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  1. I created a ticket yesterday. The funny thing is, it just started working today. I've rebooted the server a number of times and the problem still was there. Today for some reason it seemed to have fixed the problem. I'm going to keep an eye on it and see if it comes back. Strange. It may be worth giving the latest beta a go, it has fixed some issues for myself and seems stable, that's if it happens again.
  2. Running better this beta for me. I had a problem with Android devices/Raspbmc accessing DB over SMB - Just wouldn't work since I had to uninstall/install for the DB driver to work. Access via Windows worked without issues from multiple PC's. This has fixed that issue.
  3. In the past upgrades have been fine, however in one of the latest versions there Is a bug with the driver. This should be fixed in the next beta. :-)
  4. I came home to find my mount disappeared, restarted multiple of times and repaired/reinstalled which didn't work. An uninstall and install seemed to do the trick...
  5. Would've raised a support ticket but resolved it. Might be worth me throwing him an email. As mentioned earlier I think this started with Sent from my Nexus 7 using Tapatalk HD
  6. Strange, I had the same issue... An uninstall + install worked (a re-install/upgrade/repair did not work)
  7. Might be worth contacting DB and seeing if they can change the license for you. You can open a support ticket here - http://support.drivebender.com/home
  8. Not sure if last known good configuration will help with this? Not sure how far your getting...
  9. Running on Windows 7 - no issues so far. Memory <20MB.
  10. Same. Have you tried forcing a refresh? Ctrl + F5.
  11. No idea what i started at. Currently using 28MB after 3 hours. Not sure if it's high because I'm running two ESXi servers of a DB mount...
  12. All seems good here on Win 7, I had previous beta so pool came up straight away
  13. +1 - I just leave mine running (not updated yet) everything is perfect. Not needed to search for files... so can't comment on that.
  14. You and your geeky Android apps! Good idea though!
  15. Done. Love the comments though! lol
  16. I had a similar issue, and the way I fixed it was by ensuring the registry entries were all correct and pointing to the correct locations. You could take a look at the registry keys (HKLM>Division-M I think?) and see if any of that makes sense and see if you can fix it yourself... otherwise I would wait for support to get back to you or maybe someone else has an easier way to resolve this...
  17. These may help: Drive Bender v1.3 release (code named Tomcat) Drive Bender v1.5 release (code named Phantom) Betas for Tomcat (v1.3) can be found in this forum: http://forum.drivebender.com/index.php?board=6.0
  18. Seems ok for me so far... however I'm noticing 30-40% CPU usage, if i reboot its ok for a few hours or so then creeps back up. Anyone else noticed this? no running-tasks.
  19. Hi Anthony, What the guys above said really, You saved my bacon with this product, it has been an interesting ride but that's the fun bit for me (Yeah I'm odd ) Merry Christmas and a happy new year everyone. Really looking forward to 2012! Chris
  20. I'm using a similar setup, but not noticed this... I'll see if mine does the same
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