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  2. Have you opened a support ticket? Submit a request – Division-M - Support (division-m.com) Be sure to include specific info. The developer will probably ask you to set some type of logging to collect relevant information.
  3. Same issue with 3 torrent clients. Last DB version. Cannot download torrents to pooled drive.
  4. I think the "Ping" volume only works on systems with LEDs on individual HDD slot or enclosure. Otherwise, looking up serial numbers would be the only way to go.
  5. Excellent, glad you got your email sorted 👍
  6. everyone Thanks for the help Webb
  7. yes I got your email YEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So I have to buy the upgrade to win 10 No problem just asking for clarification. I have no problem supporting good software ATT/ Yahoo con be contrary sometimes . My bellsouth email address goes back to the 80.s or 90's i think 😂😁 Thanks Webb
  8. heads up guys, I just sent a service request using my Gmail account and got an immediate reply ticket # 23364 looks like ATT / Yahoo does not like something I will change my account settings when this all over gmail did put in spam bucket but at least I got it I will thanks all Webb
  9. Hi Webb, Have responded to you new email... let me know if you get it or not.
  10. Anthony, I have not received anything . I had this happen before. I work at a hospital and was not getting important emails to my personal email. the @ bellsouth.net is yahoo/ att I can give my gmail account if i need to isn't software fun😃
  11. Had same UID on both. I have different password for each but have tried both passwords on support no luck . have not used in a long time have I have had no problems with site or product until now Thanks
  12. Hi Webb, I have responded a number of times to you support requested, and I see I have a couple of more support message that would indicate that you are not receiving my replies. Maybe check your spam folder? I will respond again right now, let me know if you received these.
  13. Are you saying your forum UID / password and your signin credentials on the support page are different??
  14. chrome gets a submitted but never get a ticket also I just remembered I cannot log into support site. I am not recognized. I tried to have my password reset but never get reset email if i try to setup a new account says email address already in use I guess it is my lucky day 😂😂😀😃 Thanks
  15. Can you try with Chrome?
  16. If you message Anthony (not a forum post) it is private so you should be able to send the order # via private message. It sounds like you may have recorded your key # incorrectly.
  17. I just sent in a request (Edge green submit popped up) which is a first but no ticket # yet , The last couple of time's I tried the capcha would not respond. hopeful this may help Thanks Webb
  18. thanks , I am going see if can submit request again , will let you know
  19. I have contacted Anthony direct, but as it's the middle of the night where he is, it'll be a few hours before he responds. Thanks.
  20. if you are talking about ticket # for submit request I never received one (after multiple tries) which I thought was strange. I used Edge for 3 attempts and once with IE 11. IE 11 at least had a green box that popped up that said submitted. When I try to release within DB it says invalid license . I think I am in a loop . I have been wondering if something is wrong with the web submit form. Any info I can provide I will Thanks
  21. What is the ticket reference for the licence release please?
  22. If I message Anthony, within this forum, is it private? If so I give him my order #, key #, etc. Thanks
  23. It says key is invalid . this is the short key. so I guess he has to replace key or make my key work. I gave info about key # and server id multiple times on submit request . I can provide order # if needed. Thanks for Help !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  24. I did contact the Developer and got a response. He said that if you don't put in your key you get the 7 days however, if you put in your key that's in use you will be given 90 days even though the key is currently registered to your old install. Hopefully Anthony has released your key.
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