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  2. Must have changed recently, as it's always been 60 days.
  3. It's a 7 day trial for drive bender. It says so on the home page of the website. It also gives you a count down in the software telling you how long you have left. https://www.division-m.com/drivebender/
  4. It's already a 60-day trial.
  5. Cheers for the answer, just checking i hadnt missed something obvious. The setting for mounting the drives in windows says its not advised because windows can mess with the files. So i guess i'll find a program that lets me log all the files on my pooled drive, just run it every few days, them when one drive fails i can compare.
  6. I have requested this feature in the past. I figure since DB sees all file create and delete within the pool it could easily do something like a SQLite DB type catalog of pool drives and files on those drives. It would then be trivial for a user to view this DB using SQLite Expert Personal. Seems that something like this would probably be a requirement for large commercial type installations.
  7. Sounds like you're good to go!
  8. Just trialing drive bender to use on my media server, impressed so far. There are a few folders i am duplicating (and backing up elsewhere) such as my boxing and photos as these are irreplaceable, most of it i'm not too bothered about, although if i have a drive failure i would like to know what has gone. My question, is there a log anywhere with what is on each individual drive? So if one fails i know what is lost? I had a search and someone asked a few years ago about finding it after the drive failure, which was not possible. By the look of it you can tick the mount each drive option and they are available in the drive bender programs folder, i'm sure i could find a 3rd party piece of software to make a list of that every day. Any thoughts welcome
  9. 3 Days Left on my trial and I got my keys this morning.
  10. I am in the same boat. I had consider purchasing the unlimited license but opted for the 3 pack just to see how everything went (So fare not so great). Maybe he should let one of the Admins on the forum help him with the keys. Not that it is the end of the world. But it is always nice to get what you are promised. If he is not excited about letting one of the admin help maybe extend the trial period to 30 days to give himself lea-way. So far it looks like a great tool and I am trying to come up with new ways I can use it. I also wish you could clear the error logs in one click. I am running iscsi drives and every time I reboot I get like 20 or so error while the drives are coming back online. It's a small issues but being ocd about checking error messages it can drive a person a little crazy.
  11. I think the only option is to delete them manually one at a time. It has been requested before to delete en masse, but hasn't been implemented. Thanks.
  12. Yes, both the pool drives and the laptop drive are physical 2.5" HDD's and locally SATA attached on their respective Mobo's
  13. Hmm so I suppose the slow down is also happening with physical drives not just for network share.
  14. Don't know for sure, but I think stopping and starting DB should clear these, or maybe a reboot of your DB computer.
  15. I've brought up how slow Drive Bender is to the developer before. In my case I have my music library on a DB Pool drive and duplicated, 2 2.5" SATA on the motherboard. I also have a copy on my laptop on a single 2.5" SATA internal 2nd drive. The software I use to play and manage my music scans all my music files and builds a database of Artists, Albums, Tracks, Genre, etc. I use the laptop as backup, both the server and laptop use the same software. Here's the stats from a full scan on each. Server; Laptop; As can be seen in the total time (last line of scan details) the scan from the pool drive takes almost 4 times longer than the scan from a non-pool drive. The only thing I can suggest is that you open a support ticket with the developer and you can reference this thread. Submit a request – Division-M - Support
  16. I was experimenting around adding network shares and but I restart the network share it gonna throw a bunch of alerts. How to delete all of them? Disable the Drive Bender Service and delete those sil files in program data? I have a few of them with up to 100 MB in size
  17. Are there ways to speed up the folder load time with large number of files for pools made with network shares? It takes an increasingly from 5 seconds to ready for folders more than 300 files. I also observed that for moving files, it only moves at the rate of 5 files per second. The throughput of reading the files seems fine. The slow folder load time is only happening to Drive Bender, as accessing the shares directly is fine. My setup: - 2 SMB shares from 2 TrueNAS pools (Drive Bender seems the only file based solution to combine the NAS pools on Windows) - Disabled NTFS security - Turning on smooth stream does not help - Turned on SnapRAID mode and disabled balancing - I actually manually moved those files into the pool, by dragging existing folders in the network share into the folder with the pool GUID, did this screwed up something?
  18. Thanks for the suggestion, however the installation of Drive Bender on Win11 slows down the file system so much that it takes several minutes for the desktop icons to appear on the desktop. I have to just uninstall it. I don't know if Drive Bender installs and ElDos driver, but it seems to be related to virtual storage. The latest version of CCleaner has a driver updater and identified is as old, so I updated it and reinstalled Drive Bender. No improvement so I am uninstalling it now. I don't think that there's anything a customer can do at this moment. Could I convert the pool to storage spaces temporarily without loosing data? - Ted
  19. Wonder if you would be able to assign a drive letter using diskmgmt.exe?
  20. I will submit a request, thanks. After a fresh install of Windows 11, I found that I need to install IIS services to get the local host running. After that all of those error messages and storlib instances disappeared. Drive Bender seemed to work and restored the pool but it didn't produce a drive letter that I could browse.
  21. You might want to open a support ticket with Div-M too. This will ensure that Anthony gets this information. Submit a request – Division-M - Support
  22. Hi Div-M, I also cannot get Drive Bender to function under Windows 11. Just poking around: I see in the device manager>Disks over 90 "storlib virtual storage" disk drives. Properties>Details of these drives read: Device settings for {41D33169-5A81-4b4e-8571-3BE1B64F905B}\VirtualStorage\1&79f5d87&1&0165 were not migrated from previous OS installation due to partial or ambiguous device match. Using View All Events I see 10K errors under StorDiag which say: Completing a failed non-ReadWrite SCSI SRB request I don't know if this is related, but it now takes 45 seconds to open a "Save As" window on a non-pooled drive. I assume it is taking an unusual amount of time to read the directory. I will file this as a bug report to MS as well. I don't want to re-install Windows 10. Please help when you can. - Ted Schaefer
  23. Sorry to hear that you're having a problem. The only thing I can suggest is that you open a support ticket. And sorry that Anthony was unable to get @mcfloydsquared away, but I will mention that there is only one developer and he has been the developer since day one. He's in Australia and it's the weekend so it may be a couple of days to get a response. Submit a request – Division-M - Support
  24. It's also worth noting that while using drive bender, my files would randomly disappear or become corrupted (video files unplayable). I tried finding the reason for this problem by extensively looking through my logs, and initially blamed it on my other automation services. Well... It doesn't happen anymore with DrivePool so... Take that as you will.
  25. I didn't find a solution, and support kept asking for more logs over and over and over. It started to get so exhausting that I chose the absolute nuclear option: rebuilt my entire pool in Stablebit DrivePool. It took me almost a month of copying files, detaching drives, and attaching to DrivePool, but so worth it. Just think about what may happen if your drive bender service restarts in the middle of an important data transfer... Not worth the data loss. My feeling is that most of the devs who wrote this software have since left the company, and they are trying to build out features and maintain the project with a bunch of newer devs who don't understand the codebase as well. Or maybe the code is written like junk and is a rats nest (what the hell is up with the log inspector, anyway?)
  26. Did you manage to find a solution in the end? My Drive Bender service has been crashing roughly every 7-10 days for a couple of years now. I went through the support process and provided logs but support kept telling me they couldn't identify any errors. They suggested uninstalling and reinstalling - that didn't help. Running the latest version and have probably updated the version 3 or 4 times since first identifying the issue to no avail. I gave up trying to figure out the problem in the end and just set up a task in Task Scheduler that automatically restarts the service after it crashes. Crude but effective. A workaround for others that might encounter the same issue.
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