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  1. Anthony

    Beta v3.9.2.0

    Release v3.9.2.0 beta (2021/10/8) [u] Windows 11 compatibility [u] Drive Bender core updated with a number of rewrites [n] Added new "File placement" options to drive nodes, including "Landing zone", "Primary files", "Duplicate files", "Custom target folders" and "Target not preferred". [b] Memory leak of the server when the Drive Bender Manager is running for extended periods. Before installing, please read Unfortunately, during testing, we discovered a number of performance and reliability issues. These are, in some cases quite severe and can impact small file reading and writing. There is also a memory leak which may require a service restart on occasions. Regardless we are providing the beta for Windows 11 users as a short term solution if they have upgraded to Windows 11, and need assess to their pool. For other users, we are recommending you wait for the next beta. Next beta The update to support Windows 11 was quite a major one and was not in our original v4 roadmap. Therefore we have disabled many of the new features and focused on Win11 compatibility for the initial betas. As we had indicated to users that a Windows 11 compatible beta would be released around the 22nd, sadly that slipped while we tried to work around the performance issue. The end result, is we need to re-architect some of the code, which will likely take until the 1st of November. Sorry to all that have been waiting on Win11 support. Download here
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  2. Having said that, there is now a beta release, but please read the thread thoroughly.
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  3. Until DriveBender is officially supported on Windows 11, I would suggest that people stay on Windows 10 for the time being. If you upgrade to Windows 11, you will have issues. Thanks.
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  4. I was stuck in a miserable rut having cleaned out my Windows Update files. My media server was completely unusable. Luckily I remembered I still had my previous desktop that ran Windows 10 (that I hadn't booted in over 2 years). Fired it up, updated Windows 10 to 20H2 (it was on 1803 smh), I already had drive bender installed and all the configs set up (as it was the predecessor to my current machine stuck on windows 11). All I needed to do was physically connect my drives that formed the pool, enabled network discovery and sharing, shared the pooled drive then on my host machine I mapped the new network drive to the same mount point I used previously. If you're stuck on Windows 11 with Drive Bender out of date and have a spare computer (with Windows 10 still on it) try this: Update Windows Install Drive Bender Move (release) your license from the host machine to the temporary machine On the host and the temporary machine hit the windows key + s, type "Advanced Sharing" and hit enter (should open "Manage Advanced Sharing Settings - Control Panel" Enable discovery for your current network profile (Private, Public/Guest, All) then enable file sharing and printing for your current network profile On the host machine open file explorer and open properties for the drive you'd like to map over the network then click the "Sharing" tab and click "Advanced sharing..." (you may want to change the account access to everyone, and ) Any programs that previously mapped that drive will likely require a UNC path to replace the previously invalid path (As "\\server name\driveletter" i.e. "\\zulu\c" or whatever drive letter you need) If the program runs as an automatic service you may need to hunt down the executable and place it in your startup folder, when modifying the service properties, under the logon tab, you may need to change the user account to your current administrator, not Local System account On the temporary machine, open file explorer and right click on "This PC" on the left hand side bar and select "map network drive" Enter your UNC path to its mount point (as "\\server name\driveletter" i.e. "\\zulu\c") Be sure to mount it on the same drive letter you used previously to reduce complications If you need further help with restoring functionality to Plex Media Server, Sonarr, Radarr and NZBGet using this method, feel free to contact me.
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  5. No known estimate at present, but hopefully before the end of the year.
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