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  1. I've reinstalled drivebender, installation went fine and pooled drives I've then installed mssql express 2012, and the drivebender server will no longer start, I've tried to repair/ reinstall but it still reports waiting for server to start
  2. About 2 weeks ago I lost write permissions to my DB pool. I formatted yesterday (And wiped all DB data from the drives) and have just set DB up again, and was working fine for the first 24 hours then all of a sudden i've lost write permission again. I can manually move files to the pool, but no applications can (I.e I can't download files directly to the pool, But I can download them to my OS drive THEN move them to the pool) Any ideas whats causing this to happen?
  3. I updated to last night from 1.2.x.x Since the update when I add new files, upon a restart the files will disappear. Ideas?
  4. remove from pool, the merge back in again
  5. remove the drives from the pool. then merge them in again.
  6. I couldn't access the logs since the whole system would die once I had pooled the drives. 4th times a charm, currently has my drives pooled and it appears to be working now (Apart from my file structure being a complete mess now because of the past install attempts) Ended up wiping my SSD boot drive, disconnecting all my other drives and installing windows / drivebender. restart and replug in the drives then added an old 200gb ide drive to make the inital pool then added my other drives into. When it was all good removed the 200gb from the pool and rebooted. Appears to be stable, b
  7. I've just installed drivebender, added 4 hard drives under drive nodes then created the mount point (Z:) I can see Z: it shows roughly the correct the info (400gb free, 6.95TB used) but when I open the drive point I see nothing in there. I've just left it as if for the last hour or so, do I need to restart for the data to show? update: After much stuff around and errors it finally let me uninstall driver bender, reinstalled and now I can't create a mount a mount point. Doesn't show any errors and says its sucessful but nothing shows. update #2: Reinstalled windows 7, updated.
  8. Is RC1 released to the public? or just a further closed beta test? I'd sell my first born for a late beta invite
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