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  1. Drive Bender v2.7.0.0 released

    For some users, there are files outside of the pool, and this value (see screenshots) has been there for a number of years. However, it can report an incorrect size, which has caused some support issues (other than being an interesting value, it means nothing else). Anyways... if there are files outside of the pool on the drive(s), this value now reports the size correctly :-)
  2. Drive Bender v2.7.0.0 released

    Ok, this "rollback" issue is sorted, simply re-download the v2.7.0.0 installation and run again. The issue was a small bug in one of the installer dll's, however, it only impacted Server versions of Windows. @CBer - Re-checked against Windows 7 and there was no issue. I suspect there may have been a driver upgrade problem, and a re-install may have sorted. Anyway, try the new installer and give me a shout if still no good.
  3. Drive Bender v2.7.0.0 released

    This is any file on a pooled drive outside of the pool. This is displayed in that DB Manager, however previous versions estimated this value based on what DB had used in the pool, and the size of the drive etc (the issue with this method is that DB calculates real file size values, but files use more space than the size of the files themselves... known as slack space). Anyway , we now physically check and audit these non-pool files to give an accurate figure. I'm looking into this now.
  4. Release v2.7.0.0 release (2017-08-31) [ b ] Balancing and landing zone clearing can start at the same time causing the other to abort. [ b ] When files are being balanced, certain conditions can cause this process to hang, resulting in timeout errors and/or file system hangs. [ u ] "Non-pool used space" is now scanned as part of the file health system scan, and is no longer estimated. [ u ] Improved file locking resulting in I/O speed improvements. [ b ] Fixed a number of minor bugs related to worker thread tasks and queues. [ u ] Windows Server Dashboard is now more Server 2016 aware. [ b ] Fixed a number of minor bugs related to the Drive Bender Manager. Download here
  5. Release v2.3.0.0 release (2017-08-18) [ b ] Update to use the new Dropbox v2 API (may require re-authentication). [ b ] Fixed an issue with Google Drive folders being incorrectly created (or failing). [ b ] When uploading large encrypted files to Google Drive, the upload can fail with an error. [ b ] Deleting a file that is currently being uploaded fails (file is locked). [ b ] Threaded file access better supported for remote files. [ b ] File change detection has been improved to prevent files currently being synced, to abort. [ b ] Fixed an issue that was preventing One Touch Config restoring a configuration. Download here
  6. Dropbox has updated their API and is depreciating the v1 API as some point. We have updated our service to support the v2 API but do not have a formal release ready, as we are still working on a final bug. If you do have issues with Dropbox, please patch with the following update. 1) Download the v2.2.3.0 patch (attached to this post). 2) Stop the Cloud Xtender service (under services, select CloudXtender, right click, and select stop). 3) Unzip the patch file to "C:\Program Files\Division-M\Cloud Xtender", overwriting the existing files. 4) Start the Cloud Xtender service. Note - You will need to re-authenticate your Dropbox connection when you re-start Cloud Xtender (see image). CloudXtender_patch_v2230.zip
  7. Drive Bender v2.6.0.0 released

    Thanks... 1) Yes, correct (whoops). I've updated the installer with the correct file. 2) Couldn't reproduce this... if anyone else has this issue, let me know.
  8. Release v2.6.0.0 release (2017-05-20) [ b ] Folder repairing during a health check was not reporting errors correctly. [ u ] Improved logging for balancing issues. [ u ] Improved logging for folder issues across the pool. Release v2.5.8.0 beta (2017-02-24) [ u ] Major improvements in file balancing and (debug) logging. [ b ] Large internal file operations could timeout (most notable when balancing large files). [ b ] Folder cache scanning could hang under some conditions. [ b ] Fixed a number of minor bugs related to worker thread tasks and queues. Release v2.5.5.0 beta (2017-02-18) [ u ] Much of the core has been updated to use our new code base. [ b ] When restoring a pool, an empty pool could be created in addition to the restored pool. [ b ] When an internal task is run, it is possible for that task to be flagged as finished before the task has completed (this happening multiple times can bring down the Drive Bender service). [ b ] Fixed a number of processing issues with file validation. [ b ] The Drive Bender Manager can display an incorrect file count value when the pool count is displayed. [ b ] When uninstalling, one or more error messages can be displayed resulting in the uninstallation process failing. Download here
  9. Release v2.2.0.0 release (2017-05-20) [ u ] Much of the core has been updated to use our new code base. [ b ] Fixed a bug when scanning remote Dropbox folders, the scan could finish before all files have been scanned due a default limit imposed by Dropbox. [ b ] Improved handling of Google documents file types, these are now read only and hidden. [ b ] Minor sync bug fixes. Download here
  10. Amazon Cloud Drive / Amazon Drive

    Yes, Amazon is not being very helpful... they have closed dev access to Cloud Drive for reasons they won't explain.
  11. Amazon Cloud Drive / Amazon Drive

    This is in the works ATM
  12. Beta v2.5.8.0

    We have a beta tester that experienced a pool lockup when the balancing task was running. I suspected this is related to a deadlock... but it is proving very difficult to reproduce, and all testing and code reviews have found nothing. I have given the user a modified version that logs details of the suspect area of code, but so far it refuses to misbehave again. For those interested... a deadlock happens when we have 2 objects that need to be locked (we'll call them object A, object B)... thread 1 locks A, thread 2 locks B at the same time, then thread 1 tries to get a lock on B, but needs to wait until it is released. At the same time, thread 2 tries to get a lock on A, but need to wait until it is released... deadlock.
  13. Beta v2.5.8.0

    This is frustrating, we are ready to go except we have a thread locking issue that is proving very hard to nail down. So there won't be any further beta's, as soon as we get this sorted we will be releasing v2.6
  14. We are investigating this issue... seems to be affecting v2.5 and above. Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
  15. Windows 10 Creator Update and Drive Bender

    The issue seems to be that some users see the driver installation becomes corrupt during the upgrade... a simply uninstall, reboot, then reinstall should sort the issue. FYI - We are looking at ways to automatically fix this problem.