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  2. Warning in Windows Systems events

    I've only had one experience with the SMART feature... It let me know one of my drives had already failed. Up until the drive failed SMART showed the drive as fine.
  3. Warning in Windows Systems events

    If that's the case, it's more of an annoyance, I like having the SMART feature active. Thanks for taking the time to reply.
  4. Warning in Windows Systems events

    I believe this is due to the SMART monitor driver. On mobile now but if search my history I think I posted about this. Try stopping & disabling the smart monitor in sevices.
  5. I am seeing the following error in the Windows System events, The IO operation at logical block address 0x21 for Disk 5 (PDO name: \Device\00000060) was retried. Disk 5 is my pool according to Disk Management. This error is occurring quite a bit, should I be concerned? My system consists of the following, Windows 10 Pro Icy Dock Icy Cube connected to a Startech 4 port USB 3 controller card 2 WD 6TB black drives, 1 WD 6TB red drive
  6. Is this possible with Drive Bender?

    Your current raid 10 array would have to be broken to remove 2 of the 2TB drives and replace them with 2 10TB drives. Seems like you'd have to do something like install one of the 10 TB somewhere outside your raid 10 array - copy the data on the array to the 10 TB drive - shut down the array and reconfigure the 4 drives to JBOD (regular drives) - replace 2 of the 2TB drives with the 2 10TB drives (1 of these drives would contain the data you copied from the array) - install the DB software (you will find the DB manual in the install directory "Drive Bender Manual.pdf" you should read the manual before proceeding) - on page 12 of the manual it talks about converting a drive to the pool. You will want to use the convert method to "import" the 10 TB drive to the pool that you copied all your data to. You can then add the 2nd 10TB drive to the pool using the initialize/format option. You should then have a pool that contains your 2 10TB drives. Then using the Drive Bender manager you would define what gets duplicated. Depending on what you're thinking you could then add the 2 remaining 2TB drives to the pool or just use them as regular drives. The key is to really read and understand the manual! Once you have your pool up and running and decide you like the DB software you can buy the software and input your license key. For the 60 day trial period the software is FULL Function.
  7. A friend of mine recommended this product to me, but before i'm going to rip apart my current system, i would like to know some details about Drive Bender. Currently, i'm running a RAID10 storage bay consisting of 4x2TB drives, which is the maximum amount of drives for this bay. I would like to exchange these drives for 2 new 10TB drives, which will be the basis for my new data pool with Drive Bender. Which other drives i will add or which folders i will duplicate after this, i don't know at this moment. For me it's only important to know, if this is possible with Drive Bender without losing any data on the current drives? All computers with future access to this pool are running Windows 10 Pro.
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  9. empty pool but files are there....

    Have you checked the drive bender logs for errors? I suspect this is worth opening a support case.
  10. empty pool but files are there....

    i had to remove images from another thread
  11. empty pool but files are there....

    i tried but i can post maximum 20kb
  12. empty pool but files are there....

    Could you post a screen shot of the drive bender console showing the drives in the pool and the drive stats (# files in pool graph).
  13. i don't know why but my pool is empty but judging by the free space left all my files should be there. if i browse directly my HDs i can find all the directories, some with files some empty. still the total amount of space used prove that everything is there. what can i do to retrieve all my files?
  14. will it be possible to use Drive Xtender with the existing DriveBender pool? Or is the pool structure different? Trying to figure out how much work and how risky such transition would be.
  15. Drive Bender v2.8.0.0 released

    Thank you for another maintenance update!
  16. Copy failed drive to pool?

    Why can't you put the cloned drive in the pool with a new drive and then drain the cloned drive? Seems like this should get your files squared away in the pool. Then you can put the cloned drive back in your NAS.
  17. Drive errors

    Thanks ruralcricket! I did indeed find a post (after I posted, of course) that indicated that this is the case. I by mistake, thought the errors were related to stalled torrents in the Qbittorrent client. Turns out, it is a rare bug in the DLL they use for the actual torrent handling, and it's not much I can do. Again, thanks for the help!
  18. Drive errors

    If this is coming in small batches, I've been told by the developer that this is the smart monitor noise from a known but. Try disabling the smart monitor sevice.
  19. Copy failed drive to pool?

    I had to pull a drive that was intermittently failing from the pool. I managed to clone it to a temporary drive. Can I just copy all of the contents back to the pool? There are a ton of $Duplicate folders on the drive, but it would take me weeks to parse through the entire drive to find the folders out of the thousands of duplicates, that have actual data on them. What will happen with all of those $Duplicate folders if they're copied into the pool? Unfortunately, I can't link this drive into the pool; it's a spare that needs to go back into my NAS.
  20. Drive errors

    I just started seeing repeated errors in Windows' system logs: "The IO operation at logical block address 0x1 for Disk 10 (PDO name: \Device\00000077) was retried." Now, Disk 10 is the Drive Bender pool, but a health check from Drive Bender shows absolutely nothing (nor in the log). This means to me, that I have to mount each and every phsyical drive partition and manually run a checkdisk on them, that's about 8 hours per drive. Surely there's a better way to do this? (Also, I would love an "error only" logging level. Much less to sift through)
  21. FYI - Drive Xtender is multilingual, as a start, we have just added German and French to the beta registration site.
  22. Release v2.8.0.0 release (2017-10-26) [ b ] Balancing on pools with multiple mount points may not balance both mount point (only the first), this could also affect landing zone clearing. [ b ] When applying duplication, the Drive Bender Manager/Console could hang. [ b ] Fixed a number on minor bugs. [ u ] Added additional logging for some areas of code to track drive issues. Download here
  23. Drive Bender Can't connect to local host server

    I would highly recommend opening a ticket. This does not happen on WHS 2011, it may be an issue with Win10.
  24. Problems with scanning new files in Plex

    I see this same type scan slowdown with my Squeezebox music server software. A full scan of my music files on a native JBOD drive takes about 5 minutes. With my music on the DB pool drive the same full scan take about 15 minutes. I have no trouble with playing music. Since I only do music scans when I add or modify tags in my music I don't worry too much about it.
  25. Old Versions of DB?

    You can download 2.6 here http://files.division-m.com/DriveBender v2600.exe Don't know about 2.5
  26. Have you opened a support ticket? What do you mean "drive bender can't connect to the local server"? Are you referring to the Drive Bender Manager or the WHS Dashboard or what? What version of Windows are you running Drive Bender on?
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