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  1. same here, all shares missing after reboot. i raised a support ticket ...
  2. same here [Worker Task id: {851AD660-7F72-4831-B4BC-E9DC8C5ACEE9}] - WSS_ComputerBackupSvc not running, or not installed. network shares not working after reboot
  3. Hi Thesmith, !!! your hint is working !!!! >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>< Open regedit, head to "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Division-M\Drive Bender", create a new DWORD value called "Driver Cache" and set it to "0". >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>&g
  4. Hi Thesmith, i will try it next weeking, because i am not at home. keep you in track ... thank you /proper88
  5. Hi CBers, thank you for testing, i will wait/hope for final version ... /proper88
  6. hi CBers duplication, crc and file balancing is disabled, copy from network to pool with Drivebender i have no problems.
  7. Same performance problems in all betas, can not copy big files (10-25GB) to pool. pool disapears and come up again.
  8. hi, rar1942 Ok it take a long time, with the copy process is much fuster. during the copy process the pool disappears and after a few secondes the pool comes up again.
  9. 24GB are bluray iso images. you can join the *.vob files with copy /b part1.vob + part2.vob + part3.vob to one big vob file the test my problem
  10. hi, big files means 24GB, copy into the pool's stops about 3%, then pool disappears. mainboard is ASRock E350M1, A50M with 4GB ram and WHS 2011.
  11. performance problems, can not copy big files to pool. pool disapears and come up again. latest version is running fine. all beta's have this slow down's
  12. Hi, very slow performance when copying many files(filesize 20Mb, around 300pcs) to the pool, not acceptable. Revert to version /proper88 Edit: slow performance means: 20 files normal speed 80MB/s, than slow down to 1Mb/s, after a while high normal speed again and so on look like some cache memory is full, ..
  13. there is another problem if the folders are shared on so many disks. everytime i browse through my audio files directories and select a song, which is not on the current disk, the disk spins up. Then the old disk spins down after 20minutes, and so on ... if all audio files are on the same disk, that would be fine. my workaround is to copy theses files manually to one disk
  14. hi thesmith, the benefit is, if you have for example 4 disk with the same folder with audio files there used for streaming. then you search on the client for audio tracks, all hard disks spin up only for folder browsing. then you play the track and the other 3 disk went to idle again. when i copy new tracks in the pool, the audio files will be distributed on all 4 disk. i hope it is clear what i mean ?
  15. Same problem here, spikes to 50% cpu load, due high CPU load sometimes video streaming is stuttering ! DB version: WHS 2011 ASRock E350M1 4GB Ram
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