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  2. Pool passthrough to hyper-v vm

    I'm not certain if you can accomplish this with drives that already have files on them, but you can definitely use physical drives with hyper-v.
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  4. Pool passthrough to hyper-v vm

    A good question. Might be worth raising a Support Ticket.
  5. Good day all, is there anyway to passthrough the pool to a hyper-v vm? Right now Drivebender is setup on the server (Server 2016) and mapped out. My Plex VM accesses the data via the network share. Would be nice to have direct access to the data instead of a mapped drive.
  6. I just had to do the same with a failing 3Tb, but fortunately I had sufficient space in my pool, so I just force removed the drive, added a drive letter to it and then copied the files back into the pool. Once completed, I pulled the drive and replaced with a 6Tb. Job done.
  7. Temporarily remove drive to swap in new drive

    Just coming back to update, I took the approach of a force removal, adding the new drive to the pool, and then copying the files back over the LAN. It worked just fine, although it took a full day to copy the 3TB over wifi and verify the transfer. Thanks for all the help.
  8. driver bender service @ 100% cpu

    The best thing to do is open a support ticket with the developer for guidance. https://support.division-m.com/hc/en-us/requests/new
  9. driver bender service @ 100% cpu

    I have 4 servers running driver bender. All are windows 2012 r2 core (2 virtual + 2 physical) One victual server just seems to get into a situation where the driver bender service runs @ 100% cpu. I can kill the server, start the service an all in once more @ about 2-3% or less. Cannot find any event logs for drive bender with errors or not **not sure where to look next**
  10. DB for Synology

    I'd raise a Support Ticket and ask.
  11. Why do drives spool up every hour?

    Balancing is controlled by you, via the GUI. See what it's set to and adjust accordingly. Also, check what else could be accessing the drives.
  12. Running ver 2.6, on a server basically for my movies, no one accesses it until the evening, if that. So why are the drives spooled up every hour? I know this because it sits right under my desk, next to my main computer, and I hear them spool up, and all I can think of is the wasted cycles the drives are being subjected to. Is there any way to stop this? If it has to do with file balancing, can't it be scheduled to be done like once or twice a day? Instead of every hour? Thanks in advance.
  13. DB for Synology

    Same thought. Any plans for a DB app for NAS devices?
  14. Yes, I have 1.5Tb of duplicated files, so I suspect there are going to be at least some files which were lost with both the primary and duplicate on those drives alone. Unfortunately as ruralcricket mentioned, there seems to be no file database which would flag files that are completely missing. At this point, it's a needle in a haystack to try to figure which files are missing, so I guess I'll err on the side of caution & kick off a full restore of those files I back up to CrashPlan.
  15. Unless your primary and duplicated files were on the 2 failed discs, then DriveBender will re-duplicate anything that doesn't have a duplicate.
  16. Drive Bender doesn't keep a database of files in the pool. There is a function to check duplication status. I think the only way to do this would be to get a directory listing of the current pool and your backup and compare them. On your local pool it could be as simple as Dir /s /b /a:-d | sort > sortedfilelist.txt
  17. I had two of my six pool drives fail in the same day after a couple of power hits. Everything important in my pool is duplicated but I'm sure I will have lost at least some files duplicated between those two drives. Is there any way for the pool to tell me which duplicated files are completely missing from the pool? I also have a lot of non-duplicated files which would also be useful to get that information for (though less important). I do have backups of everything but with over 200gb of data in cloud backup it will take a very long time to scan & restore if I have to do a full restore.
  18. Not showing proper space

    Thanks w3wilkes, It's been a couple of weeks now. It's not really a big deal as actual usable space is correct, just my OCD kicking in.
  19. Not showing proper space

    Moved this to the correct place. This was posted in Xtender... I've seen it take up to a couple of days to report correctly. Don't know why. If it doesn't straighten out you can open a support ticket.
  20. Not showing proper space

    I did a remove drive from drive bender and then upgraded it and rebalanced the pool (twice) Now DB isn't showing the proper amount of used storage, it dropped about 5TB even though windows explorer reads it correctly and if you add up all the drive in the pool it adds up correctly, but the chart is way off. I deleted the reg key and rebooted the server and let it rebuild the pool, but it's still off. Any ideas?
  21. I would do something a little different to w3wilkes's suggestion I would force remove the full drive from DriveBender. Then physically remove it from your PC and put in 2nd PC. Add the new bigger drive to the 1st PC, format it and add it to DriveBender. Then copy the content from old drive direct to the pool (across your lan). Only the content, not the DriveBender folders etc. Your choice of how you do it and then only if you're happy doing it all.
  22. Temporarily remove drive to swap in new drive

    Since you have other PC's you can use why not just pull the drive to be replaced, put it in another PC along with the replacement drive and do a full copy of all contents from the old to the new drive, label the new drive to DB <whatever it was> and then put the new drive back in the DB pool machine and bring it up.
  23. Temporarily remove drive to swap in new drive

    Thanks very much for the responses. I don't have space in the pool to redistribute the files (I'm about 2TB short of being able to do that). I do have other PCs I can connect the new (or old) drive to which are networked to the server with the pool. If I add the new drive as a networked drive to the pool in the first instance, then remove the old drive (balancing the files from the old drive onto the new drive), can I then migrate the new drive to a local drive in the server? I do have duplication enabled for some folders, but I could probably disable that temporarily if needed. I'd be a bit reluctant to start removing/reinstalling DB as I've had some issues bringing the pool back online in the past when doing things along those lines, so I'd prefer to leave that as a last resort.
  24. Yes, that was a suggestion I was going to make based off the answers I asked for. Providing the OP is comfortable working at this level.
  25. Temporarily remove drive to swap in new drive

    Added to what w3wikes stated, you could disable the DB service instance reboot. the pool should be gone but the drives visible. Since your drive 1 is to be replaced, shut down and remove one of the drives 2-4 and replace it with the new larger drive, and reboot. Copy the content of drive 1 pool folders to the empty new drive. re-enable the DB service. shut down and swap out drive 1 for new drive put in the removed drive (2-4) boot. you should be good. If you are not, you can still put back old drive 1 and be back where you started.
  26. Temporarily remove drive to swap in new drive

    I wonder if you could uninstall DB, remove one of the DB drives you were going to keep, install new larger drive, do a disk to disk copy of everything from the drive that is being replaced to the new drive and make sure to label it the same as the volume label of the drive being replaced. Bring the system down. Remove the drive being replaced and put the other drive back in. You should now have basically the same drive configuration you had when you uninstalled DB. Now install DB and then boot the system. Seems to me that this should work. I would open a ticket and run this past the developer to see if there's a "gotcha" here that I've missed. https://support.division-m.com/hc/en-us/requests/new EDIT: I think you might have to unregister your DB software before uninstalling it and then reregister when you reinstall it.
  27. No. DriveBender would think you had 5 drives in the pool with one missing and probably put it into read-only mode. Do you not have enough to room on the other 3 disks to take the contents of the disk you want to replace? Do you have another PC that you could add either the new or old drive to? There are options based on what your answers are.
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