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  1. Hi, I just upgraded to and it's just the same...
  2. No, there is no hint that the license key has expired: The "Main-Window" shows: Trial License, expire 31.10.2011 Log: Valid trial license detected The license ist set to expire on 31.10.2011 The License needs to be activated Yes, I tried to upgrade to The "Main Window" shows: Drive Bender Manager v1.2.0.1 Log: The Drive Bender driver is installed and is ready New Drive Bender version detected Drive Bender version upgrade detected
  3. The licence key activation did not work - I'm still using the trial license. My system is win7 64Bit
  4. Hi, when I tried to activate my license, I waited for more than 10min without any result after pressing the "activate"-Button. I than checked the services and noticed, that the DriveBender service ist still "starting...", although the PC was running for more than 2 days. Because of the dependancy on DriveBender, the "server"-service doesn't start either. DriveBender itself runs fine. My version prior to was With this version I hadn't any problems at all. It seems to me, that this problem is new since because since this update I was unable to access my server fro
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