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  1. Anthony

    Beta v3.0.9.0

    Release v3.0.9.0 beta (2018-11-09) [ b ] Further improvements on Drive Idle performance. [ b ] A number of bug fixes on the Drive Idle feature. [ n ] Drive Idle now defaults to disabled. [ n ] Added notification options to the Pool Firewall. [ b ] A number of minor network share related issues. Download here Pool firewall configuration - We have posted a "How to" on the Pool Firewall, you can access via support at https://support.division-m.com/hc/en-us/articles/360000366936 Important - We have now set the Drive Idle feature disabled by default (you can re-enable under setting -> performance). Due to the amount of time it is taking to resolve performance issues seen by some users, we are planning to release Drive Bender with this feature disabled. Once we have these issues resolved, we will release an update.
  2. Anthony

    Beta v3.0.8.0

    Our main release is being held up by some performance issues with the new Drive Idle feature... seems, for some users, this is causing slow folder enumeration. So we can get the v3.1 release out, we are going to disable this feature by default (users can enable is they like)... then, once we have it performance sorted for all users, we'll do a point release that enables this feature by default. FYI - We are planning one more beta, v3.0.9.0
  3. Anthony

    Network Drive as Part of Pool Issue

    Thanks for the info... just want to confirm you are running v2.8? I can say we are chasing a network permissions issue for network shares ATM (we are trying to get it sorted before the v3.1 release), I suspect this is related.
  4. Anthony

    Beta v3.0.8.0

    We have determined this is a firewall issue... when DB starts, it decrypts the firewall values for each mount point using a unique key. If this fails, it defaults to read only... this is to prevent a bad actor simply deleting, or modifying the firewall value. This seems to have happened, and we are just trying to understand why.
  5. Anthony

    Beta v3.0.8.0

    You are 100% correct! Are you seeing a performance issue?
  6. Anthony

    Beta v3.0.8.0

    Release v3.0.8.0 beta (2018-10-15) [ n ] Added new "Side Channel Protection" feature. (DB-228) [ b ] Installer not updating all dependencies correctly. (DB-231) [ b ] Network services staring but not seeing mount point, we have needed to restart "server" for a network path to appear. (DB-227) [ b ] Drive Idle performance slow, and for some users files missing during file enumeration. (DB-233 & DB-239) [ b ] Mount point name appearing as "Local Disk". (DB-226) [ b ] Empty pool purging is causing an issue on new installs. (DB-229) [ b ] Drive Bender Manager throwing an error when first starting on some systems (DB-230) [ b ] Network shares can display security issues (DB-238) [ b ] File system health check could create folders using a file name (DB-240) Download here Pool firewall configuration - We have posted a "How to" on the Pool Firewall, you can access via support at https://support.division-m.com/hc/en-us/articles/360000366936 Important - This beta release has been heavily tested (in fact, the most rigorously test beta we have ever released), and expect new/updated features to be solid. The only "if" we have is around the performance of the Drive Idle feature, something difficult for us to test, as it needs a wide range of hardware. If you experience any performance issues with folder listings, please let us know (you can disable Drive Idle via settings).
  7. Anthony

    Beta v3.0.0.0

    Some good news, we have solved the Drive Idle issue... just performing some final tests and should have a new beta out in the next week.
  8. Anthony

    Beta v3.0.0.0

    Hi all, Just a quick update on the next beta. We are still trying to nail down an issue with Drive Idle... we believe we have sorted the performance problem, however, there is still an issue with files not displaying on occasions. Problem difficult to sort, as it can take days before it shows up. Anyways... stay tuned!
  9. Anthony

    Beta v3.0.0.0

    Hi All, We are seeing a number of performance / general issues with Drive Idle, so we are holding off on the next v3.x update.
  10. Anthony

    Beta v3.0.0.0

    This is an issue that has been addressed in the next update which will be out in the next few days.
  11. Anthony

    Beta v3.0.0.0

    Thanks CBers... The installer will only force an uninstall if the core driver is out of date. v3 is using the same driver as v2.8.x, so I would expect a forced uninstall first. So that leaves an issue with the installer and the service starting, we'll check it out. In the meantime, I note the issue in the original post.
  12. Anthony

    Beta v3.0.0.0

    Release v3.0.0.0 beta (2018-07-21) [ n ] Added new "Pool Firewall" feature (note disabling the "List" option is currently not available). (DB-216) [ n ] Added file enumeration cache feature (FEC), this is part of the new "Drive Idle' feature. (DB-218 & DB-220) [ u ] Empty pools are purged on restart. (DB-202) [ b ] Improved network share handling, including a number of network share bug fixes. (DB-203) [ b ] Network nodes being restored after having been removed from a pool. (DB-213) [ b ] A pool can fail to mount if a network share failed to connect. (DB-214) [ u ] Some USB based removable drive were not being detected. (DB-215) [ u ] Improved mount point checks and loading times. (DB-204) [ u ] Hard limit on log file usage improved. (DB-219) [ u ] Fixed a number of driver installation issues. (DB-223) [ b ] Fixed several issues with balancing and landing zone clearing. (DB-217) [ u ] Improved balancing performance. (DB-217) [ u ] Thread deadlocking issue resolved, and improved thread marshalling for better performance. (DB-225) [ b ] Fixed a number of server related bugs. Download here There are a number of new features and updates with v3, here are a couple of important tips - If during testing you experience any odd file system issue (aka folders not refreshing, permission issues etc), first disable "Drive Idle" (under settings/performance), and if the issue persists, try removing any mount point firewall setting you have added. - We have posted a "How to" on the Pool Firewall, you can access via support at https://support.division-m.com/hc/en-us/articles/360000366936 Important - We have had reports of the Drive Bender not starting after an install of the v3 beta. We are investigating this, but in the meantime, if uninstall any previous version of Drive Bender, reboot, then install the v3 beta, the v3 beta starts as expected.
  13. Anthony

    Drive Bender v3

    You could use the firewall feature to do this... although we don't use filetypes, but processes and folders to limit access. We have had a few users ask about such a feature outside of a pool (aka on a single drive). We are looking at how would could easily do this.
  14. Anthony

    Drive Bender v3

    Drive Bender v3 is coming, check out some of its new feature in our latest blog - https://blog.division-m.com/2018/07/23/the-malware-meltdown/ Let us know what you think and if there is anything else you would like to see in v3! The Drive Bender v3 beta is set for release on the 31st of July. Update: The release date has been pushed to the 3rd of August. Update 2 (2018/8/4): We have an issue with the Drive Idle feature on one of our test machines, and we are having trouble sorting. Once we get it worked out, the beta will be released. Update 3: We still have not resolved the issue with the test machine. The problem is this bug can take 12 – 24 hours to manifest, so sorting it is proving to be time consuming... stay tuned. Update 4: It looks as if we have sorted the issue, and we are just performing finally testing. All being equal, we are planning to release on the 15th of August.
  15. Anthony

    GBs of logfiles?

    There should be a max of 10 sil files, and a similar number for the other logs (can't recall the exact number, need to check). Let me look into this... we are just finishing dev work DB v3, so if there is an issue we would want it sorted before it's release.