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    Drive Bender v2.8.0.0 released

    Release v2.8.0.0 release (2017-10-26) [ b ] Balancing on pools with multiple mount points may not balance both mount point (only the first), this could also affect landing zone clearing. [ b ] When applying duplication, the Drive Bender Manager/Console could hang. [ b ] Fixed a number on minor bugs. [ u ] Added additional logging for some areas of code to track drive issues. Download here
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    Add multuple drives at once

    When adding new drives to a system it would be nice to be able to add / queue all of the adds at once instead of needing to wait for each drive add to complete. It takes significant time to add a 6 or 8 TB drive to a pool. Would be nice to be able to add and then walk away instead of checking after each add for complete.
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    Is this possible with Drive Bender?

    Your current raid 10 array would have to be broken to remove 2 of the 2TB drives and replace them with 2 10TB drives. Seems like you'd have to do something like install one of the 10 TB somewhere outside your raid 10 array - copy the data on the array to the 10 TB drive - shut down the array and reconfigure the 4 drives to JBOD (regular drives) - replace 2 of the 2TB drives with the 2 10TB drives (1 of these drives would contain the data you copied from the array) - install the DB software (you will find the DB manual in the install directory "Drive Bender Manual.pdf" you should read the manual before proceeding) - on page 12 of the manual it talks about converting a drive to the pool. You will want to use the convert method to "import" the 10 TB drive to the pool that you copied all your data to. You can then add the 2nd 10TB drive to the pool using the initialize/format option. You should then have a pool that contains your 2 10TB drives. Then using the Drive Bender manager you would define what gets duplicated. Depending on what you're thinking you could then add the 2 remaining 2TB drives to the pool or just use them as regular drives. The key is to really read and understand the manual! Once you have your pool up and running and decide you like the DB software you can buy the software and input your license key. For the 60 day trial period the software is FULL Function.
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    Drive Bender v2.8.0.0 released

    Thank you for another maintenance update!