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  1. Hi I'm using Drive Bender and wan to send email notifications when things go wrong with the pool. I was using a gmail account (successfully) but want to change to a different, encrypted service. With this I need to choose TLS (and not SSL) and I want to be able to change the port number to a port of my choosing. Is there a way to change this somewhere? (a config file somewhere maybe?) (wanting to use a 'Proton Mail' account with their software 'ProtonMail Bridge') Thanks
  2. OK, with the release of, I waited a few days in case there were any big issues reported, then gave it a go. Installed it OK, rebooted. Checked version in 'DB Console', yep, v2.6.0.0 = all good. Opened 'DB Manager' and the drive that I want to use as the landing zone is part of the pool and about 50% full. So I right clicked on the 'Show options...' icon to the right of the drive and selected 'Set as Landing Zone' I think it asked me some questions, not sure it was a couple of days ago now... then DB Manager froze. Damn. But Windows hadn't locked up, like last time, which was prom
  3. Got a reply back from my support ticket, looks like we'll need to wait for v2.6, which shouldn't be too far away. I'm happy to wait. I'll post here after installing 2.6 and tested things a bit. D Hi, There is a known issue with the landing zone / balancing in v2.5, we have fixed it for v2.6 which is to be released soon. I would recommend waiting for this if possible. Thanks, Anthony Smith - Division-M
  4. I think I skipped v 2.4 and went from 2.3.8 to 2.5? was a while ago now... But that's an option. I've raised a support ticket so we'll see what happens. D
  5. OK, So I've added a WD 1TB Black hard drive and I add it to the pool, then I open the properties popup and choose to 'Set as landing zone' then let drive bender do it's stuff. Problem is that DB crashes. So I restart the pc, and everything is ok for about 2 or 3 minutes then DB locks up again. So I restart and quickly go into the DB Manager and undo the landing zone setting and all is good. Am i missing something? Will it come good if I leave it for a few days? can't really do this as I need to access the pool daily. T I A. D
  6. Thanks w3wilkes That's what I wanted to hear. Just a bit more clarity but, yeah, maybe Anthony will shed more light. D
  7. Hi I have an issue that crops up too often and when I look at what's going on it seems to be a conflict of disk access. It seems that when there's a background operation being performed by DriveBender, like drive balancing or file validation, and myself or a program moves or adds a large file to the pool, a random drive will go off line and DriveBender will drop into read only mode. After doing some reading I've come across the idea of setting a fast drive as a landing zone drive as this may offer a buffer. I've tried to find a detailed explanation of what setting a drive as a l
  8. Thanks for the reply. Those are 2 options I didn't know about and might give me what I'm after. Something else I've found is that the software I'm using can do a compare and show what is different (new or missing) so I could compare what is in the pool with a previous catalog file of the pool drive and see what is missing or what was on the failed drive. This helps a lot. Thanks again
  9. Hi all I've got a question the data on my drives before I'm convinced to move to DB. At the moment in my file server I have 5 x 3TB, 3 x 2TB and C is 250GB. This server runs Win 7 Ultimate (64bit) and holds all the usual stuff a home file server/streamer has including backup images from the other PC's in the house. For backups, C drive is imaged with Acronis three times a week to different drives within the server, I also have an aluminum case with foam insert (typically for Camera's) that I keep hard drives that have backups of everything that's in the server. All drives
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