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  1. Perhaps I'm the only one who's done this - the last few times I've upgraded to the newest version of DB I've run the installer from the pool - and shortly after beginning to install it errors out and at this point DB has been stopped and nothing has been upgraded. I guess I'm so used to WHS v1's setup that I forget about the pool - a true testament to the awesomness of DB! I suppose I could be trained to copy the .msi to the desktop or something and run it from there but am I just being silly in thinking the installer should be able to complete regardless of where it's run from? Kee
  2. I seem to get this error on non-pooled drives too, like the OS drive - is this normal too?
  3. I've noticed a definite speed issue renaming files in a pool. I've also checked the logs and not seen anything strange. I have two brand new 2tb Seagate Green drives (AHCI in BIOS) in a pool assigned to drive letter F:. I've moved the shared Server Folders into the pool and have turned on duplication for all folders *except* Videos. Regardless of how I access my Videos folder though (local, network, remote), when I try to rename a video file it takes about 5 seconds to save the new name, almost every time. The speed accessing these files appears to be fine - I'm streaming to my Ipad t
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