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  1. Hi All, We are investigating this issue. Did you upgrade directly from v3.2 to v3.4?
  2. Release v3.4.0.0 release (2020/01/09) [ b ] Changing network cards could cause the system to boot slower than normal, and cause other system stability issues. [ b ] Some users were experiencing a FolderWall error message on boot. [ u ] Added a drive load testing feature. See - https://support.division-m.com/hc/en-us/articles/360001326236 Download
  3. We are working on this and expect to have it sorted this week (week starting on the 6th, Jan). That said, the error message is just a message, and has no effect on the pool itself. If you are experiencing access issues, then there is something else going on and you should contact support.
  4. This is being updated in the next major release... with a re-write of the feature that will also, dramatically improve pool performance.
  5. Hi, Yes, stay with v3.3... there are potential (different) access issues with 3.2. These access denied errors are being reported by Windows... as suggested, please send log files to support.
  6. Hi Stacy, I'm responding as best as I can... however, we are located in Australia (it was 2AM here when you posted this) and we can't spend 24 hours a day monitoring support, not to mention, you are not the only customer we have. Here are some support tips. 1) First of all, don't panic! (this is important)... remember, all files are stores using the Windows NTFS format, and can be access outside of Drive Bender if needed. 2) When submitting a ticket, wait for a responses before spamming support, ever time you update a ticket, it goes to the back of the support queue as tickets are sorted by "last updated", oldest first. 3) Try and keep tickets on topic, adding unrelated issues confuses things and can make it difficult to track what is going on.
  7. Ok... noted, thanks... let me get back to you
  8. Hi CBers... what was the result with the reinstall? Did it install as new, or modify... if new, then you should be able to disable the FolderWall and reboot, and end of issue.
  9. Hmmm... we have checked this again and all is as it should be. I have a theory... we did push a version of v3.3 prior to posting here, when tested (aka downloaded and installed), we found this to be an old test version, it was re-uploaded... then announced the update. We use AWS's CloudFront, my thinking is that you pulled down a cached version, not the final release version. To test, download again, then run the installer and see if the installer runs as a new install, or want to modify. If new, then I'm correct, if modify, then something else is going on here.
  10. So, it keeps enabling on reboot/restart? I'm investigating and we have an answer ASAP
  11. We have released v3.3... head to https://www.drivebender.com/downloads.html This will sort all FolderWall issues, here is a change log [ u ] By default the FolderWall feature (module) is not enabled. Important - This release will disable any pre v3.3 rules in place. [ b ] Fixed an error that some users were experiencing at boot concerning the FolderWall module. [ b ] At startup, a mount point conflict could occur that cause the mount point to be removed and recreated. [ u ] Added ".BVR" to the VIDEO file types.
  12. Hi All, First up, sorry to those users that are seeing this issue... we have sorted it for v3.3 which is in test ATM and scheduled for release on the 17th (Tuesday). It is important to note that the message itself has no effect on the pool, and all should run as normal... that said, we have found that, when in this state, modifying the rules can cause read issues for the pool. If you experiencing this, you need to do the following. Open regedit, head to "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Division-M\Drive Bender", here you will see a key, will be a GUID value (for example "{1F804C48-A87A-4C1D-8E58-BCE89B7F6EEF}", yours will be different). This is the pool key, click on this and you see more keys, the mount point key will be the key without the ".VOLUME" extension, click on this and you will see a value called "Mount Firewall", edit this value and remove the value so it is blank... then restart.
  13. We did receive your ticket, and we are working on a fix.
  14. Anvil is a new product and it is doing well so far. That said, we have had only a small number of users ask us about a dedicated forum section... if there is a demand long term, we'll certainly add one. The other thing we have noticed, is that forum registration vs product registration has falling off dramatically over recent years. This seems to be the norm for many forums... so it appears to be a shift in how users like to interact etc. Thankfully we have a couple of great mods here (CBers and w3wilkes)... keeping things pumping along.
  15. You should be able to uninstall Anvil via Windows add/remove apps... are you not able to do this (see attached image)? If this is not the case, log a ticket https://support.division-m.com/hc/en-us/requests/new (we have added Anvil as a product) and we'll get you sorted.
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