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    Drive Bender v2.8.0.0 released

    Release v2.8.0.0 release (2017-10-26) [ b ] Balancing on pools with multiple mount points may not balance both mount point (only the first), this could also affect landing zone clearing. [ b ] When applying duplication, the Drive Bender Manager/Console could hang. [ b ] Fixed a number on minor bugs. [ u ] Added additional logging for some areas of code to track drive issues. Download here
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    Patch v2.8.2.2

    We have a number of users reporting balancing issues, including landing zone clearing... this patch will a] Fix these issues - or - b] Allow better diagnostics via improved logging. This patch requires v2.8 To install, do the following Make sure there is nothing accessing the pool. Open the Windows Task Manager and find the process "DriveBenderService.exe", kill this process, along with "DriveBenderSmartService.exe and DriveBenderTray.exe (this will take down the pool). Download and unzip the DriveBenderWindows_2822.zip patch file, and copy ALL files to the Drive Bender folder (typically this is "C:\Program Files\Division-M\Drive Bender"), overwriting the existing files. Restart the machine. Important note - Users running WHS, or any Windows Server Dashboard, will need to update the addin's... to install, do the following Make sure the dashboard is not running Open the Windows Task Manager and find the process "DriveBenderHealthService.exe", kill this process. Download and unzip the DriveBenderWHS_2822.zip patch file, and copy ALL files to the WindowsServer bin folder (typically this is "C:\Program Files\Windows Server\Bin"), overwriting the existing files. If you continue to have issues, please enable debug logging (under settings -> performance) and forward the log files onto support (do not post log files here)
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    Just coming back to update, I took the approach of a force removal, adding the new drive to the pool, and then copying the files back over the LAN. It worked just fine, although it took a full day to copy the 3TB over wifi and verify the transfer. Thanks for all the help.
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    driver bender service @ 100% cpu

    The best thing to do is open a support ticket with the developer for guidance. https://support.division-m.com/hc/en-us/requests/new
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    Patch v2.8.2.2

    Famous last words [emoji23]
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    Patch v2.8.2.2

    I don't seem to be in need for this patch (knock on wood), but I wanted to thank you for the continued support and improvements to DriveBender. It remains one of the best pieces software I ever bought.
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    Licensing server issues

    Hi all, We are experiencing licensing server issues which is 1) Preventing new license keys being sent to new users. 2) Preventing license key activation. The problem relates to DNS... and getting sorted is proving to be very slow (we are now fed up and have move providers). In the meantime, we are manually sending new key, and user wishing to activate can do so manually (see - https://support.division-m.com/hc/en-us/articles/214026283) Otherwise, it should be working again in a day or so.
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    There have been a couple of reports of a permissions problem in the last few days. I would suggest you open a ticket with the developer. https://support.division-m.com/hc/en-us/requests/new
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    Permissions network shared drive

    This is the 2nd report of a permissions problem in the last few days. I would suggest you open a ticket with the developer. https://support.division-m.com/hc/en-us/requests/new
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    Patch v2.8.2.2

    Yes for sure... there may be some small tweaks based on user feedback, but this will be in the v2.9 release.
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    Landing Zone Tweaks / Help?

    Sorry I can't help other than suggesting you open a support ticket for these questions. https://support.division-m.com/hc/en-us/requests/new
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    Landing zone rules

    To make sure the developer sees this you should also open a ticket. https://support.division-m.com/hc/en-us/requests/new
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    Add multuple drives at once

    When adding new drives to a system it would be nice to be able to add / queue all of the adds at once instead of needing to wait for each drive add to complete. It takes significant time to add a 6 or 8 TB drive to a pool. Would be nice to be able to add and then walk away instead of checking after each add for complete.
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    Is this possible with Drive Bender?

    Your current raid 10 array would have to be broken to remove 2 of the 2TB drives and replace them with 2 10TB drives. Seems like you'd have to do something like install one of the 10 TB somewhere outside your raid 10 array - copy the data on the array to the 10 TB drive - shut down the array and reconfigure the 4 drives to JBOD (regular drives) - replace 2 of the 2TB drives with the 2 10TB drives (1 of these drives would contain the data you copied from the array) - install the DB software (you will find the DB manual in the install directory "Drive Bender Manual.pdf" you should read the manual before proceeding) - on page 12 of the manual it talks about converting a drive to the pool. You will want to use the convert method to "import" the 10 TB drive to the pool that you copied all your data to. You can then add the 2nd 10TB drive to the pool using the initialize/format option. You should then have a pool that contains your 2 10TB drives. Then using the Drive Bender manager you would define what gets duplicated. Depending on what you're thinking you could then add the 2 remaining 2TB drives to the pool or just use them as regular drives. The key is to really read and understand the manual! Once you have your pool up and running and decide you like the DB software you can buy the software and input your license key. For the 60 day trial period the software is FULL Function.
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    empty pool but files are there....

    Have you checked the drive bender logs for errors? I suspect this is worth opening a support case.
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    will it be possible to use Drive Xtender with the existing DriveBender pool? Or is the pool structure different? Trying to figure out how much work and how risky such transition would be.
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    Drive Xtender beta registration is now available, sign up at https://portal.drivextender.com You can read more about Drive Xtender at - https://www.drivextender.com If you have any issues or questions, lets us know via https://support.division-m.com
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    Drive Bender v2.8.0.0 released

    Thank you for another maintenance update!
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    Copy failed drive to pool?

    Why can't you put the cloned drive in the pool with a new drive and then drain the cloned drive? Seems like this should get your files squared away in the pool. Then you can put the cloned drive back in your NAS.
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    Drive errors

    If this is coming in small batches, I've been told by the developer that this is the smart monitor noise from a known but. Try disabling the smart monitor sevice.
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    Should be sorted :-)
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    If you are having disk issues, Drivebender can generate a number of alerts (drive missing, drive back, etc) while you are isolating the cause. It would be nice to be able to select multiple notifications and delete them at once instead of click, open, delete, Yes; rinse and repeat.
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    And it looks like the other activity verifies/updates the file counts in the chart - #files, file types, #dups, spaced used.
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    I didn't know, and the manual doesn't cover this (and is way old!) so I rand a File Validation Pass. Note that the confirmation dialog is related to File Balancing. It looks to be verifying that 1) primary files are on one and only one physical disk, and 2) that the correct level of duplication is being maintained for all files in the pool(s). My validation is still running (40TB) so it will be a while until I can run a File System Health check. Ha, found this after some googling... https://support.division-m.com/hc/en-us/articles/214027103-What-is-the-health-monitor-and-how-does-it-work- Hmm.. I could be wrong about File Validation.
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    Drive Bender v2.7.0.0 released

    Release v2.7.0.0 release (2017-08-31) [ b ] Balancing and landing zone clearing can start at the same time causing the other to abort. [ b ] When files are being balanced, certain conditions can cause this process to hang, resulting in timeout errors and/or file system hangs. [ u ] "Non-pool used space" is now scanned as part of the file health system scan, and is no longer estimated. [ u ] Improved file locking resulting in I/O speed improvements. [ b ] Fixed a number of minor bugs related to worker thread tasks and queues. [ u ] Windows Server Dashboard is now more Server 2016 aware. [ b ] Fixed a number of minor bugs related to the Drive Bender Manager. Download here