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  2. CX for android

    Would be possible a Android app of Cloud Xtender? Access our files in a mobile platform will be great ! Is in the roadmap? Thanks
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  4. Duplication Level Implementation

    Hi there, I use your software for a very long time. I lost a license in a hardware change, but hey buying a new one was kind of a gratitude to your great work! I would also be very interested in this feature. I have an HP Micro Server with good Raid drives, but I'd like to have some extra security for certain files (Fotos, digital mail, etc.). Please consider implementing this Best Regards Tim
  5. Allow multi-selection on Alerts to allow group removal

    Didn't open a ticket since I figure this was the place they looked at for feedback.
  6. Drive Bender v2.7.0.0 released

    Thanks for sharing, I'll give it a try...!
  7. Drive Bender v2.7.0.0 released

    To fix the DLL issue if it has not been updated: - Stop any services that might be using the DriveBender volume such as backup software etc. - Using the Services management console in Windows Stop the ‘Drive Bender Service’. You might be promoted to Stop other dependent services which will be listed, click Yes and let them cleanly stop. - Once the service(s) is/are stopped you can update the DLL. Note of caution there are 2 versions of the DLL and Anthony had to determine what version I should use. There’s one in the lib\v5 and one in the lib\v6 directories which I assume relate to your OS version. With WHS2011 mine was the v5 one but this may not be correct for your OS. If you’re not sure - DON’T CHANGE IT! - Once you have updated the DLL (noting the above) you can reboot the server. All should then come up at boot and be using the replaced DLL.
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  9. Drive Bender v2.7.0.0 released

    I've a call open at the moment so once I know anything I'll post it here. Although I'm sure if it's anything serious Anthony will post anyway. So far he has stated that this version of the DLL should work with DB 2.7 without any issues.
  10. Drive Bender v2.7.0.0 released

    I ran into the same issue but frankly didn't give it another thought, as Drive Bender is working. However, your're right. The dll version in the programs folder is still the older one. So thanks for pointing this out! If you've got a solution it would be nice if you would share it...
  11. Add drive inefficient in v2.5.0.0

    Yes, I've been running it for about a week now without any issues. A Support Ticket would be advisable that Anthony and his team (?) are at least aware of the issue. Perhaps you could remove a working disk and re-add [emoji15]
  12. Add drive inefficient in v2.5.0.0

    I saw that v2.7.0.0 is out and installed it (working well so far). Unfortunately, I will not be swapping (knock on wood) another drive soon so I do not know if the issue is fixed. Also, it was not apparent from the release notes that this issue was addressed. I may go the ticket route to get a response. Unfortunately, I do not have good debug documentation.
  13. Add drive inefficient in v2.5.0.0

    I'd raise a Support Ticket. You could try v2.7 whilst you wait a response. Release v2.7.0.0 release (2017-08-31) [ b ] Balancing and landing zone clearing can start at the same time causing the other to abort. [ b ] When files are being balanced, certain conditions can cause this process to hang, resulting in timeout errors and/or file system hangs. [ u ] "Non-pool used space" is now scanned as part of the file health system scan, and is no longer estimated. [ u ] Improved file locking resulting in I/O speed improvements. [ b ] Fixed a number of minor bugs related to worker thread tasks and queues. [ u ] Windows Server Dashboard is now more Server 2016 aware. [ b ] Fixed a number of minor bugs related to the Drive Bender Manager.
  14. Add drive inefficient in v2.5.0.0

    Just encountering this problem again with v2.6.0.0, I found my own post looking for an answer. Something is not right here. DB should not waste a day to duplicate duplicates just to later warn of and delete them again. This time I simply deleted the wip_dup files, restarted the server, and ran a health check. I have not seen a response. Do I need to follow up by email or ticket?
  15. Drive Bender v2.7.0.0 released

    Yep, was already running v2.6 before the upgrade. Given the DLL version in use is 2.5 I suspect that upgrade also didn't update the DLL. The version in the C:\Program Files\Division-M\Drive Bender\lib\v5 folder is the version. It should be possible to copy it to the program folder proper without the service running but I don't know if it needs registering or is simply a resource file. I've logged a support call so I'll update this post when I hear back from them.
  16. Drive Bender v2.7.0.0 released

    When you installed DB did you first in-install the prior version and reboot before you installed I ask because this installed fine on my WHS2011 box. What version of drivebender.dll is in C:\Program Files\Division-M\Drive Bender\lib\v5, if it's the version can you manually copy it?
  17. Drive Bender v2.7.0.0 released

    Thanks, will do once I get a few mins again!
  18. Drive Bender v2.7.0.0 released

    Unless Anthony replies soon, it might be worth you raising a Support Ticket with the information you posted above.
  19. Drive Bender v2.7.0.0 released

    I do indeed have the latest version of 2.7 as I only downloaded it yesterday. While I could uninstall and reinstall, as it essentially works at the moment thought I'd ask if there was a quick way to resolve.
  20. Drive Bender v2.7.0.0 released

    Do you have the latest version of v2.7? You could try uninstallling and reinstalling.
  21. Drive Bender v2.7.0.0 released

    Just upgraded to v2.7.0 on WHS2011 and during install received an error regarding DriveBender.dll: Unable to copy the core library file: C:\Program Files\Division-M\Drive Bender\lib\v5\DriveBender.dll to C:\Program Files\Division-M\Drive Bender\DriveBender.dll The install completed and the drive pool has come up successfully so no problems there. However if I check the DLL version in the main program folder it's still v2.5.0.0. Would a reinstall help or does this need the service stopping, new DLL manually copying and then registering please?
  22. Drive Bender v2.7.0.0 released

    Version installed much better this time. Thanks Anthony!
  23. Drive Bender v2.7.0.0 released

    OK, under DB v2.7, it's now zero (see attached). BTW, installation of DB v2.7 went without a hitch under Windows 10.
  24. Drive Bender v2.7.0.0 released

    Windows Server 2016 support? TIA
  25. Drive Bender v2.7.0.0 released

    So if there are no files on a pooled drive outside of the pool, that value should always be zero? Otherwise, there's a bug or an issue. Under DB v2.6, it's telling me I have 5.6Gb of Non-pool space used. I'll update to v2.7 and see if it disappears.
  26. Drive Bender v2.7.0.0 released

    For some users, there are files outside of the pool, and this value (see screenshots) has been there for a number of years. However, it can report an incorrect size, which has caused some support issues (other than being an interesting value, it means nothing else). Anyways... if there are files outside of the pool on the drive(s), this value now reports the size correctly :-)
  27. Drive Bender v2.7.0.0 released

    I don't have any files on my drives outside of the pool, so I'm confused.
  28. Drive Bender v2.7.0.0 released

    Ok, this "rollback" issue is sorted, simply re-download the v2.7.0.0 installation and run again. The issue was a small bug in one of the installer dll's, however, it only impacted Server versions of Windows. @CBer - Re-checked against Windows 7 and there was no issue. I suspect there may have been a driver upgrade problem, and a re-install may have sorted. Anyway, try the new installer and give me a shout if still no good.
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