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  1. Mr Smith How soon is very soon ? Do you expect it in the new DB version?
  2. Thank you. Is there a link to doc showing how to completely remove all DB info ? Such as where does it keep it's database / config info re pools / drives etc?
  3. As noted in my 1st post... I have already done the re-install/install as per that FAQ entry
  4. A Critical Ticket was opened yesterday morning 8am... I had the confirmation email but no reply from support. I'll follow up tomorrow, but waiting 24 to 48 hrs for a response is painful when it's operating badly.
  5. I"m having a lot of issues since I upgraded to the new 1.7 release. - Mount points not available.. Drives not showing in the DB Drives window, Drivebender service hanging..which also causes the Sever and Netlogin services to fail., pool hanging.. etc. I've done the uninstall/reboot/re-install as per the FAQ and that seems to fix the mount point issue. But it's still not stable. I'd like to backout to 1.4 for a while to give my family some stability. Anyone know where I can download older versions? I was on and it was very stable for me. Yes .. i've opened
  6. Thanks ... That did the trick I had thought of that .. but didn't want to upset anything
  7. Hello Upgraded my server to WS2012 and reinstalled DB 1.4.5 (latest) DB found the pool and restored it to P: where it was before However I can still see all the individual pool member drives. I've looked.. but I don't see where I can 'hide' them again. How would I do that? thanks in advance Wes
  8. For fun .. i ran the Server 2012 Dedup Evaluation tool against my Pool drive. System crashed and rebooted ,, Pool seems ok. Do you want the minidump or any other diags? You get the ddpeval from an installed Server 2012 system. I can post here if needed. http://blogs.technet.com/b/klince/archive/2012/08/09/evaluate-savings-with-the-deduplication-evaluation-tool-ddpeval-exe.aspx
  9. Hello I have DB on Win8Pro using What is the advantage the "VHyperDrive" brings with it? The release notes say it's for Win8... What does it fix vs the ? Thanks !
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