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  1. I had to pull a drive that was intermittently failing from the pool. I managed to clone it to a temporary drive. Can I just copy all of the contents back to the pool? There are a ton of $Duplicate folders on the drive, but it would take me weeks to parse through the entire drive to find the folders out of the thousands of duplicates, that have actual data on them. What will happen with all of those $Duplicate folders if they're copied into the pool? Unfortunately, I can't link this drive into the pool; it's a spare that needs to go back into my NAS.
  2. I asked this question about v.1, and was told that this would be going into v.2. Is it possible to create a symbolic link from a directory inside the pool yet? (For example, I would like to link the TempRec buffer directory inside the RecordedTV directory to a drive that's outside of the pool, as there have always been issues when trying to read from the pool at the same time the buffers within the pool are being written to.) In all iterations of v.1, linking from inside the pool produced an error, even if the beta support for this was enabled from within DriveBender. Thanks, -Patrick
  3. For some reason, MediaCenter has stopped paying attention to the registry setting to move the real-time TV buffer to another drive, rather than the drive pool. So, I'm back to trying a symbolic link for the LiveTV buffer folder. (Since reading and writing LiveTV doesn't seem to work with a drive pool.) This still doesn't work, at least for me. Sill getting the "directory is not empty" when trying to create the symlink from the pool to the dedicated drive. (And yes, I've enabled Folder Linking in DriveBender) Has anyone managed to successfully redirect the LiveTV buffer to another dri
  4. I'm having issues with this now, and for some reason, the last time I added a drive to the pool, the Live TV Buffer insists on sitting on the pooled drive, which we know causes issues. I really need the ability to create a smlink on that pool to get the buffer off of it.
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