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  2. fwiw, shucked drives may not be readable when connected directly via sata or put into another enclosure. The usb<->sata control / bridge inside the original enclosure may be playing games with things like reported sector sizes or encrypting content. the only thing that pretty much always works is make a backup, shuck the drive and connect it were you want, then repartition/format and restore from backup if necessary. if you gamble and connect the shucked drive without a backup and whatever you connected to wrote something to the disk/controller, you may be looking at the joy of disk repair / data recovery because putting the drive back in the original enclosure won't work anymore
  3. We did receive your ticket, and we are working on a fix.
  4. Did you try doing the old fashioned Control Panel -> Programs and Features and then do the uninstall from there? Did you reference this thread in your ticket? I can't speak for the response, but Anvil isn't their only product. I think the developer does this work part time and where he is in Australia it's currently the weekend.
  5. I've already created a ticket but so far no response what so ever. I guess those guys are really busy supporting thousands of thousands of Anvil users. 😂
  6. From what Anthony said in his response you should now be able to open a support ticket for Anvil on this error. See his response above for the link to open a support ticket.
  7. Using uninstall does not work. When I try to uninstall I get an Anvil notification window in the right bottom corner saying "Error, invalid command line options!".
  8. Anvil is a new product and it is doing well so far. That said, we have had only a small number of users ask us about a dedicated forum section... if there is a demand long term, we'll certainly add one. The other thing we have noticed, is that forum registration vs product registration has falling off dramatically over recent years. This seems to be the norm for many forums... so it appears to be a shift in how users like to interact etc. Thankfully we have a couple of great mods here (CBers and w3wilkes)... keeping things pumping along.
  9. You should be able to uninstall Anvil via Windows add/remove apps... are you not able to do this (see attached image)? If this is not the case, log a ticket https://support.division-m.com/hc/en-us/requests/new (we have added Anvil as a product) and we'll get you sorted.
  10. I sent a note to the developer and referenced this thread.
  11. Is Anvil already a dead product? The reason why I'm asking is that there are no activity on this forum about Anvil, you can't submit tickets on Anvil and I'm stuck with a software that can't even be uninstalled.
  12. Hi, Currently you can't even submit tickets for Anvil. With just a hand full of users of Anvil I would expect someone at Division-M to read this forum.
  13. You should get a response if you do a support ticket. Things have been pretty slow on the boards. I would have thought you could uninstall from "Programs and Features" in control panel, but I have no direct experience with Anvil. Here's the support link; https://support.division-m.com/hc/en-us/requests/new
  14. I have to confess, I made a big mistake when installing Anvil after rushing after the free giveaway license. Now I'm unable to uninstall Anvil. I've searched everywhere to find some information about how to uninstall the software but without any luck. I've even reached out of Division-M twitter page and this support forum seems stone dead. Seriously, do I have to reinstall Windows to get rid of this software? Anvil is supposed to protect you from ransomware and malware, but I got very suspicious feeling after installing this software that basically connects you entire computer to "the cloud". When you can't even uninstall Anvil then your software are pretty much the definition of the kind of software you want to protect yourself from. So, please help me out ASAP!
  15. Sure sounds like the drive went south. 2 different times I've had drives fail when I shut my server off and brought it back up later. My typical luck is "bad luck".
  16. I’m a bit hesitant to try to switch any of the other drives around now. I switched it back to USB and it’s still not recognized Now I’m running recovery software to see if I can get the data off. Not sure why the drive wasn’t recognized when I removed it from the pool and switched it to the SATA port. That was the most disappointing thing. I did connect a different drive that had data on it already (not from drivebender) and it showed up just fine so I don’t think it’s the card.
  17. Can you try swapping it to one of the other DBn drives and see if it's recognized? This way you can see if the problem follows the drive or stays with the PCIx card.
  18. Hi all, I have a pool setup and one of the disks is a seagate 3TB external drive. Today I shucked the drive and connected it to a SATA6 PCIx card that I added to my PC. Unfortunately, when I rebooted, DB freaked out and put the pool into offline mode. Now it shows the drive as being "offline". In the attached screenshot you can see the drive in offline mode. It's also the blank name drive at the bottom of the pic, shown as being outside the pool. The drive shows up in Windows "disk Management" snap-in, but it shows the following: 1) 350GB healthy primary partition 2) 1.7TB Unallocated partition 3) 750GB Unallocated partition I'm not really sure what can be done here, other than putting the drive back to USB
  19. This has been reported and the developer says it will be fixed in release
  20. I have a pool that I'm downsizing and it currently is down to a single 4 TB drive. The DB Console is reporting that the pool is over 83 TB. Screen shots - https://imgur.com/a/3jir69H. Running a file validation pass corrects it but it just comes back. I've opened a support ticket, but just checking if anyone else as seen this.
  21. Actually I think that it does not hang, it just stays at 11% for hours... When running it from a command line, the 11 percent complete stays there, but the number of files scanned evolves (very slowly). Issue, when launching it from Drive Bender is that you don't see that evolution, and the task can't be canceled.
  22. I've not seen anything like this. Hopefully the developer will get back to you with some assistance. Let us know what you find out.
  23. I also submitted that through a support ticket, but maybe the community here I'm currently testing Drive Bender to replace DrivePool (I actually just switched from FlexRAID to DrivePool, but did not consider DriveBender initially). I'm running into issues with the "Check this drive" button. When launching this with "surface check", I have 2 issues: 1/ The first time I did that, I received an error notification from DriveBender saying: "The volume \\?\Volume{xxxxxx}\ is not responding, or has gone offline.", and then "The pool has reported an issue with one or more drives within the pool. The error was - "Drive node root path: "\\?\Volume{xxx}" is not responding, pool switching to read only mode.". This is less of a problem, I understand that the drive being checked should be removed from the pool. My problem is that I did not see that when I did the same thing on a second drive. 2/ each time I do this, the process of chkdsk hangs at around 11%, and never completes. If first will create a Drive Letter, starts correctly, but will hang at around 11%. Then, attempt to re-display the corresponding drive's information generates an exception (see attached). I also cannot cancel the task manually. I have no idea if the chkdsk continues behind the scenes, and completes - but it never does for DriveBender, and therefore the drive letter needs to be manually removed at next reboot (would not risk to do this without rebooting, no idea what impact if I remove the drive letter while chkdsk is in progress - even the reboot I'm afraid it could harm the drive...). Anyone running into similar problem?
  24. A question best asked in a support ticket. https://support.division-m.com/hc/en-us/requests/new
  25. I recently lost my PC to an electrical storm. All of my externals were set up using PoolHD which is no longer available. If I were to purchase Drive Bender, is there an easy way to convert the drives without losing data?
  26. I just opened a ticket. I was wondering why my SSD system drive was running out of space. To my surprise, the DB log files I have total to just a few bytes shy of 60GB! That's dating back to Jan or Feb this year. I asked two things.... 1. Can it be safely trimmed down or removed altogether? 2. Can it be moved to a different, non-SSD drive? And in doing so, will the performance degrade? UPDATE: After receiving a reply from Anthony, I went ahead and deleted all the files under the Logs directory. The server is still up and my SSD can breathe again.
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