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  1. Hi everyone, I just built a new PC to (hopefully) replace my trusty but aging WHS v1 server. This new "server" is running Win 7 Ultimate x64 (hence the quotes, since it's not a server OS) on an SSD and has 10 physical HDDs, 7 of which on a Drive Bender pool, single drive letter mount point. I have duplicated and non duplicated folders in this mount point that are shared to my home network. I downloaded more than 5 TB of data from my WHS v1 server to the new "server" and did smaller uploads (up to 30 GB) from other PCs, everything was running fine. A week ago I tried to upload 172 GB of data (about 37,000 files) from a Win 7 Home Premium x64 "client" PC and got a blue screen of death: A thread tried to release a resource it did not own. STOP: 0X000000E3 The BSOD shows up on the "client" PC (not on the "server" PC where Drive Bender is installed). I tried many more times getting the same BSOD, always at some point after 60~70 GB have been transferred. The same upload works flawlessly to any other PC on my network. After testing lots of different combinations of network setups, device drivers, different physical disks, different types of mount points and so on, I disabled duplication on the destination shared folder and... guess what? It worked. No more BSODs. Whenever I enable duplication, I get the BSOD again. Now I am confused. Since the problem happens on the "client" PC and not on the "server" where Drive Bender is running, I wonder if I should open a support ticket. I would appreciate any information regarding the above BSOD, even if apparently not related to my problem. I googled this error message and got no useful hints so far. Thank you!
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