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  1. I'm new to DriveBender and trying to set it up on a new Windows Server 2012 Essentials server I'm putting together. I succesfully installed it yesterday but could not activate it. I kept getting errors about the key being invalid. I then uninstalled it this morning trying to restart from the beginning. During the uninstall, I get an error that the service couldn't be removed due to insufficient privileges. This was unexpected since I'm working under a local admin account (I triple checked this). I ignored the error and deleted the service manually by nuking the key using regedit. I then tried to reinstall DB but during the install this time, I got an error about insufficient privileges again, but this time about not being able to create the service. I could only "Retry" or "Cancel". I hit retry a few times and still no luck. Anyone else have this error or can explain what's going on?
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