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  1. No, there is no duplicate folder indicated at all. This has been a problem for some time but has only just a pain now as my case has run out of drive bay. I have found some space back, found some old movie files in some old mark folders I had on one pool. This got me back 650 Gig. What I'm thinking of doing is removing Hd's one at a time formatting it and then returning the drive back to the pool then doing the next one. Any thoughts?
  2. I have 2 pools setup on computer running W7, looking at going to WHS2011 but I want to sort out my storage problem first. 1 pool has 3 HD's 3.09 TB total & 3.26 Tb used, I have no problems with this pool. 2nd pool has 12.7 TB total & 9.47 TB's used. This data comes from properties window, but when I select D: & check the properties of the total folders I see ( normally ) there is only 6.47 TB's in total from the properties window. Yes there is some data in hidden files but not to the amount that is missing.. Any ideas's where the missing TB's have gone too?
  3. It was working fine until DB install, I will sit on it until I get all the movie & tv series where I want them ( Over 1000 title ) as I had them on the 6 drive in there own folders eg moive, tv series. Now puting them back into one folder each on the pool drive. Then will have another go at getting it to work.
  4. I'm unable to connect to the My movies database on my system, I have over 1k in titles, movies & tv series. I'm using DB on my WHS as a common pool makes it easier to control all the titles of a pool drive against multipule drives. Any ideas about this? :'( UPDATE : I had to re enter my password..LOL
  5. It appears to have sorted it's self out after about 5hrs, might have had something to do with having a drive pool of about 11TB of data.. 6 x 2TB drive all with 80% data on them.. A little heads up might have been nice or maybe I missed it. Which is possible..
  6. When I click onto the server folder tab on the dashboard it is empty, Unable to add folders. Also hard drives and Awieco driveinfo tabs have nothing displayed. Any ideas?
  7. Yes I had the same problem, for now I have monitor etc added.
  8. I was on their site and there was nothing added for the sale of software. Guess we will just have to wait and see.. I have sent them an Email also..
  9. It is Friday 14/10 here as I Live Australia.
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