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  1. Just as a FYI regarding missing server folder on WHS2011... Creating a new server folder using the dashboard will force WHS to refresh its server folders and, as long as the disks are online at that point, any missing server folders should reappear. Just delete the new folder when you're done.
  2. I've had DB installed on my server for so long, half the time I forget it's there All the best for the future, Anthony. Tom
  3. @SteveCliff It looks like you can set up Bitlocker to require a pin number be entered at startup if you have a TPM module.
  4. For drives to unlock automatically the system drive needs to be encreypted (because that's where the keys are stored) and to unlock the system drive, at least on my system (it might be diferent on systems with hardware TPM), there has to be a USB stick "key" present when the system boots up. Unfortunately it's not available any more but there used to be an addin for Windows Home Server 2011 called Home Server Smart. It was mostly concerned with disk health (smart) monitoring but it also had a tab to manage bitlocker. I think that allowed drives to be automatically unlocked (but I never tried it so I might be wrong). When you say you looked in the command line, did you look into powershell scripting? I haven't looked too far into it bit there is a Windows Management Object (WMI) for managing Bitlocker drives which can be called from powershell or C#. Do a search for Win32_EncryptableVolume.
  5. It'd be nice if there was an official list of what NTFS feature are fully supported by DriveBender. (Weird: I appear to have lost all my past posts)
  6. I've been using DriverBender succsessfully with Bitlocker encrypted drives for a long time on Windows Home Server 2011. I encrypted drives before adding them to my pool and then added them like any other disk (no drive letters necissary after encryption is complete and, if you do need to see them in the Bitlocker manager, you can just allocate a drive letter temporarily using Disk Managment).
  7. Yes, be patient If you want to confirm that your files are there just right click on the pool in explorer and select properties. That'll tell you how many files in total are in the pool. If you want to check that duplication is OK you can use the "manage duplication" screen in DB manager (accessed from the Mounts section). There's a Tools tab which allows you to search for stuff like missing duplicates and missing primary files under the folder you have selected in the treeview. But my advice would be to just be patient and the counts will almost certainly sort themselves out in due course.
  8. Hi, FYI: What you should have done was install all three drives and run a "restore pool" from DB manager. Restore pool scans drives connected to the system to see if they were part of a pool and, if they were, recreates the pool from the file structure. Here's what I'd do to try and confirm the data still exists: In DB manager (or the DB dashboard addin) open settings and on the advanced tab click "Map pooled drives to mount folder". Then in explorer navigate to "C:\Program Files\Division-M\Drive Bender\System\Mounts" There should be what looks like a link to a drive with a GUID for a name i.e. a name in this format {XXXXXXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXXXXXXXXXX} (only with different letters and numbers rather than all X's). This is your physical disk mounted as a sort of folder rather than a drive letter. If you navigate into the link/folder/drive you should see folders and files with more GUIDs for names. Hopefully your files will be under one of these folders. Once you've confirmed that your data is still there it might be a good idea to open a support ticket to find out how to get your old pool back.
  9. Either way DB will be copying the data on the bad drive to other drives. You don't say what version of USB your caddy is. If it's not USB 3 I'd consider putting one of the good drives in the caddy and having the bad drive and the new drive both using SATA connections and then use the swap disk function.
  10. Quote from the DB website: Connection through port multiplier means that windows will see drives in the enclosure as individual drives so I can't think of a reason why Drive Bender wouldn't be able to create a pool using those drives (but I don't have an external enclosure so I can't confirm it). If you're unsure email drive bender support and ask.
  11. Will version 2 still have the WHS 2011 add-in with the classic theme?
  12. What size are the 6 physical disks and how much free space is reported on the pool? You haven't really explained why you want to start again. What's the problem you're trying to solve? Did something go wrong or did you just add disks that you rather you hadn't?
  13. I've not noticed any issues on my WHS 2011 so far.
  14. @w3wilkes Isn't this supposed to fix the UEFI and GPT client backup problems on WHS 2011? http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2781272
  15. Thanks for the reply. That's disappointing.
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