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  1. I was having the same problem when I first installed WHS 2011 and the problem ended up being the 4 port switch built into my wireless router. After I switched to standalone switch the issue was resolved. My scenario was the same as yours. With WHSv1 on the same exact hardware everything was fine.
  2. Drive Letter Management doesn't seem to be working. All the pool drives still show with a drive letter under "my computer". Can I just remove the drive letter via disk management? Am I misunderstanding how this features should be working?
  3. Add a dialog to specify how many drives to duplicate the data on up to the total number of drives in the pool. I think right now it is duplicate on 2 drives but for better redundancy would be nice to have the ability to keep a copy on more than 2 or all drives. That way for very important stuff you're safe even with multiple drive failures.
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