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  1. I have been using DriveBender for quite a while. In fact, its been so successful for me on my WHS2011 machine that I had nearly forgotten about it and taken its existence for granted. I recently decided to upgrade my server storage capacity and of course I needed to unmount some drives. My question is, I am running v2.3 at the moment and I have had 0 issues for YEARS, with my server having 100% uptime over that time frame. Should I upgrade to the newest version of DB while I am doing maintenance or just let it be since its been working just great?
  2. Hi all. Long time user here. My windows home server (2011) has been flaking out a bit lately and I think I might do a fresh install. Thankfully, my OS drive is an Intel SSD and its NOT part of my pool. Can someone point me toward a link with instructions on the pool rebuild process, after a fresh OS install? I looked for about 25 min and could not find it. Thanks!
  3. w3wilkes, thanks for the input. At least we are on the same page.
  4. I think that while it might be more time intesive, I will just copy everything over manually. If I just take the drives in my existing WHS out and slap them into the WHS 2011 box, I will feel uncomfortable that data might get lost due to user error. If bought 4tb of HD space for the new server, which is enough to move EVERYTHING from my present server. Besides, since a lot of the stuff on my existing WHS has duplication turned on, I am not sure how Drivebender will the merger when file duplicates are involved. If I have 2 copies of a TV show for instance, clearly I only want 1 copy on my new server, THEN I can turn on folder duplication and let DB make a duplicate. I don't want to end up with FOUR copies. Also, I have read conflicting info in these forums about the D drive on WHS2011. Some say you can format it and then add it into the poll and WHS will then create the necessary file struture in the DB pool. This seems kind of dumb because if your SYSTEM DISK fails and you need to reinstall WHS from a disc, then all that data on the D drive will be lost as well. I have a 160 GB SSD as my base drive in the new WHS 2011. This should be enough to house the OS and all the backup from my local PCs, since I only back up critical data form those. I will place any and all media on my DB pool (music, videos, recorded TV).
  5. This "classic view", how do you set that up? Where in drivebemnder is the option to switch to classic view? I don't see it mentioned in extensive online manual.
  6. Okay, I went through the instructions line by line and I see that folder level duplication is supported. I have enough spare HD's that I should be able place WHS 2011 on a single SSD, and then place totally empty 2tb HD's into the system and make a pool from them. Then transfer most of what I have on the present WHS, take out a drive from present WHS and place it new server, and move the remaining data. Now that I am thinking of it, if you use a drive that has some data on it, and then place it into the pool, I think the data stays outside the pool, right? If yes, then when that data is removed, does the pool reclaim and physical hard disk space. Maybe I should be just taking my three drives directly out of my presenty WHS and place them in the new server as that would make it so I do not need to transfer 4 TB of data across my home network. I am just nervous about ripping drives out of my present WHS since a lot of the files are duplicated. Trying to get them reorganised might be hard.
  7. I just bought Drivebender and I am in the planning stages. I will be using it with WHS2011. Up until now I have been using the older (pre 2011) version of WHS on an HP Mediamsart. The way I have my mediasmart set up is I have a group of files that utilize redundency. These consist of all my PC's My documents, My music, and my recorded TV shows. I then have another set of files that are a part of my present WHS pool that do not use redundency. These are my Bluray rips. If I loose some of those I can always re-rip them and I have too many to have 2 copies of each. I would need an insane amount of space to have 2 copies of each of them. So, with DriveBender, how would I replicate this setup, where I have some folders that duplicate but some folders that don't? I can't tell if DriveBender can set duplication at the Folder level vs the pool level. I hope I have my terminiology right here.
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