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  1. My Window Server is the backbone in our house handling backups, serving movies, and providing file shares. The important stuff is backed up from the server to Crashplan but only a fraction of data is backed up off-site, 40+ TB is just too much to duplicate. DB provides duplication in case of failing drives and this mode of operation has served me well for more than a decade (initially with Microsoft Drive Extender). There is clearly a trade between convenience and data safety. I am aware of the risk but find it acceptable given restrictions in user permissions and filtering at the firewall. I would have implemented an extra layer of security suing the firewall but understand that this works only locally. No big deal.
  2. Drivebender drives behave like any other windows drive, so any directory on the Drivebender drive can be turned in a windows network share.
  3. Thanks ruralcricket. I am already protecting the network share access by user ID. My own user ID is the only one in the household that has write access to these shares. I am worried about something getting into my machine and malware encrypting across the network.
  4. I am looking with great interest at the firewall feature in DB 3.1. Does this work with network shares as well? I have all my important files stored on a server. The files are copied and deleted there with Windows Explorer, so only this executable should have write access while for all others read/list access should suffice. If someone could enlighten me as to whether my plans for using the firewall with windows (samba) network shares works that would be great.
  5. Fantastic news, thank you Anthony and Happy New Year!
  6. I don't seem to be in need for this patch (knock on wood), but I wanted to thank you for the continued support and improvements to DriveBender. It remains one of the best pieces software I ever bought.
  7. will it be possible to use Drive Xtender with the existing DriveBender pool? Or is the pool structure different? Trying to figure out how much work and how risky such transition would be.
  8. Thank you for another maintenance update!
  9. I saw that v2.7.0.0 is out and installed it (working well so far). Unfortunately, I will not be swapping (knock on wood) another drive soon so I do not know if the issue is fixed. Also, it was not apparent from the release notes that this issue was addressed. I may go the ticket route to get a response. Unfortunately, I do not have good debug documentation.
  10. Just encountering this problem again with v2.6.0.0, I found my own post looking for an answer. Something is not right here. DB should not waste a day to duplicate duplicates just to later warn of and delete them again. This time I simply deleted the wip_dup files, restarted the server, and ran a health check. I have not seen a response. Do I need to follow up by email or ticket?
  11. Anthony, thanks for keeping the updates coming. Drivebender remains a fantastic piece of software, and I have had few problems over years of use with none of them being critical. Installed new version and so far so good!
  12. It has been a while since I posted, mostly because Drivebender is working just fine with a few non-fatal quirks here and there. The latest quirk happened when I added a new drive to the pool using v2.5.0.0, which I just recently upgraded to. Upon adding the drive, DB started duplicating ~1 TB worth of duplicates. After 12 hours it appeared that the additional space was completely consumed, so I ran a health check. The check revealed >70,000 files with more than one duplicate. Now going into hour 26 after adding the drive, health check is still fixing the problem. I have no doubt that this will be fine, but this behavior can't be right. I never encountered anything similar with v2.4.
  13. Thanks, Anthony. I am glad you are keeping the software on life support!
  14. So, I have been playing with DB 2400 on the RTM version of Server 2016. I think that in general this is working. However, the dashboard plugin gives a Health Alert Error: "Alert notification are not available for Health Monitoring due to an error or an incomplete action, or a service has stopped working." I was wondering if there will be an attempt to get DB to run on Server 2016? I am not asking for development of new features. Pllllleeeeeeaaaaasssssseeeeee!!!
  15. I thought Anthony said something along the lines of things moving much more slowly. To be honest I am not expecting new development. The product does not really need it, it's working fine for me. Not sure on the support side of things as I have not had any issues in years. I do hope that he will make an effort to run on server 2016. I tried with a preview and ran into some issues there. Keeping fingers crossed as there is still no good alternative.
  16. Thanks for posting the solution.
  17. OK hold on. If they are real files, then try renaming and copy back into pool. That just might work. Test is carefully...
  18. I don't think copying those temp files will do any good. Are they actually meaningful? I thought the duplicate files are named same as primary and just carry the extension $duplicate or similar.
  19. When you remove a drive, duplicate files will not be moved. Therefore you have to run health check right away to reduplicate those files. I am not sure how a drive can become uninitialized using Drivebender. Did you actually loose data? Or just duplicate files? I always save removed drives until everything is in working order again.
  20. I have never seen anything like this. Problem is that the description is so vague that it would be impossible for tech support to figure this out. Your best bet is to turn on debug logging and then try to reproduce the data loss with handbrake. The fact that you lost the same file in two pools indicates a user error of some kind to me.
  21. Most of us bought the initial license at full price. My comment was not meant so be sparky but rather direct you to a solution that gives you unlimited time for the transition. If something goes wrong, your time will be worth more than $5. Having said that, there is nothing wrong with using the demo, and you can invest in a license at a later time should you need longer for the switch.
  22. How about spending 5 more bucks to support the developer? That will solve your problem and keep the lights on.
  23. i replaced the task manager with process explorer. It shows ~23,000 file handles. In process explorer you can actually see their name. Most of them are names NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM:3e7. No clue at all what this means. Let us know when you you hear back from support.
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