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  1. Right off the top of my head I wouldn't have a single physical drive (multiple partitions) be in 2 pools. If the drive fails you will have to recover both pools. With that being said, it seems that copy (move) has to be done since this would be between partitions. I don't think you can have a single drive (partition) be in more than one pool.
  2. You should take a look through these forums about non pool used. Over the next couple of days you should see the value go back to where it was before. I just ignore it.
  3. You will find the manual in the install directory, it's called "Drive Bender Manual.pdf". After a day or so you should see the Non Pool Used go way down. Somewhere in these forums Anthony has posted what makes up Non Pool Used, but I've got to the point I just ignore it.
  4. Be sure to include the OS information along with your logs and also include naming any other software the is disk access related.
  5. Just installed this release. A couple of issues... 1) The DriverUtility.exe is for the Cloud Extender driver, not the Drive Bender driver utility. 2) DB service did not start with WHS2011 server and server could not be seen on network. Had to go to the server and manually start the DB service and then the pool came up, still no access to server from the network, it said the server was down. Restarted again and this time everything came up as it should.
  6. You could also try the new v2.6.0.0 that was released today 23, May 2017.
  7. I don't know the answer. You can try it. Initially with the drive removed you'll probably have the pool go into read only mode. I think you would then need to shut down the DB service. Then get the drive mounted that you've moved to the server and then restart the DB service and see if the pool comes up with the network mounted drive. If this all doesn't work I think you'll have to do what I said in my initial reply.
  8. In your case the only way I can think of is to move enough data out of your pool to your other server temporarily to allow you to drain the failing drive. Once drained you can add the new drive and then move the data from the other server back to the pool.
  9. You should probably open a support ticket. Be sure to give that OS and DB version you're running.
  10. You do have your work cut for you! You could always go back to WHS 2011 In defense of WHS 2011 the backups are pretty secure. WHS does it's backups in a peer to peer fashion so the backup directory on the server isn't accessible or seen from the clients. This is pretty good protection from encrypting ransomeware. I use WHS2011 with win10 clients and have even been able to do bare metal restores. I did install the WHS2011 hotfix to support GPT UEFI environments. https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/2781272/a-hotfix-is-available-to-add-backup-support-for-uefi-based-computers-to-back-up-to-servers-that-are-running-windows-home-server-2011
  11. Have you tried this; http://www.windowscentral.com/how-take-ownership-files-and-folders-windows-10
  12. Wonder if it's an ownership issue?
  13. Did you try clicking some of the drop downs on that screen to see if your pool was just not the current pool in the display? Don't sweat the Non Pool Used. It's a value that can be very misleading and should pretty much be ignored. Here's a link to an explanation of how far off it can be. https://support.division-m.com/hc/en-us/articles/214027243-What-is-the-Non-pool-used-value-
  14. You should open a trouble ticket. Be sure to include the DB version and the platform OS you're running on.
  15. Slick, I didn't know that!