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    Drive Bender v2.7.0.0 released

    Release v2.7.0.0 release (2017-08-31) [ b ] Balancing and landing zone clearing can start at the same time causing the other to abort. [ b ] When files are being balanced, certain conditions can cause this process to hang, resulting in timeout errors and/or file system hangs. [ u ] "Non-pool used space" is now scanned as part of the file health system scan, and is no longer estimated. [ u ] Improved file locking resulting in I/O speed improvements. [ b ] Fixed a number of minor bugs related to worker thread tasks and queues. [ u ] Windows Server Dashboard is now more Server 2016 aware. [ b ] Fixed a number of minor bugs related to the Drive Bender Manager. Download here
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    Drive Bender v2.7.0.0 released

    Version installed much better this time. Thanks Anthony!
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    Drive Bender v2.7.0.0 released

    Ok, this "rollback" issue is sorted, simply re-download the v2.7.0.0 installation and run again. The issue was a small bug in one of the installer dll's, however, it only impacted Server versions of Windows. @CBer - Re-checked against Windows 7 and there was no issue. I suspect there may have been a driver upgrade problem, and a re-install may have sorted. Anyway, try the new installer and give me a shout if still no good.
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    Drive Bender v2.7.0.0 released

    Thanks Anthony. Would still like more clarification on what "Non-pool used space" is [emoji3]
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    Cloud Xtender v2.3.0.0 released

    Release v2.3.0.0 release (2017-08-18) [ b ] Update to use the new Dropbox v2 API (may require re-authentication). [ b ] Fixed an issue with Google Drive folders being incorrectly created (or failing). [ b ] When uploading large encrypted files to Google Drive, the upload can fail with an error. [ b ] Deleting a file that is currently being uploaded fails (file is locked). [ b ] Threaded file access better supported for remote files. [ b ] File change detection has been improved to prevent files currently being synced, to abort. [ b ] Fixed an issue that was preventing One Touch Config restoring a configuration. Download here