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  1. Recently tried to use Recuva to find some files I had lost, and I was a little surprised that when I chos the drivepool as the location to scan, I got an error: I suspect I may have to simply mount the local single drives in order to perform such tasks?
  2. Ive found what the changelog states, to not be the case, and looks like I will have to manually uninstall before installing the new version. u] When upgrading, the installer will now uninstall the existing driver version first before installing the newer version (this happens automatically).
  3. Still the same using the v1600a release today...
  4. Just installed CX onto W10 x64, cant even select a drive letter, which I assume should be an option in the drop down box? Nothing there! Any ore-requisites needed for this app to run properly?
  5. Nothing compares to Everything... Somewhat philosophical! Rather disappointingly, still doesn't work either.
  6. Im trailing it as I simply want drive letter access to my online storage, as compared to simply having a drive letter associated with the gdrive folder.... This is my biggest gripe with some of the online storage providers... I don't want to sync all of my online content to all of my PCs, but do want to be able to access it. I have 1tb OneDrive account, which I have mapped a drive letter too via the OS, but cant find anyway to do it with Gdrive, so CX became the solution. I do use goodsync, but since Im using a server platform (OS came free with a chep but good spec server), the price
  7. Currently got the trial installed before committing.. but ran into issues straight away. I found the info for setting up Google Cloud didn't really match up with what I had to do (unless of course Google have changed their screens and wordings), but after trial and error, I did get that bit set up, although it would finish the setup. I checked the clientID and password were correct. I do however wonder if it is because im setting this up on my Server212 Essentials system, which is where I have drivebender installed, and where I want to make use of having cloud storage. The Internet i
  8. I did suggest the ability to "eject" the disks from the pool, if you were removing it, thereby restoring original structure.. think its been added to the feature request... Prob not something that would be done often, but surely you should be able to undo what you have done, if you chose to do so...
  9. I am hoping option 1 is perhaps one of the core features of CX, as when I heard of CX that was the first use that springs to mind... I haven't tried the beta yet, but assume by you posting this, that duplicating to your chosen cloud provider is not yet an option? I thought the whole point of CX was that it did integrate with DB giving you the option of including your cloud space within the pool, thus allowing duplication, amongst general storage options...
  10. Last update was a couple of weeks ago saying it had been put on the bug list and was meant to be getting looked at last week.. don't want to hassle them, but have asked for update. My workaround was that I have a backup drive of my pool, so have set an NFS on that til the issue gets resolved...
  11. Had a couple of likes to this post...does that mean others having same issue?
  12. Will do thanks... I always seem to be one of those people who wants to do something that never quite works as it should.. Ill always find the bug that is only evident in certain sceanarios!
  13. Have logged a ticket... Did see in one of the change logs that NFS was fully supported.. Seemed using NFS was the more obvious and perhaps easier choice, when trying to connect from non widows device. When I ran the share wizard, it said smb was for windows based devices, and nfs seemed to fit my requirements.
  14. Just built new server, 2012 R2 Essentials... and have set up an NFS share to share my media files with XBMC/KODI... was able to access the folder, but as soon as I scan/update library, DB crashes out and the pool disappears. Anyone got any advice? Using latest v2.3 Have just performed the same NFS share on folder not in the pool, and it works fine...
  15. Luckily Ive been able to consolidate some disks, and have been able to move stuff off the pool, so I am now left with 1 disk in the pool which is pretty much full.. I "assumed" I could then simply remove this single disk from the pool, essentially meaning that the the DB folders etc would be removed leaving the original data in situ... however I was greeted with a message about there not being enough space in the pool, did I want to force remove...! I suppose I could just manually relocate my data back to the root, uninstall DB then remove the folders.. but I was hoping that I could simply
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