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  1. Anthony

    GBs of logfiles?

    There should be a max of 10 sil files, and a similar number for the other logs (can't recall the exact number, need to check). Let me look into this... we are just finishing dev work DB v3, so if there is an issue we would want it sorted before it's release.
  2. Hi all, We are experiencing licensing server issues which is 1) Preventing new license keys being sent to new users. 2) Preventing license key activation. The problem relates to DNS... and getting sorted is proving to be very slow (we are now fed up and have move providers). In the meantime, we are manually sending new key, and user wishing to activate can do so manually (see - https://support.division-m.com/hc/en-us/articles/214026283) Otherwise, it should be working again in a day or so.
  3. Anthony

    Patch v2.8.2.2

    Yes for sure... there may be some small tweaks based on user feedback, but this will be in the v2.9 release.
  4. Anthony

    Patch v2.8.2.2

    Sorry for the delay... requires v2.8 I've also had this issue, but do not think it is DB related (not sure how it could be) as I've seen on machines without DB. With recent Windows releases, the shell is getting flaky.
  5. Anthony

    Patch v2.8.2.2

    We have a number of users reporting balancing issues, including landing zone clearing... this patch will a] Fix these issues - or - b] Allow better diagnostics via improved logging. This patch requires v2.8 To install, do the following Make sure there is nothing accessing the pool. Open the Windows Task Manager and find the process "DriveBenderService.exe", kill this process, along with "DriveBenderSmartService.exe and DriveBenderTray.exe (this will take down the pool). Download and unzip the DriveBenderWindows_2822.zip patch file, and copy ALL files to the Drive Bender folder (typically this is "C:\Program Files\Division-M\Drive Bender"), overwriting the existing files. Restart the machine. Important note - Users running WHS, or any Windows Server Dashboard, will need to update the addin's... to install, do the following Make sure the dashboard is not running Open the Windows Task Manager and find the process "DriveBenderHealthService.exe", kill this process. Download and unzip the DriveBenderWHS_2822.zip patch file, and copy ALL files to the WindowsServer bin folder (typically this is "C:\Program Files\Windows Server\Bin"), overwriting the existing files. If you continue to have issues, please enable debug logging (under settings -> performance) and forward the log files onto support (do not post log files here)
  6. We are aware of this issue and are have posted a fix, see - https://support.division-m.com/hc/en-us/articles/360000020216-Windows-versions-beyond-Creators-Update
  7. Anthony

    Landing zone rules

    First up, some good news... option B is in the works and slated for v3! Now to the not so good news... Options A and C is not possible because the OS (and by extension DB) does not know the size of a file being written to the pool (there are exceptions to this, but by in large, we cannot know). When an app, for example notepad, writes a file, it first creates the file, then repeatedly write blocks until done, or an error occurs (aka no space left), and at no point does the file system know the final size of the file, until, the file is closed... this is one of the key issues with pooling in general, and why we are implementing "File Spanning" (see - https://www.drivextender.com/) in Drive Xtender.
  8. FYI - Drive Xtender is multilingual, as a start, we have just added German and French to the beta registration site.
  9. Release v2.8.0.0 release (2017-10-26) [ b ] Balancing on pools with multiple mount points may not balance both mount point (only the first), this could also affect landing zone clearing. [ b ] When applying duplication, the Drive Bender Manager/Console could hang. [ b ] Fixed a number on minor bugs. [ u ] Added additional logging for some areas of code to track drive issues. Download here
  10. Ok, replicated the issue... I'll get it sorted.
  11. Ah, ok, let me testing on phone... iOS or Android?
  12. Does the finish button become enabled after clicking the tick? Also can you "inspect" the page (right-click the page, click inspect), you should see some console output, are there any errors here?
  13. What browser are you running?
  14. Drive Xtender beta registration is now available, sign up at https://portal.drivextender.com You can read more about Drive Xtender at - https://www.drivextender.com If you have any issues or questions, lets us know via https://support.division-m.com