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  1. A card like that will be expensive. Or you could buy larger drives so you would only need 4 or 5 total. The 5 & 6 TB drives from Toshiba and Hitachi (WD) have worked well for me.
  2. I had a similar experience with external sata cards like the ones you have listed in your signature. All would be fine and then without any warning a drive or entire pool would be missing on reboot. Hard drive Sentinel showed the disks as being fine. I decided after trying everything that the cheap sata cards were the problem. I replaced the MB and computer case with one with enough ports to hook up the necessary drives and used the built in Intel sata controller, which is excellent for what it does. Never had another hiccup from the drive bender. I think you probably have two choices, either a new motherboard with lots of sata ports, or a professional grade sata add-in card with professional grade drive enclosures. The cheap ones are not reliable. The new motherboard would probably be less expensive.
  3. Use the driver utility: Uninstall the version 5 driver-reboot Reinstall the version 5 driver-reboot (it might take a few minutes but will notify you to reboot) Should work fine now.
  4. I have no smart data for any drives. I know it worked when I first installed 1.9.5 but now it is missing. And yes, it is checked in notifications. I have installed the trial version of HD Sentinel and all the data is present, but not in DB. I searched but couldn't find any answer as to what the problem might be. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  5. Fixed with version 1.9.5 update. Thanks for a great job!!
  6. I submitted a ticket on the 19th, but have not received a reply yet. Has no one else noticed these bug check errors in event viewer after a restart??
  7. Drive bender works very well in all areas except when I shutdown or restart my server. Then the system halts with event viewer showing a "bug check" error code 1001 and creates a memory dump. When I debug the memory dump file it shows "vhyperdrive4.sys" as the faulting driver. I get no other errors or faults at any other time and the program works flawlessly- only when I restart or shutdown. If I uninstall the drive bender software the bug check error goes away and computer restarts and shuts down normally. When I reinstall software the problem comes back the same. Anyone else had this problem or seen these "bug check" errors?? Thanks for a terrific program.
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