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    revengineer reacted to Anthony in Drive Bender v3.1.0.0 released   
    Release v3.1.0.0 release (2018-12-03)
    [ b ] Fixed an issue network security errors.
    [ b ] Fixed an issue with Drive Idle terminating.
    [ n ] Drive Idle now defaults to disabled.
    [ n ] Side Channel Protection can now be enabled via the setting.
    [ b ] Closing the Drive Bender Manager's config window was updating custom setting even when no setting were changed.
    Release v3.0.9.0 beta (2018-11-09)
    [ b ] Further improvements on Drive Idle performance.
    [ b ] A number of bug fixes on the Drive Idle feature.
    [ n ] Added notification options to the Pool Firewall.
    [ b ] A number of minor network share related issues.
    Release v3.0.8.0 beta (2018-10-15)
    [ n ] Added new "Side Channel Protection" feature. (DB-228)
    [ b ] Installer not updating all dependencies correctly. (DB-231)
    [ b ] Network services staring but not seeing mount point, we have needed to restart "server" for network path to appear. (DB-227)
    [ b ] Drive Idle performance slow, and for some users files missing during file enumeration. (DB-233 & DB-239)
    [ b ] Mount point name appearing as "Local Disk". (DB-226)
    [ b ] Empty pool purging is causing an issue on new installs. (DB-229)
    [ b ] Drive Bender Manager throwing an error when first starting on some systems (DB-230)
    [ b ] Network shares can display security issues (DB-238)
    [ b ] File system health check could create folders using a file name (DB-240)
    Release v3.0.0.0 beta (2018-07-21)
    [ n ] Added new "Pool Firewall" feature (note disabling the "List" option is currently not available). (DB-216)
    [ n ] Added file enumeration cache feature (FEC), this is part of the new "Drive Idle' feature. (DB-218 & DB-220)
    [ u ] Empty pools are purged on restart. (DB-202)
    [ b ] Improved network share handling, including a number of network share bug fixes. (DB-203)
    [ b ] Network nodes being restored after having been removed from a pool. (DB-213)
    [ b ] A pool can fail to mount if a network share failed to connect. (DB-214)
    [ u ] Some USB based removable drive were not being detected. (DB-215)
    [ u ] Improved mount point checks and loading times. (DB-204)
    [ u ] Hard limit on log file usage improved. (DB-219)
    [ u ] Fixed a number of driver installation issues. (DB-223)
    [ b ] Fixed several issues with balancing and landing zone clearing. (DB-217)
    [ u ] Improved balancing performance. (DB-217)
    [ u ] Thread deadlocking issue resolved, and improved thread marshalling for better performance. (DB-225)
    [ b ] Fixed a number of server related bugs.
    Download here
    Pool firewall configuration - We have posted a "How to" on the Pool Firewall, you can access via support at https://support.division-m.com/hc/en-us/articles/360000366936
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    revengineer reacted to w3wilkes in Beta v3.0.9.0   
    I've had no trouble either, last boot Nov 16, 2018 ( install date).
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    revengineer reacted to CBers in Beta v3.0.9.0   
    10 days in and still running OK.

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    revengineer reacted to Anthony in Beta v3.0.0.0   
    Some good news, we have solved the Drive Idle issue... just performing some final tests and should have a new beta out in the next week.
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    revengineer reacted to CBers in Patch v2.8.2.2   
    Famous last words
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    revengineer got a reaction from CBers in Patch v2.8.2.2   
    I don't seem to be in need for this patch (knock on wood), but I wanted to thank you for the continued support and improvements to DriveBender. It remains one of the best pieces software I ever bought.
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    revengineer got a reaction from turas in Drive Bender v2.8.0.0 released   
    Thank you for another maintenance update!
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    revengineer got a reaction from CBers in Drive Xtender beta registration now available   
    will it be possible to use Drive Xtender with the existing DriveBender pool? Or is the pool structure different? Trying to figure out how much work and how risky such transition would be.
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    revengineer got a reaction from CBers in Drive Bender v2.6.0.0 released   
    Anthony, thanks for keeping the updates coming. Drivebender remains a fantastic piece of software, and I have had few problems over years of use with none of them being critical. Installed new version and so far so good!
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    revengineer reacted to Anthony in Abandonware?   
    Rest assured... it is not abandonware :-)
    As revengineer has pointed out, dev has slowed, but it certainly has not stopped. In fact, CX v2 is ready, and DB v2.5 is in the works ;-)
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    revengineer got a reaction from CBers in Long time DB user, bought license previous to Donationware change... What is my license now?   
    How about spending 5 more bucks to support the developer? That will solve your problem and keep the lights on.
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    revengineer got a reaction from w3wilkes in Long time DB user, bought license previous to Donationware change... What is my license now?   
    How about spending 5 more bucks to support the developer? That will solve your problem and keep the lights on.
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    revengineer got a reaction from PharmellaSw in DB 2.4   
    Looks like a new version is available for download. Has anyone given it a shot?
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    revengineer reacted to w3wilkes in Drive Bender Long Term   
    I think the quiet forums says that the product is pretty solid.
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    revengineer reacted to Gonzo0235 in The upgrade process   
    Since up to now the times that I have had trouble with the upgrade progress my system has always come up I don't object to this suggestion. What I mean by that, is since my server is headless I have to RDP into the serve. Whenever there has been problems the system has always restarted, I RDP in, see that there are issues and then restart, uninstall, reinstall or whatever I need to do all from RDP. So, even though I've had issues, my system has come up. I would really dislike the new process if for whatever reason my system gets stuck somewhere and then I have to drag out a monitor from the closet, find a VGA cable from the drawer and a power cable, pull the server out, get a keyboard and mouse and plug everything in just so I could see what the problem is. Fix the issue, unplug the monitor, keyboard, mouse, push the server back, put everything back in the closet... You get the idea! So, if this process is as good at it sounds, count me in.
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    revengineer reacted to Anthony in Drive Bender v2.3.5.0 released   
    Release v2.3.5.0 release (2015-06-01)
    The file balancing intervals could be set to a value that was not expected.
    SMART settings for individual drives was not taking effect.
    The SMART service and Windows tray application can use excessive CPU when the host machine comes out of sleep mode.
    Scheduled tasks can fail to load on start-up.
    The core driver is spamming the Windows event log.
    If the pool switches to fault tolerant mode, the duplicate file may not be displayed.
    On some occasions it is not possible to create a network mount point.
    Improved the efficiently of the pool health check.
    Fixed a font issue with the duplication manager.
    Windows 10 support.
    Download here
    FYI - This is an interim release on our way to v2.4, we wanted to get out the fixes and updates we had in place so far. If you have reported an issue with v2.3 and it is not fixed in this release, it is most likely being addressed in v2.4.
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    revengineer got a reaction from CBers in Where is the Repair Pool feature?   
    It's in the manager under pool options in the upper left corner.
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    revengineer reacted to oj88 in Copy Pool to New Hard Drive (non-pooled drive)   
    Robocopy. It's fast, accurate, and it has the ability to resume where it left off in case the copy operation was interrupted.
    It's primarily command-line driven but if you're like me and don't want to figure out all the options and switches, there's a GUI front-end for it. I use WinRobocopy.
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    revengineer reacted to Eldon.McGuinness in Experience with encrypted drives (Truecrypt or Bitlocker)   
    I recently decided to give BitLocker a go with my DriveBender Pool and wanted to report what I have seen so far, but first some details about my setup.
    3 x 3TB drives 1 x 1.5TB drive 1 x 500GB drive (landing zone) All drives are external USB Atom D525 CPU / 4GB ram / Windows 7 x64 Ultimate So far I have started small and only encrypted the landingzone, as it would see the most R/W and allow me to see the performance. I must say that any slowdown is negligible for my needs and all is working well. I did run into a couple of odd issues where windows would repeatedly assign it a drive letter, but I was able to resolve it by setting up a set of rules in USBDLM to ensure the drives were not given a drive letter.
    ; Drives to not assign letters to [DriveLetters1] DeviceID1=USBSTOR\DISK&VEN_WDC_WD15&PROD_EARS-00MVWB0&REV_0125\152D00539000&0 DeviceID2=USBSTOR\DISK&VEN_WDC_WD50&PROD_00AAJS-22TKA0&REV_0125\152D00539000&1 DeviceID3=USBSTOR\DISK&VEN_WDC_WD30&PROD_EFRX-68EUZN0&REV_\152D20339006&0 DeviceID4=USBSTOR\DISK&VEN_WDC_WD30&PROD_EFRX-68AX9N0&REV_\152D20339006&1 DeviceID5=USBSTOR\DISK&VEN_WDC_WD30&PROD_EFRX-68AX9N0&REV_\152D20339006&2 DeviceID6=USBSTOR\DISK&VEN_WDC_WD30&PROD_EFRX-68EUZN0&REV_\152D20339006&3 Letters=- After that, I noticed there was a bit of a timing issue that resulted in DriveBender loading and not detecting the encrypted drive until after a few moments, even when the drive is automatically unlocked at boot. I was able to resolve this by adding BitLocker as a dependency to the DriveBender service.
    REM DriveBender depends on Bitlocker sc config DriveBender depend= BDESVC/EFS  This is a very small/low power server and as such my needs for speed are not huge, but so far I am happy. I'll post any new updates on this as I proceed more into encrypting the remaining drives in the coming weeks.
    Two more drives have been fully encrypted and still everything is running fine, even on this little box. I'm going to hold off on the last two for another week to monitor the system stats.
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    revengineer got a reaction from CBers in Error when adding Dropbox   
    Did you submit a ticket?
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    revengineer reacted to Requiem in BSOD with ntfs.sys caused by VHyperdrive5   
    Final feedback: Server running stable for a couple of days now. After a long file duplication queue which took a few days to process, the health scan identified all multiple primaries and deleted them automatically.
    Still, the VHyperdrive5.sys errors keep appearing in the log files, apparently without any consequences..... wonder why.
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    revengineer reacted to oj88 in Drive Bender and WHS Client Backup DB corruption   
    One thing to keep in mind though, even if WHS2011 Dashboard says that the backup database repair has completed successfully, if you go open up Drive Bender Manager (or is it Console) and expand "File / Folder Access", you'll see that there's a lot of read/write activity on the backup database(s). Depending on the database size, this will usually last for hours. Shutting down your server (even gracefully) at this state will almost always cause further database errors.
    Before I knew this, I was having database errors one after another and it almost drove me insane.
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    revengineer got a reaction from SteveCliff in v2.3.0   
    Working well for me. Next time you go first. ?
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    revengineer got a reaction from Mr.X in v2.3.0   
    Working well for me. Next time you go first. ?
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    revengineer got a reaction from carpinteyroryn in v2.1.8.0 hosed my pool   
    This is a stern warning regarding DB This version just hosed my entire pool. After rolling back to v2.1.5.0 virtually all duplicate files are labeled as missing or invalid. Recovery is a pain is the ass too because health check stops when the validation queue fill up. That means that over the next days I will be restarting the health check over and over and over again and hopefully in the end my data will be safe. As you can tell, I am miffed and not just a little. This version should have been labeled as BETA. 
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