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  1. Yup, you fixed it, in beta the pool successfully mounting! However, when the TrueCrypt volumes went online, I got notifications about DB putting the drives in read-only mode. When I looked in the Manager afterwards, everything said "healthy". Haven't had time to test if the drives really are in read-only mode now.
  2. Tried this version and also Don't work at all for me, the DriveBender service is forever "starting" according to the task manager, and can only be killed manually via command line. DB manager/console don't work either ("There was an error communicating with the server"). My config: Windows 8.1, several TrueCrypt drives which are offline on startup. Normally, as soon as the drives are online, the DB pool goes online instantly. Then, after a few minutes, goes offline and instantly back online once again (weird, but I've learned to live with it - has always been like this with all versions). Now, even before the drives are online, the DB service just hangs. Windows startup/shutdown is slowed down due to the hanging service. Any ideas? Known bug? Maybe a broken installation (but I even tried to uninstall/reinstall)? The last message in the startup log says:
  3. Uh, what? Did they change the behaviour so the pool stays online during drive removal now? That would be great. Or is there a difference in behaviour between "remove drive" and "swap in a new drive"?
  4. I got a patch today that's supposed to fix this issue, but I didn't yet have time to test it. Don't know if it's okay to forward it, so maybe you should ask them if they can send you the fix, too.
  5. As suggested, I raised a ticket. Hopefully the log files point in the right direction - looking at them myself I see no pattern that causes this error. I thought maybe the balancing routine might be stuck on one file (and I even found one I couldn't even delete as an administrator - Windows ACL, I hate you), but that doesn't seem to be the problem. Sometimes the error even occurs without DB trying to move any file at all - the "remove" command then instantly results in this error. Weird. Yes, I was already using Maybe I should have tried an older build. I already manually removed one drive, because moving this much data takes days... but I can still reproduce the error.
  6. I'm currently shifting all my data and drives from one DB pool to another pool (removing the drives one by one and adding them to the new pool). However, I'm having problems removing the drives from the pool. I could remove two drives so far, but on two other drives (3 TB each), I'm getting the following error: There was an error removing the drive from the pool. The error was - "An error occured while removing the drive. Please consult the application log files for further details on this error. Error: No argument for format '[Worker Task id: {00FB6D50-F2F6'". In the log files, I could also find this (or rather, a LOT of these errors): FSCTL_GET_REPARSE_POINT returned an error - The file or directory is not a reparse point Any ideas what could be causing this? And solutions other than manually removing the drives?
  7. Well, the disk in question actually is the DB pool, not a physical disk. And immediately after the I/O error, the DB service terminated. Didn't have this problem with the previous two builds.
  8. Since I installed this beta (Win8 x64), the DB service keeps terminating after some time (first time a few days after updating and then a day later again). From the system log: First this happens: Source: disk Date: 20.11.2012 18:13:42 Event ID: 153 Description: The IO operation at logical block address 40 for Disk 8 was retried. Then this: Source: Service Control Manager Date: 20.11.2012 18:13:42 Event ID: 7034 Description: The Drive Bender Service service terminated unexpectedly. It has done this 1 time(s). The SMART values of all disks seem to be fine, didn't run checks though. Haven't yet experienced data corruption, but who knows. Another thing I noticed: The service uses more and more memory over time, but the growth rate isn't too bad. However, after the system returns from S3 sleep, the memory usage is low again (because the driver is reloaded I guess?).
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