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  3. Yeah after I updated I have troubles with Office files saving too. Guess it's best to also roll back.
  4. I did yes. Hit the issue of the DriveBender DLL not being able to be overwritten during that but just copied the file mentioned in the error dialog manually and clicked OK to continue. All then installed fine. Oddly rolling back to v3.2a that didn’t happen!
  5. Hi All, We are investigating this issue. Did you upgrade directly from v3.2 to v3.4?
  6. I’ve also seen similar post upgrade to 3.4 and rolled back to 3.2 as 3.1 has a memory leak that was causing major issues for me. At first sight it looks like all it is ok. The pool comes up and you can open files. The moment however you try to save an open Office file it fails to save leaving just the .tmp version it uses whilst you edit the file. The pool drive then becomes inaccessible even though DriveBender itself via the management console thinks all is ok! Only fix is the forcefully kill the DriveBender service exe in Task Manager or reboot my WHS2011 server as it basically kills it. Saving the file locally on the laptop I access the server from and then copying the file back to the server (same path) successfully overwrites the file. All other drives remain accessible unless you try to access the DriveBender volume at which point Explorer essentially crashes. The DriveBender console doesn't show any open files related to the (in this case) Excel spreadsheet but does appear to keep other open file handles 'active' and listed. Support ticket raised.
  7. same issue here with 3.4 except that it was NZBget that i was having issues with. after updating NZBget could write to its downloads folder, which was in the pool, but then i got read errors as it tried to extract the files. i restored my OS disk so unfortunately i don't have any other info
  8. I have raised a Support Ticket with Anthony, as I am having issues when playing content with EMBY that needs transcoding with DB v3.4. When transcoding occurs, temporary files are written to a folder in the pool, but playback fails and I get the following message in the EMBY server log: "System.UnauthorizedAccessException: System.UnauthorizedAccessException: Access to the path 'X:\Videos\transcoding-temp\B12932.m3u8' is denied." It appears that with the latest version, although writes appear to occur successfully, reads seem to be a problem. If I delete the 'transcoding-temp' folder from 'X:\Videos' and let EMBY re-create it and then play something, loads of files are created in the folder as expected, but I get the "access denied" message in the EMBY server logs. When the playback ends, EMBY tidies the folder, so it cannot be permissions. I have regressed from v3.4 to v3.1 and transcoding and playback works fine, using the same folder in the pool. I believe a friend of mine has seen a similar occurrence with v3.4 but with a different service. I just thought I'd put this out there in case others see similar issues.
  9. I'm getting these error messages in v3.4 as well. They didn't occur in v3.2. Support ticket logged.
  10. Unfortunately I have to take the above back. At first sight it looks like all is ok. The pool comes up and you can open files. The moment however you try to save an Office file (which writes a tmp file version of the document/spreadsheet initially and then renames the file) it fails to save. The pool drive then becomes inaccessible even though DriveBender itself via the management console thinks all is ok! Only fix is the forcefully kill the DriveBender service exe in Task Manager or reboot my WHS2011 server as it basically kills it. Will have to rollback once I’ve captured logs and logged a support ticket.
  11. CBers

    Windows XP

    Have you considered upgrading from Windows XP to Windows 10? According to this page, DriveBender supports Windows XP, but you could raise a Support Ticket just to confirm. FYI, v3.4.0.0 has just been released.
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  13. I'm currently running DB on Windows XP. It's running fine, but I see a lot of later versions available. Will DB version 3.x.x.x still work with Windows XP?
  14. Upgraded and all looks good. Do however have the issue of the new DriveBender DLL not copying over the existing version that I’ve had for the last several releases. This is really as a manual copy of the file from the lib directory referenced in the error message works just fine!
  15. I would upgrade, as there are many more features and bug fixes. I would suggest that you raise a Support Ticket first though, just to check that there wouldn't be any issues upgrading from V2.3 to v3.4. I don't think there would be, but better to be forewarned.
  16. I have been using DriveBender for quite a while. In fact, its been so successful for me on my WHS2011 machine that I had nearly forgotten about it and taken its existence for granted. I recently decided to upgrade my server storage capacity and of course I needed to unmount some drives. My question is, I am running v2.3 at the moment and I have had 0 issues for YEARS, with my server having 100% uptime over that time frame. Should I upgrade to the newest version of DB while I am doing maintenance or just let it be since its been working just great?
  17. After doing some research for the support ticket, I am posting my observations here so others can see. This is what I found out. In my pool still doesn't work correctly, BUT I can now turn off the FolderWall (as opposed to which wouldn't let me), and doing so solves my problem. Also in I can't seem to see any logging. Don't know why, but the log appears empty at all times. I've asked support to get my FolderWall working, and will report how that goes.
  18. Still busted. I'm not seeing that FolderWall error anymore, but things on the DB drive still don't work. Ran 3.1 installer to go back. Creating a support ticket.
  19. Release v3.4.0.0 release (2020/01/09) [ b ] Changing network cards could cause the system to boot slower than normal, and cause other system stability issues. [ b ] Some users were experiencing a FolderWall error message on boot. [ u ] Added a drive load testing feature. See - https://support.division-m.com/hc/en-us/articles/360001326236 Download
  20. Version has been released. No release Notes as yet, but it can be downloaded from here: https://files.division-m.com/DriveBender v3400.exe
  21. I also am getting the following message after upgrading. Everything seems to be working fine otherwise. The Drive Bender server (HOME) has sent the following notification: The Pool FolderWALL configuration failed with the following message: [FolderWALL (\\?\Volume{7154bbda-2635-4ad5-be02-d2f644c5404c}\)] - The folderwall rule(s), where NOT ABLE TO BE READ for rootpath: \\?\Volume{7154bbda-2635-4ad5-be02-d2f644c5404c}\ (D:\). There are no rules running, and all folders are unprotected!
  22. Watching. Looking forward to an update because I would like to start using the FolderWall to protect against malware, especially encrypting malware.
  23. UPDATE: I gave Anthony full access to my server to try and resolve the issue, which he has now done after finding what the bug was. Hopefully a newer version of DB will roll out in the next few days/week. Watch this space !!
  24. Hello I came from 3.1 to 3.2 and had the error message described here. Went back to 3.1,everything was fine. Yesterday I saw the new 3.3 version. Tried, but the same message again like on 3.2 I went to reg to delete the bad key entry in the mount Firewall line. Restarted. Still the error message. And like another user wrote, when i look into my configuration the 'enable pool folderwall' ist enabled again, so disabling gets ignored. I go back to 3.1 now. 3.1 worked finde so far, the only thing, that is on my wishlist, is to save energy by spinning down some drives of the pool, when they are not needed. But as i understood the changelogs so far, that maybe a thing that is working on at the moment. In conclusion I am happy with drive bender since ~5 years on a WHS2011 based system. Thank you Anthony and team.
  25. Thank you w3wilkes. I opened a support case immediately after having written my previous post. In the meantime I've reduced the log level to none (I've found it set to medium, no idea why), this shaved away the delay in opening the remote folders, but unfortunately it did not resolve the issue of the files not being temporarily writable upon being loaded in an applications. Apart from the difference between the drivers, for which I will wait for an answer on the drawbacks of switching from one or the other, I am starting being suspicious regarding Windows Defender, which maybe in this last version of OS / DB do not interact perfectly with DB. The reason behind my suspect is that I see the relative process increasing its CPU usage upon having loaded a file (let's say, a movie) into an application. Yesterday I was fixing the metadata in half a hundred of movies (in Matroska containers), and sure enough if I didn't let passing at least 10 seconds before saving back the changes, I was presented with a dialog stating the file was locked, unavailable or without permissions to write. Of course the same file, waiting for the said time, was perfectly writable, as was the case if I had copied the file locally and loaded it from there in the application, with no wait time involved. I've never had such a behavior in many years of using DB with WHS2011. And yet, I think we should deserve to have access to the release notes of each version being released.
  26. You should open a support ticket and ask the question regarding switching drivers. You should also include the info about DB being much slower and refer to this thread. The place to open a ticket is; https://support.division-m.com/hc/en-us/requests/new Be sure to let us know what DB says.
  27. So, can we have a word on which is the last stable version of Drive Bender? Where do I find the release notes / announcements for the last releases? I am using DB since many years, I think I started with version 1.95. Until a week ago I was quite comfortable with version 3.1 running on WHS 2011 (Vail), but in light of the demise of the support for its kernel base (WS 2008 R2) I decided it was time to update the OS to Windows Server 2019. I also downloaded the latest version of DB from the official web page and I was presented version 3.3. So I am now with Windows Server 2019 and DB 3.3, but the performance is terrible. It's much slower (it seems to always hold the breath for a second before doing something), I caught DB locking itself on dealing with a file, and I have the DB log full of access denied on the pool's mount drive letter. Many times I have write errors from the client (Windows 10) when accessing a file share located on the DB pool, then retrying the operation the error vanishes like magic. I don't remember to have experienced any of the above with my previous setup, but the hardware is the same, and the pool has been restored from the connected drives after the OS re-installation with the usual deactivate license - install new software - reboot - activate license sequence. I wonder if going back to version 3.1 would cure all these issues (which also spins the question if it supported to downgrade to that version from 3.3, and if it would have any effect on the current DB pool) Thanks Anthony. EDIT: I completely forgotten about the old support article for Gen 5 / Gen 6 driver selection. Which driver has been installed with Windows Server 2019? Eould switching to the other driver be recommendable?
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