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  3. Right off the top of my head I wouldn't have a single physical drive (multiple partitions) be in 2 pools. If the drive fails you will have to recover both pools. With that being said, it seems that copy (move) has to be done since this would be between partitions. I don't think you can have a single drive (partition) be in more than one pool.
  4. You should take a look through these forums about non pool used. Over the next couple of days you should see the value go back to where it was before. I just ignore it.
  5. I just removed a 4TB drive (so I could use its slot for a second 8tb drive) and noticed that my primary used storage (size) counter has gone down by 1 - 2tb while the non-pool used storage (size) counter has gone up by the amount the primary has gone down. I regret that I did not check file-count before/after. is this normal behaviour when removing a drive? I am using duplication.
  6. I've noticed that file move operations between pools take the same amount of time as one would expect when moving between drives. However, behind the scenes Drive Bender might be moving it from one location on the disk to another on the same disk. If if both pools share the same drives and duplication settings, would it be possible to perform a "rename" operation instead, similar to when windows moves files on the same drive?
  7. uninstalled reboot installed reboot everything is working fine on Win Server 2012R2 Thanks!
  8. Hi @CBers, unfortunately, I am unable to provide any logs as I uninstalled Drive Bender after many hours of fighting between it and my system. Too bad as I was really impressed by the reasonable price plan, the tons of features, even the UI. Guess it was just not meant to be... And a million thanks to @MediaCowboy89 for trying so hard to make it work. A true champ and a class act!
  9. If you can check to see if you have any *.SIL files in the C:\ProgramData\Division-M\Drive Bender\Logs folder, can you then raise a Support Ticket using your description above and attach the *.SIL files please. I assume it was v2.6 that you used ?? It's only just released, so it's possible there's a bug in it. I had run DB under Windows 7 since it was first released, so it's not an OS issue. Thanks.
  10. How are you getting on ??
  11. Description on the create new pool is strictly up to you. Leave pool typed managed as this will keep your life easier. What managed does it allows Drive Bender to know where all your files are and then it tells the OS versus you managing everything and be a nightmare.
  12. Wow, nice works, give me a few minutes, I'll report back PS: I am already surprised not to go to "launch pool wizard" Description? nothing? Pool type, managed or not?
  13. Okay for the purpose of helping others out I have written the following tutorial. If someone sees something I could do better or update please let me know. For this example I will be taking a 4 tb drive and a 500 gb hard drive with data on both and merge them into a new pool. To start this I have a folder on each one called movies. Inside this folder I then have 10 Movies for a total of what will become 20 movies on what appears to be one drive. 1. Open Drive Bender Manager 2. Select Pool Options with the drop down arrow 3. Select Add A New Pool and name it whatever you would like. If you would like to add a description you can. Also leave it as a managed pool as drive bender will tell the OS where files are on which drive versus you having to remember. Then click Create. Then Yes you want to add a new pool. You should see a screen like below 4. Click Create a mount point. Select whatever drive letter you would like along with a volume name. you should see a screen like below. 5. Click the plus next to one of the drives you want to add. So in my example from above I would click the plus sign next to y:\ 6. You will be present with a screen like below and make sure to check the "Merge the existing files into T:\(Or whatever drive letter you gave your drive)" and leaving everything else alone and click "Add". You will be prompted to make sure you want to add this drive to the pool click yes. Be patient as this may take awhile depending on the size of the drive and how many files you are merging. 7. Verify that the drive did get added correctly. Simply go to Windows Explorer and look for the drive letter you set for the mount point. During this time you will see that the drive you added is no longer visible. Select the mount point drive letter and verify your files are there. 8. Repeat steps 5 - 7 for however many drives you want to add to the pool that have data. If all went well you will see one drive now with all your media on it and a screen that looks like this. @jlr19, please let me know if this needs more pictures. I tried to type as detailed as possible but you know what they say. A picture is worth a thousands words.
  14. All kids accounted for? Its all that matters
  15. @jlr19, please be patient with me as I am trying to create a new pool on a system that already has a pool and match your needs.
  16. Copy the files? Don't you mean move the files ?
  17. @mediacowboy89 I have uninstalled DP, and put my folder structure back to default state. Just so we have the most similar setup possible, here's my setup and plan: I have a hdd "P" with a master folder called "Movies" containing a ton of movies sub-folders. I have a hdd "M" also with a "Movies" folder, containing also a ton of movie, but different ones. I want those 2 drives with a similarly named "Movies" folder to appear in my pool as a same (single) "movies" folder, but its content being former "P" and "M" combined So if hdd "P" folder "movies" holds sub-folder "123" and hdd "M" folder "movies" holds sub-folder "456", I want Drive Bender new pool drive to show a single folder named "movies", but holding both sub-folder "123" AND sub-folder "456" Any q's, just holler And belated thanks to @ruralcricket, looking back at his post, this looks like what I should have done yesterday.
  18. @Mediacowboy89 This is exactly my plan
  19. Howdy jlr19, I will be more than happy to throw to spare drives and help you understand what needs to happen to get your media pooled using DB. Before I begin doing that I first want to make sure I understand what you are wanting to do. From what I have read here and on the Emby forum you are wanting to take the drive you already have and create a pool out of them. These drives already have media and stuff on them so instead of creating a pool from scratch you are wanting to create a pool based on media you already have. Is this correct? Thank you, MediaCowboy
  20. Hi jlr19. When you added the drives, did you merge them or add them? You can add a drive letter to each drive and see what's on them. Let us know how you get on. CBers.
  21. So the drives were not empty when you added them to the pool? If so, you need to get the physical drives visible again and copy the files into the pool drive letter. You can use Windows diskmgmt software to add a drive letter. Let's say your pool drive is P:, and you add drive letters e:, f:, and g: to your physical drives. Once you can see the original drive you will see some new files and one folder in the top of the drive that begin with { curly brackets. These are created by drivebender. For each of your e:, f:, and g: drives copy all of your data files to the p: pool drive. Don't copy the {xx} files/folders.
  22. You will find the manual in the install directory, it's called "Drive Bender Manual.pdf". After a day or so you should see the Non Pool Used go way down. Somewhere in these forums Anthony has posted what makes up Non Pool Used, but I've got to the point I just ignore it.
  23. I guess I need to rtfm, could someone point me in the right direction. My need is simply to merge drives that already contains data.
  24. Hi, 1st time posting here, just started using Drive Bender minutes ago only. So I created a new pool and added 3 hard drives to it. IN DB drive list, I now see DB1, DB2 and DB3 (followed by non-pooled drives). In pool options, I clicked switch to pool "windows pool", I now see the 2 pie graphs on the right side. The top graph is 3/4 orange (non pool used) = 12.05TB, 1/4 green (free) =4.33TB In windows explorer, the 3 drives I added to the pool are not showing anymore (expected), and I now see a W drive =16.3TB with 4.32 free space) Problem is when I double-click it, I get a "this folder is empty" I am not panicking just yet, must be a simple noob mistake, but I'd really like to see my files...
  25. OK, with the release of, I waited a few days in case there were any big issues reported, then gave it a go. Installed it OK, rebooted. Checked version in 'DB Console', yep, v2.6.0.0 = all good. Opened 'DB Manager' and the drive that I want to use as the landing zone is part of the pool and about 50% full. So I right clicked on the 'Show options...' icon to the right of the drive and selected 'Set as Landing Zone' I think it asked me some questions, not sure it was a couple of days ago now... then DB Manager froze. Damn. But Windows hadn't locked up, like last time, which was promising. So I open DB Console and look at 'running tasks' and see that there's drive balancing going on. This might be the cause of DB Manager appearing to be frozen? From memory, I could open DB Manager and see that there was a lot or read access to the newly selected LZ drive, so I just left it alone to do it's thing. Checked it the next day and the LZ drive (indicated by an orange line under the drive name) is empty. This is exactly what I'd expect the LZ drive to be like. Looks like it went about it's business moving the files from the LZ to the pool and then doing it's duplication/balancing thing again. At the moment I'm copying a 350G of files from a portable hard drive to the pool and they're all going on the LZ drive (I can see this in DB Console) I expect that once done and the 6 hour time (time interval I've set to DB to clear the LZ) has passed, DB will do it's magic again and redistribute the files where they need to be and the LZ will be empty again. I'll try and write back in a few days to let you all know how it's going, so far it all looks good. Cheers D
  26. Thanks for the reply! I did open a trouble ticket and gave him all that information
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