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  1. Yes even most raid cards support JBOD it all depends on how you set up your drives. pick a raid or as you want JBOD. But remeber once you join a shit load of drive as one large drive you could be in a position to loss data if one drive fails.Because these are join as one large drive. And there is no recovery when this happens. So when picking a card make sure it a band name like adptec, Lsi, Hp, Dell,Supermicro some are more expensive then other. I have HP raid , Adptec and LSI different cards in all my server. I like the LSI card simple to set up and you have a choice of raid or JBOD. They work with all OS's. I would just add one drive at a time with drive bender and use duplication if you can afford the extra drives. Cheers
  2. Hello All Its been Awhile since my last login. Just purchased a new 12 disk Synology. The one option I thought would be really awesome for drive bender is the raid system that this box used. It check every sector on the drive records it and then enable the drive to be added to the pool. The difference is out of the 12 3 TB drives in the system i only need 1 3 TB drive as a raid drive. It distributes the data across all the drive and checks the drive all the time when reading and writing if one of the sector can't be written to it will mark sector as bad and write to another sector and does this check like. I said all the time. The only thing is , It takes at least 6 to 8 hours to enable the drive to add to the pool. I had a failure on one of the new seagate 3TB 7200 rpm. The system it e-mailed me let me know what the cause was and all i had to do is slip the new drive in and after abou 10 hours all was back to normal. The one great thing was I did not loss any data what so ever and could still keep watch my movies. I use this and my movie box and my server 2008r as my NFS movie box for my TVIX media player. But this would be an awesome option to Drive bender. I still use Drive bender on the server but this would make it just the Cake we need for data protection and pooling.
  3. Hey All NFS. Had asked about NFS few year ago when all started and Found that the new SMb in windows 2008 r2 and all the lasted version of windows OS and up. SMB is actually faster now then NFS. Yes NFS is a great protocol for Tvix , Popcorn and a lot of other Media streaming devices and they all support SBM and the only draw back is you have to create a user for the streaming device that you are going to use. But after testing so many new devices that are coming out on the market all of them work great with native SMB. I have just started using the XBMC stuff with the Zotec mini to stream movies from my DB server in hi def they stream very well. Have not had any glitch with DB works likes a charm and by the way the DB updates awesome.
  4. To all to identify the drives its no a huge pain. Put one drive in at a time. it may take and extra five minuets . But also remember DB will also rename the drive. It pretty simple. drive one which will be drive d will be DB1. install one Drive at a time is easier then you think. I have 18 drive is not a big deal just planning.
  5. Well herd some stuff about putting drives to sleep mode because energy. Well if you don't know starting and stopping drive lessens the longevity of the drive. I have a load of servers and yes I did try the sleep and all the other thing to use less energy and what i found out that it shorten the life of a drive. If you have a server best thing is let the darn thing run. starting a drive from sleep mode or what ever its called it actually use more power to start up. Is call inrush. just leave them running .I have one old server that's 15 to 20 years old never shuts off. Drive have not failed me yet. So for those of you who have WHS 2011 just leave them on. You'll thank me in year to come because they have not failed.
  6. Not to insult any of the old o.e.m users I have been away for the last 3 or 4 month and have been interested in the new version of DB 1360 has any one had any issues ?. This is just a question. As the old version I ran one my server was smoking and I just upgraded to the new 1360 . It seems The Smith Man has been busting it back side. It looks great and as usual the install was a breeze. Good work to the team. Anyway let me know .
  7. Windows 8. Well Id did beta testing for Microsoft since windows 95 came out many many years and and have kept up with most of the latest technology from Microsoft . And have always found its better to stand back and wait for a few version to go buy. Most of the users I know are all power users and this is a good thing because we seem to find the bugs and report them. So the average user will not see. If Microsoft does come out with a version of drive pooling. I would wait awhile because after the mess they maid with WHS 2011. This is the reason Guys like The Smith came up with such great plan to create a program like Drive bender. Which has been an outstanding product and have been using since the introduction of the program. Most user want the latest and greatest with out thinking about the rest of the OS. This when the phone rings off the hook and user tell me I can't do this and it won't do that. So to all don't jump to fast.
  8. What I normally do is in the windows management I give the drive a name For example. D1 which is my first drive. When you start drive bender it will ask to rename the drive. just add one drive at a time and all of them will start with DB1 which should be your first drive and so on. Very easy.Yes like to be able to identified which drive is which.Helps in case I have to swap out a bad one.
  9. Sorry to here that. I copy 99.9 percent of all my files across the network. And have not had any problems. I don't us WHS but instead use Server 2008 R2. But being the same sort of platform. Have tried adjusting some of the nic setting. Most should be in default. I have fond in some occasions that the Nic was not up to pare. Some of the cheaper nic's just can't cut it. I just did a large transfer of files took 5 days but all went well. Using DB has made my life a lot easier. Well I hate to some leave our DB community. Did you send a trouble ticket. I know its something simple.
  10. Well had the same problem a little over a year ago I use Windows Server 2008 R2. And have 16 new drive extended the volumes to create one large volume. Had my whole video, photo and music collection on these drives. Well one went south the only good part of this was the drive was under warranty. Since that day I have been using Drive bender. The great part of this software is if you do have a faulty drive where it comes to the point were you can no long write to the drive. And you can still read from it you can dismount the drive. Drive bender will move what data it can and move it to a different drive. So instead of loosing, In my example a vast collection of movies in around the 3500 to 4000 movies, Photo and music I you would lost the very minimum amount of data. So for the price you really can't go wrong. There is other software out there but your looking at least $800 bones to purchase. I have Pool It on my backup server and have Drive bender on my main server. I never want to go through that ever again. Took 8 months to recover my collection of movies, photos.and music. Very easy to install. This software a great purchase for the price.
  11. I did test on a similar unit a few month back. Not sure but does this model have and slot for PCI express. If so I would try the Silicon image port multiplier card it works well in one of the atom systems that we tested. And we need had 8 gigs to keep it happy. Was not a Zotec but very similar unit one of those everything in one setups.
  12. Here is small utility that will run on your system. It called HD Tune I run it once every couple of months on my drives will test your read/write temperture and whole bunch of other stuff. Can save you time and headaches. Here's link http://www.hdtune.com/
  13. As long as SP1 is installed and you run the latest version should be OK. Been running DB on 2008 R2 from the get go. All is good.
  14. --------- [That doesn't seem to be compatible with Windows Server 2008 R2.]------------------ Well have been running windows 2008 R2 with SP1 and have never had any problems. Just did the up to latest version seem to be working fine.
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