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  1. Ok, so your hard drive is rated for X amount of spin ups\spind downs. Mean time before failure is another static they use this figure in. Apparently there is more stress is put on a drive spinning up and down than one that is left to spin. I am by no menas an expert in the case of hard drives and MTBF, but I notice that these figures quoted but manuafators, especially on green drives\desktop drives to be dropping compared to a regular desktop hard drive. In this case it was Seagates LP range of hard drives. Just something to be wary of.
  2. With spin down, it would be wise to check the rated spin ups\down on your hard drive from the drive manufacturer, as I have noticed a drop in these figures with some of the green drives.
  3. If you are using WHS it is best to RDP to the server and configure that way. I did it that way and have not had an issue. I also copied my server folders over to the pool, the dashboard then said it was missing, and I right clicked on each folder and pointed the dashboard to the new location.
  4. Have you checked the drive bender logs?
  5. I created the pool on a new drive and copied the data over, was not going to risk an issue. I did not know about the convert. My mistake. Tell us how it goes reyes136
  6. Is the Drive Bender service running? I had this issue, and a reboot fixed it, I had a dot.net issue it seems.
  7. Thanks w3wilkes. Hope its in the code for the rtm, otherwise its going to be very confusing for the non tech user.
  8. Heya, I am getting an windows error in WHS2011, error 0x80040080 when trying to move WHS2011 folders using the right click wizard, I notice on the old forum that the fix was to move the folders, and then re attached them - is this the fix?
  9. Heya, Just wondering what AV people are using with drive bender or any tips in configuring an av product? Regards, Riff.
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