticket as @CBers suggested in reply to your prior post. What was the reply?
  5. Also using and noted that when windows is working out what to copy the mountpoint will disconnect if i do too many files - 30,000 roughly. I have checked each drive from the manager no issues. I have removed the landing zone and this seems to be helping, but possibly a different issue as it was not emptying.
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  7. It is a staged rollout, and it is from the 19x branch build, so if you are on 2004+, i doubt you will get the option to download. But, you can get 20H2 from MSFT now, using the media creation tool: Download Windows 10 20H2 (microsoft.com)
  8. Indeed, I am on .... 20H2 is still the 19x branch build....
  9. Thanks for the update Anthony! The OP doesn't say what version of DB they're running. Hopefully they are trying with I've always thought it's a good idea to put DB version and OS version in your signature.
  10. Interesting, I just did a Check for updates and don't see that 20H2 has been dropped. Where is the official release 20H2 for Win10 pro?
  11. Just an update, as 20H2 dropped. Still not had anything concrete back from DB Support, and have asked the question if there may be a new version eminent that will work with 20H2. Unless anyone is already on 20H2 and can comment on whether DB works on it or not??
  12. @JohnDoe Have you updated the ticket from #1 above, requesting further information? I would suggest raising tickets for #2 and #3, so that the developers are aware. Thanks.
  13. While working with the DriveBender (more than 3 years), I have already identified three programs that give an error when working on the DriveBender pool. Adobe Lightroom falls into error when creating preview for catalog on pool drive. Ticket #15660 (from 2018) closed but the problem has not been resolved. Microsoft Hyper-V. Virtual machine disks were damaged. The connection with the DriveBender is not obvious, but after transferring the virtual machines to a regular disk, everything is fine for over a year. qBitTorrent generates an I / O error when starting to download a tor
  14. You should be able to use drive bender manager to remove the "D:" mount point.
  15. Thanks! I do have another issue, my Windows 10 did an update and wouldn't boot. Ended up reinstalling. It asked me if I wanted to restore the pool. I re-added the drives but i am showing two pools, same pool with two mapped drive letters. It's also showing up twice in drive management as two large pools Any ideas? I need to remove the one mapped to drive letter D
  16. Once you've copied all your relevant files from "K:\" to another drive or PC, you can uninstall DB and just reformat the individual drives in the DB pool like any normal drive.
  17. So basically get a big enough drive for whatever data I want to keep. Drag the files to the new external drive. How do I use my pooled "K" drive after this ? Do I have to reformat it ? How do I un-bundle the 3, 4 HDD currently pooled as " K" as I would still like to use the separate HDD afterwards. Thanks
  18. You will need a target drive to receive the data from the pool. The easiest way would be to have DB active so you can access your big "K" drive and then just copy from the big "K" drive to your target location.
  19. Hello, Back in the day I bought this and used DB for pooling drives and it worked great. I'm going to move all my data to a new desktop and now I no longer need DB as my storage requirements have changed. Can anybody point me to where I can get my data back, unbundle it from DB as I will needing to transfer some of the data over but it's all pooled together in one big " K" drive right now. Thanks
  20. @1971camaroguy For future reference, in case you do it again, you don't have to do anything with your drives in DriveBender before moving to a different computer, as it will detect them when you first open the UI and ask if you want to restore the pool. I've done this multiple times over the years.
  21. I would suggest that you raise a Support Ticket, if not already done so.
  22. I am having a similar issue on v3.7.0.0. When copy/pasting data all my drives go offline into fault tolerance mode. I checked all the drives and they are fine. This will also happend when I am not doing anything. Farily random but at least once a week if I am not doing anything. I have enabled debugging now. Error is usally about the mount point.
  23. I fixed it, I uninstalled and reinstalled the drivers...that did the trick
  24. so I successfully added a 2nd drive to my pool, still no luck with the pool drive letter showing up
  25. Now Health status says "Overall Health Status is healthy" Still No drive letter to access files
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