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  1. Actually, my post specifically states up front that I *have* opened a support ticket. Not only have I "let" the developers help with my problem, I have been *waiting* for them to help with my problem. Or, is there another place to open a support ticket? If so, why don't you just tell me how I've screwed up royally, and point me in the right direction? Please? I'm trying *very* hard to be calm, open-minded, and patient, but I've now been without the use of my home server for more than two weeks (admittedly, I was away on business most of this past week) and all I've gotten so far from t
  2. I've just upgraded my WHS 2011 hardware. After startup, if I don't almost immediately enter the DB control panel and cancel the pending duplication event, within a minute or two, something stops responding, the "last response time" balloons to 60,000 ms, and the computer hangs, fatally. If I do cancel the duplication, then folder enumeration eventually starts at its next scheduled time, takes about half an hour or so (53k folders on nine multi-TB drives), and seems to complete. Then I think duplication starts, and within a few minutes, it hangs the computer again. Restart, and the exact sa
  3. Yeah, WHS2011. All shares were missing, both standard and user-created. WHS didn't ask if I wanted them recreated -- I think it got stuck on trying to find out if there were any folders or not (i.e. it still said "Searching..." or whatever it says, exactly). Everything else seemed to work fine, and I'd already logged out and in again as DB recommended, so I was at a bit of a loss. But as I say, a full reboot (not just log out/in) seems to have done the trick!
  4. I rebooted the server again today, and the shares are back. So that's nice. But I'm still not sure why they went missing in the first place. Two things drive me nuts about computers: when they stop working, and I don't know why; and when they start working again, and I don't know why. In any case, good to know explicitly that this was fixed by the version I'm using!
  5. I had the same issue. Updated Drive Bender to, and all WHS shares disappeared. Now to figure out how to get them back. And I'm curious: How is this thread marked [Resolved]? I don't see any resolution posted.
  6. Last night I used Teracopy Pro to start a copy of about 700 GB from my WHS v1 to my DB pool on WHS 2011. Then I went to bed. The transfer should have taken about 6 hours. Woke up this morning to find that sometime partway through (about 5 AM Sunday), apparently the DB pool unmounted and of course the file transfer failed. WTF is that all about?? I thought WHS 2011 with Drive Bender was supposed to be easy and robust, and so far at every turn I'm thwarted by random weird behaviour that shakes my faith in just how solid a solution this is -- and which creates hours or days of extra wor
  7. Yeah, I know DB doesn't show up in Add-Ins. DrivePool did (before I uninstalled it), but I noticed DB didn't. I've only been talking about the nice chunky DB logo that shows up on the top row. I checked the "hide Getting Started" status in the Settings|WHS sub-menu, and it was unchecked (i.e. should be showing the tab on the top row). I clicked it on and off?restarting Dashboard each time?and that made no difference. I guess I'll try not to worry about it. If it's only a big quick link to Getting Started, then I don't really need it, anyway. I was mostly worried I was somehow missing
  8. I reinstalled DB for WHS 1401 -- actually, I think I used "Repair" first, and then tried "Modify" -- but while the pool seems to be just fine, I've still got nothing out to the right of the Add-Ins tab. Any other ideas? It sort of annoys me that I had that tab originally, but that reinstalling to tidy up my pool plans has mysteriously made it disappear somehow.
  9. Your question isn't stupid: I've obviously messed up somewhere, and getting the wrong version would be one place I could have done it! However, I'm 100% sure I installed the right version the first time, and about 95% sure I reinstalled the same version (wasn't paying as much attention, but pretty sure I did it right). This is based on my having the WHS version sitting in my Download folder, and nothing else. Thanks for pointing out where to get to duplication -- found it! But before I do that, I'm thinking maybe I should explore fixing the lack of a DB icon in WHS, first. Is it easy to r
  10. I must be the stupidest user ever, but for the life of me I can't figure out how to turn on Duplication for any folders or files or shares. The DB Help file (e.g. http://files.division-m.com/drive_bender/online_help/folder_duplication.htm) has a screenshot of a screen I've never seen and can't find, and the instruction, "To enable or disable duplication on a folder, select the folder and select the desired option," is not nearly explicit enough. In Windows Explorer? Right-click? Maybe it's related, but the first time I installed DB, I had a dedicated "Drive Bender" icon/tab in the WHS 201
  11. Looks like the 1707 JPGs were ones I uploaded to Dropbox, then copied from my Dropbox folder back to some other folder under my WHS v1 "Photos" folder. So it could be a Dropbox thing that's causing the weirdness. In any case, I ignored the warning from Windows, copied all the files, and everything looks fine to me.
  12. Well, that's a relief! I thought so myself, but Windows is so annoyingly vague that it's hard to tell. It didn't make sense that somehow something in the file couldn't be copied, but I also couldn't easily find out what it was that wasn't being copied. And even if I assumed it was something like hidden Windows metadata, I don't really know what-all Microsoft stores for images, say. The only odd part for me is that Microsoft's generally hopeless "Community" has experts that suggest the solution is to make sure that the target media is formatted NTFS, and end users that suggest that this is
  13. Sooo... was this ever fixed? I'm getting the same behaviour from 1707 JPGs (that have been added to my WHS v1 server with no problem, straight from an Eye-Fi card) when copying them to a DB pool. Microsoft's useless "Community" forum does not say what properties will not be copied, or why. It just says that the solution is to format the target media as NTFS. Isn't Drive Bender already NTFS? In any case, I'm not going to re-format 5 TB of media. So what's Drive Bender's problem?
  14. That sounds like *exactly* what I want. I can't believe how screwed up my installation has gotten, and how long it's taken to get to this point and still not have anything worthwhile. I think I'm going to take a deep breath, and start again from scratch, installing just like you lay out. Thanks for the easy-to-follow "KISS" installation guide!
  15. Is this the same document that says -- and here I quote -- "This is the recommended method of pool creation when using Drive Bender with WHS 2011. By converting the default 'D', all the existing server folders and permissions are retained (including the 'Client Computer Backups' folder)"? I'm assuming one would start a pool on 'D', then merge a bunch of drives, then remove the original drive (i.e. the partition of the system drive that WHS designates as 'D')?
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