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  1. I keep receiving an error "invalid file handle" on every file when trying to play videos, music, open photos on my server. I'll apply this update this evening and see if this helps...
  2. The drive swap finally completed yesterday (Wednesday), which is 6 days after starting the process. Does it always take this long to swap less than 1TB from the pool? I'm looking into other products since this is unacceptable for my purposes...
  3. It's Tuesday AM and the drive swapping process shows "100% complete" but it's not done yet and the hard drive LED is still solid. It should be completely finished by the time I get home today and I'll physically swap out the 2TB drive. This swapping drives process takes entirely too long. I'll have to look for another product, I guess...
  4. I typed "duplication" but I meant "balancing". So, I turned off drive balancing prior to starting the swap process...
  5. I have WHS 2011, running on an Intel motherboard with Q9550 CPU and 8GB of RAM. I have 2 x 2TB and 4 x 3TB hard drives and I'm trying to swap in a new 3TB drive to replace one of the 2TB drives. I started the swap process on Friday and it's Monday AM and it's about 50% complete. The drive has less than 1TB of data on it and my drive pooll is 50% empty. If it's "normal" for the drive swap process to take this long, this product will not work for me. I turned off "data duplication" prior to starting the swapping process, but this is taking far too long. Any suggestions? Thanks!
  6. I'm a recent convert to WHS 2011 from almost 5 years on WHS v1 and I purchased DriveBender to use on the WHS 2011 server. Are there any "best practices" or documents that recommend certain configs? For instance, I placed the D: drive in the pool and I'm reading that it's not recommended, so I want to be sure that I'm not creating a suboptimal config. Thanks!
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