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    Recent issues with releases

    Hi All, First up, I would like to apologies for all the recent updates. The last couple of releases (mostly v3.3 and v3.4) of Drive Bender have contained a very allusive "Access Denied" error (this was a timing/cache problem exposed as a result of improving I/O performance). In addition to v3.2 having an problem with the FolderWall module not disabling correctly, and displaying odd errors... In all, we have not covered ourselves in glory 😬 .We are confident we are on top of these issues now with v3.6, and will be looking at our regression testing, and making some changes to ensure we are delivering a better product to our faithfully users! For those that had problems... thanks again for your support and, in some case, access to your machines to help diagnose issues 👍
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    Drive Bender v3.6.0.0a released

    Release v3.6.0.0 release (2020/01/22) [ b ] Fixed a potential file looking issue. [ u ] Further performance improvement introduced. Release v3.6.0.0a release (2020/01/23) FolderWall may not process rules containing explicit application entries correctly. Download
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    Change Log?

    I'm sorry you feel that way. It's not a mess, just issues that can't be fully tested in a development environment, especially when new enhancements are being added. Whatever the issues have been, Anthony has worked night and day to fix them. You're on v3.2, so you're not that far behind. I am now running v3.6 on 5 different servers, all running without any issues. Anthony has posted about the "Recent issues with releases". I see you have posted elsewhere about Cloud Xtender, so I won't answer here.
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    Change Log?

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    [v3.4] Issues reading from pool

    Not sure how, or why, that would happen. I have upgraded to v3.5, so you could try that. If still read-only, raise a Support Ticket.
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    ServerFolders Access & Backup

    Hopefully you meant Windows Home Server 2011. As far as I know there is no WHS 2010. On client computer backup it sounds like you have an error in your backup catalog. Have you tried doing a repair function on the client backup database? Here's a link with instructions for doing a repair. https://books.google.com/books?id=MufqJtL2evkC&pg=PT374&lpg=PT374&dq=whs2011+repair+client+backup+database&source=bl&ots=IzpDSmgVGq&sig=ACfU3U1DoLUc-vMk6dlDiUFzcDnvk2j8zA&hl=en&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwiNztHU9JTnAhWTK80KHXU1BUcQ6AEwDXoECC4QAQ#v=onepage&q=whs2011 repair client backup database&f=false I have had an occasion a couple of years back where I ended up having to delete the whole client computer backup folder and re-setup the backups for my PC's since I was not able to get a successful repair.
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