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  1. even better, thx I'll give it a try.
  2. My 'fanboy' comment was not directed towards anyone in particular, but more a general statement of the tone of the forum here. So I stand by my statement that I am not directing personal attacks. statements such as "You have the right to not like it, but please do it in other places." to me say - only post positive here or we don't want your input. Does this really serve the goal of improving DB and fostering an open dialog?
  3. >>If the folder was marked for dup after the file was already in the folder DB will get to it eventually. good to know. I'll re-check it.
  4. >>You have the right to not like it, but please do it in other places. No, I'm good right here. I paid for the sw and I am not making personal attacks on members here. I think I have the same right to make comments here just as those that blindly support the product do as well. Honestly, I want to like this sw and see it succeed. If I didn't I wouldn't bother to post anything.
  5. What the heck does this ^^^ mean and how do I fix it? Oh, and why does this occur? OK, so it obviously means the file is not duplicated, so lets focus on the why and how to fix part?
  6. finally a decent explanation of Convert vs Merge.
  7. ^^^ + 1 The other review came from a completely different perspective. That of a complete novice. While this reviewer had previous experience and the knowledge to work through the issues, the fact that there were issues at all, is a problem, in and of itself, from the perspective of an average WHS user. Both reviews are comprehensive and fair, when judged from the perspective from which they are written. If you want a great product, you can't dismiss reviews from credible people, just because they don't shower the product with praise. You should take them seriously and address the issues through either better development or improved documentation, when that's all that is required. ^^^ +1 - totally agree anyone notice the reviewer said he did not read to manual As I recall, this seemed to be the source of all sorts of criticism from the WGS review, but no one even mentioned it here.... hmmmm??? no offense, but this site has a bit of a fan-boy vibe and seriously lacks some objective contributions. if something critical is written about DB, out come the apologists.... good comments, and all is good.
  8. re: No need to be slamming the DB team. I wrote: How is this slamming the DB team? My comment above indicates that someone in DB knew of the products limits, did not include documentation to end users to disclose it, and released DB to production. This is not 'slamming' anyone. it is just stating facts that occurred prior to a production release.
  9. These bugs were fixed in v1214. If you are still having issues, you should contact support. This did not slip through. Fixing this would have meant a new round of beta testing because it requires a major driver change. Given that there are workarounds, we decided to wait until v1.3 Re: This did not slip through. Yes it did... even though you (dev team, whoever in the DB camp) knew of the issue, DB released the product, did not add any documentation to inform users of the product limits and I in fact experienced 'unhandled exceptions" and "Null Reference Exceptions" within a production release. my only recourse was to review the forums and/or post a supt ticket. BTW, I have updated to 1214 and not received the errors again, but I also have not run convert or move since I did the workarounds as needed to overcome these issues. just because it was a know limitation of the product within DB, does not mean it did not slip thru to end users. I guess we disagree on what is an acceptable production release for end user software that handles all of a users personal data.
  10. remember, it's not a competition... it's just a different user experience.
  11. 'Incidentally, I've been around hardware of various sorts for more than 50 years, and actually worked on some couplters that had tubes and used recirculating drums for memory.' Yeah, I have about 30 years in myself. I punched paper tapes, wrote Fortran 77 and tons of assembler on some big Iron back in the day. My only use of Tubes today is with guitar amps. It appears you have 20+ years on me. I also build my own servers and desktop PCs as many here do too. thanks for sharing your experiences. Without dinosaurs like us there may not be any object-oriented user interface designs that trickle down to the typical end users.
  12. Update: I DL'd and installed Stabelbit Scanner beta 2.0.1217 and it works with Drivebender
  13. At my workplace (where I write software for a very large telecom), when QA reports a bug, we don't have the luxury of reporting back that "it works on my machine", which is essentially what some of the above posts are doing. It's great that some users have had vast success with DB, but the fact remains that some users have experienced real bugs. I myself have received 'unhandled exceptions" and "Null Reference Exceptions" these are real issues that need to be addressed, and are not excusable due to possible user error or not reading documentation (BTW the docs omit any info about the API incompatibility issue with move/convert). A company or product that lets these user situations slip thru to a production release loose some major credibility for me. So I'd ask to end the "it works on my machine" posts. They really serve no purpose to resolve bugs that other users are experiencing.
  14. I think the review is accurate and I had a very similar user experience.
  15. thanks for the updates. For now I have just uninstalled SBScanner and will revisit once a fix is released.
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