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  1. Glad to hear you got the box up and running, it's a pretty nice value priced bay and works just fine with DB. Sounds like some good t-shooting as well to figure out the multiplier on your ESATA port. I remember reading some reviews before I purchased that a lot of people had issues getting their onboard ports to work correctly. I am betting Mediasonic ends up selling a lot of SATA III PCI cards ($19) to people that already have the option on their machine because it comes with instructions and drivers. Enjoy the box, I am close to buying another one myself -P
  2. I have that same Mediasonic bay and use the drives in multiple different pools. Kinda hard to tell you what you should do as this is all personal preference in your setup. DB is going to see these as individual drives, so you can use them just the same as if you had four external drives attached to your PC. The box should come online at the same time as your other drives over ESATA or the USB option so that should not be a problem. You probably will not be removing the drive bay, just individual drives if they fail. I have two of the drives setup as one pool, and the other two each in other pools. ( I have three pools all together). Completely preference on this one. -P
  3. Thanks thesmith, but all has remained smooth and working well. I have kept all the pools online for over 48 hours without issue. -P
  4. Thanks for the "push" CBers. Install / Upgrade to v1.9.1.0. went smoothly and all pools and shares online in under 20 minutes. My media devices attached to the shares immediately and all home AV is back running well. I'll officially consider this a success after the pools stay up for 24 hours, but all looks well so far. Thanks as always, now time to learn and play with the new features. -P
  5. Thanks for the response CBers. Unfortunately I was unable to put in a ticket as I had family coming to town and needed to get my AV stuff back on-line as quickly as possible. I am a "cable cutter", so had to have access to my movies and music to keep everyone entertained. That server feeds TV/Stereo in every room in the house as well as Pads and laptops. Anyways enough of my personal life, the point being I had to quickly roll back so couldn't troubleshoot at that time, and haven't touched it since. DB is working great but I recognize I am missing out on some features and don't like to be so far behind on revs. Can cause issues down the line. I have some time this weekend to work on it so upgrading has moved up the priority ladder. I am assuming from your post that you would suggest installing v I'll give that a whirl unless you recommend a previous version as more stable. -P
  6. To upgrade or not, that is the question.. I am currently runing v. Yep, pretty far back, but working flawlessly. When I tried upgrading to v., I had a slew of issued with drives coming online and then going down, so just went back to what i knew worked fine. This is on a home machine (Win7) with three pools, each one duped over two drives (essential mirrors). One for movies, one for TV series / music, and one for data. About 14Gb in total The question is to upgrade or not, and if so to which stable build? I love tinkering around, but with this holding all my AV data, I am not really in the mood to spend a huge amount of time trouble shooting an upgrade since I am in good working shape now and want access to my media. Of course I would like to see the new features, and don't want to fall to far behind. Having read all the post here daily since my install, and seeing some of the more recent problems folk have run into, what version would you recomend as the most stable to make my move towards? Tennetive as alway with my data thanks for your advice -Pearl
  7. Upped now to the first 300. $10 is a heck of a deal. I'm not really sure why, but I feel compelled to buy another license at that price in case I ever want to bring up a 2nd file server.
  8. Ouch w3wilkes. Sorry to hear this, but I guess it's good to have more data in the mix. Bad part is that you were installing v1810 which I was hoping would solve my issue since I had tried a few times with 1800. Sounds like the same or at least a similar issue if the pools come up, and then go down. In my case, as soon as they would go down, I could see in the task manager the the DB service was off and could not manually restart it. At that point no choice but to reboot. Let us know what you find out. I am up for trying this again but won't get to it till the weekend. CBers, I am running Win7 Pro. This is certainly a weird one...
  9. I cannot answer the order the drives will come up (mine seem to be all over the place) but I am sure someone with more experience than I will be able to help there. One thing to note though which I have found very useful is that under the "drives dashboard" of a pool, if you choose a drive and then go to the "advanced options", you can have DB continuously ping the drive for 30 seconds. I have a lot of externals and a drive bay with I/O lights for each drive. When I ping a specific drive with that function, I can then see the drive light being hit for the 30 seconds and know which drive it is. Was great when I first got setup with multiple pools and a lot of the same drives to be able to identify which drive was which. A nice feature. Good luck, and I am looking forward to hearing the answer to your main question. -P
  10. yes a bit different, but certainly info i'll take to heart when I go through the upgrade again as you never know how things are connected when you are troubleshooting. Since I seem to be able to get it running initially, I will try turning off the SMART monitoring immediately after install and see if that has an effect. Thanks for the tip, and glad to hear that you were able to solve your issue -P
  11. @w3wilkes - Will open a ticket on this. I am certainly curious since the rest of you have made it through the upgrade. I should be able to try this again before the end of the week, and then be able to get any data from the logs or try suggestions from support staff. Issue is that when the DB service stops, there is nothing I can do to get into the console and try anything. @revengineer - Pools would come up, and then be available for a short time, then crash when accessed from either the local machine or a remote machine. Sometimes the computer would still function, but I could not get the service started or get into the mgmt consoles. Other times it would lock up the computer. No such issues on
  12. No I did not put in a ticket as I did not want to leave the server in a non-working state while working on the issue with the support staff. One of my pools has my work data on it. I will do so next time I go through this (assuming it still fails), but first I am going to copy off some data that I will want access to if I am down for a few days while troubleshooting this. -P
  13. @CBers - I am running 64bit Win7 Pro on that machine. Are you seeing heavier memory usage than I am? @W3wilkes - From what I can tell, no paging activity from DB. I am by no means an expert on this stuff, but I took a look using perfmon, with two movies playing again from remote clients, and neither the system or drivebender is accessing pagefile.sys at all. I would have assumed I am not looking at the pagefile correctly, but AVG does accesses it every few minutes. Ill do a little more checking and maybe someone here with more monitoring experience than I can take a look, but it appears that DB is not swapping data into the pagefile on v. 1.4 7.5., and does nto appear to need to do so. I could test this with a real heavy load. I have 8 computers / devices that can play movies from the DB Server's pools, but I am guessing I would come across other bottlenecks in doing so. @revengineer - I have not tried turning off the SMART detection as you suggest, but since I have been now testing by removing DB, rebooting and doing clean installs, it should not be an issue. I do not have any SMART monitoring on the machine other than what DB is installing. Update: After multiple reboot for testing purposes, I have left the DB computer alone and it has now been up for close to 17 hours without issue. Pools up and running, and all accessible from the various devices I use. As above, I'll attempt to upgrade again when I get some time, but for now, all is well on Thanks for all the input and interest in helping me solve this issue. -P
  14. That's good to know w3wilkes, and I would have no issue with upgrading the RAM if that were to increase performance, and get me to the later revisions. Though everything is working well, I would like to take advantage of some of the new SMART features that have been added. With, neither memory or processor utilization seem effected at all when accessing data on pooled drives from a remote client, which is all I do with the pools. Noted above, I have not other programs or services running on this machine besides the OS, DB and AVG. I tested the resource usage, in complete idle, and under some stress. I simultaneously ran an MKV movie file that is in one of the pools on the DB computer from a laptop using VLC (connected over an SMB share), as well as a different mkv movie from the same pool on my WDLiveHUB through my TV. After all was closed down, I checked out the computer running in idle. The increase in both memory and processor utilization was absolutely negligible. Note that this was a VERY basic test just looking at the machines through task manager for total memory and processor usage, not the individual process' or threads which would give more detail. It would appear that it does not take much juice to attach and read the file system on a Drive Bender pool from a remote machine at all. Of course if you are accessing the files locally, this would be a different story, but to use as a home file server for my movies and music, this does not appear to tax the box at all. I am interested in seeing if there is a difference once I get the upgrade to the 1.8 series working. Ill take a look then and see if there is any changes between the versions. Next time I will actually use resource monitor to get more specific and eliminate the OS etc and really see what is being used by the program. Unless I am missing something or looking at the wrong info (both of which are very possible), it's pretty interesting on how little processor use and memory buffering uses when just sharing out the file system. -P
  15. @w3wilkes: Machine is a bit under-powered but not terrible. I have been buying used boxes to separate out my tasks, DB File Server, a PlayOn media server etc. This box is running an Intel Core2 Duo E6750 @2.66mhz with 2GB of ram. It has nine drives: internal, external and an external drive bay attached. Resource utilization seems fine and it does nothing but serve files up to my media players. The media players attach over SAMBA, so don't need to use the boxes resources to transcode or anything like that (which is why I set up PlayOn on a different and faster machine). Essentially a dumb box that shares it's file system. Re-Install Update: 1) Uninstall went fine. Re-installed and had similar results. DB found all the pools as soon as I ran the manager, and it took a while to get them online. Once up, they worked for a few minutes, and then accessing a mountpoint from a remote machine proceeded to crash DB and bring the pools down. After that the machine locked up completely. Re-booted with erratic but similar results, accessing one of the mountpoints from the local machine brought down the DB server and i was unable to restart it. 2) Uninstalled, rebooted and installed Again, a while to get all the drives up and online, but from there all went back to normal. All three pools came up. Clearly something either on my Win7 Install or my hardware that does not like. Machine is working fine with install so far. Have rebooted several times to check and it has always come up clean, and accessing the pools' mountpoints both locally and via remote computers seem to cause no errors. Back where I started prior to this endeavor, although a bit more learned on how uninstall / re-install works which is probably a good thing anyways. Guess I'll just stick with this version for the moment. 3) On an interesting note, after installing, I went to add the license and it was already installed and activated. Perhaps that registry setting is not removed if you don't release the license and it automatically installs itself? I'll probably try and upgrade again ( to next time), and do a bit of trouble shooting on it when I get some free time. I want the pools up and don't have the time right now to weed through logfiles etc, t-shooting Win7 to find out why it is conflicting with DB. I'll update this thread when I give it a shot and hopefully find an answer. Thanks for all the advice. -P
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