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  1. Any release notes for These always seem to be hard to find whenever a new version comes out.
  2. Running Google drive by any chance? - I've been getting that a lot lately when drive is syncing.
  3. Ok. WinRobocopy looks pretty slick. This will still keep the pooled folder structure right? Meaning, I won't end up with all the DB individual drive folders? Also, on the Windrobocopy page, the graphic shows the first two copy subdirectory options checked - aren't those mutually exclusive? Also CBers - I'm not planning to uninstall. I have just ran into too many issues with lack of VSS, problems with bitlocker support, and lack of windows library support to continue using on my primary data drive. I'll convert my pool into a video library and scratch disk after the transfer.
  4. I received a notice that a release is available, but there is no documentation about this on the changelog: http://www.division-m.com/drive-bender-change-log.html There has been mention of a 2.4 bugfix version, but this is the first I have seen about 2.3.5 Has anyone figured out what is new?
  5. No. That doesn't make sense. Windows 10 will be released in less than 2months. Developer versions at this point are HIGHLY unlikely to undergo deep level changes that could alter DB's current performance during an upgrade / while running 10.0. There are thousands of companies that need answers on how their software will work with windows upgrades. Microsoft has an interest in making this work, hence their developer releases.
  6. This may have been previously addressed, but I could not find a post: I want to install a new physical drive and copy my pooled drive onto that new single drive (new drive will not be involved with DB / pool). The pooled drive and destination drives are both separate from the windows OS drive. Can I simply do this in windows explorer by just copying over the visible folders there? Is there a cleaner / better way to go about this? Thanks.
  7. Suspicious that this behavior could be related to DB as I haven't seen any other posts about it as a general windows problem elsewhere: Can a few of you confirm or deny reproducibility? For me: Win 8.1 64bit, Right click on windows libraries, select new, create a library, add several folders from your DB pool. Restart. Observed behavior - Library label still exists but it now contains no folders after reboot. Super annoying - the Library feature is really nice. Thanks for helping out.
  8. I had hoped to try temporarily turning off drive letter hiding in DB, encrypting the lettered drives with BL, and then rehiding the drives again. Unfortunately one of my drives (Western Digital 2TB shows up as a "Generic USB CF Reader USB Device" for some reason and BL thinks its a removable drive and will only let me run BitLocker To Go on it. Windows (8.1) won't let me assign a different driver to the drive. Anyone else experience this? Any suggestions? Thanks.
  9. Ever get this figured out? I've had similar issues and just had a strange issue where my cloud software could no longer sync a folder that had been there for ages. I got it to work only by switching ownership to myself instead of the administrators group (of which I am a member). I will sporadically find folders that I was not previously denied access to now denying me access. Fortunately I am usually able to take them back.
  10. I've become very frustrated with the fact that windows restore does not work with drivebender. I am looking for an alternative, and Rollback Rx sounds interesting. Has anyone tried it with drivebender? Wondering if it will work or cause any potential issues.
  11. Good as any place to start the list in this thread. This is important to know about. I'll start with what I know about: * USN NTFS Journals are not supported * NTFS Encrypting File System (EFS) is not supported.
  12. Division-M's official response is that they do not support the built in Windows Encrypted File System. I wish that Division M was more forward up front about what the limitations of Drive Bender are - while it has some nice features, I find it to be less and less like the ideal transparent drive pooling system I had the impression it would be. It should also be known that it does not support NTFS USN journal creation.
  13. But I'm not talking about Bitlocker. I'm talking about EFS. I haven't seen anyone mention any issues with it, but I wonder if anyone can confirm that it is working for them with DB before I start digging deep with my trouble shooting.
  14. Has anyone had trouble with windows encrypted file service (EFS) on pooled volumes? Installing drive bender screwed up my encrypted folder, but I was able to restore it by mapping the individual drive. I am unable to encrypt anything new on the pooled volume though - the option to enable EFS is greyed out on the pool but works on other drives. I am running windows 8.
  15. The rabbit hole deepens. I realized that the last thing I did before my problems started with my pool dismounting was trying to open a windows encrypted folder. Now that I have reinstalled DB I went back and this reproduces the dismounting behavior! Interestingly, now each time I restart it remounts, but opening that encrypted folder brings the whole thing down instantly. Anyone have issues with windows encrypted folders and DB? I am beginning to feel like this software should have a b as in beta after the version number.
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