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  1. Last night, the ssd system drive on my HP Microserver ran out of room. Windirstat revealed a file called 'db-startup.sil' in the logs folder that was 18.4GB. Bizarrely, after rebooting last night, it's gone today. Anyone know what it is?


    DB consistently chews at least 30-40% of my CPU and even more after a startup. Are the events related? Anyone else experiencing high CPU usage?


    I have 4 drives in my pool, two 1.5TB and two 2TB drives.


    Well also here. DB will use 30-40% of my CPU (v. but in the Moment i restore 3 TB home videos and DB is balancing in the background.

  2. And I 3nd Tomper's question on the WHS addin classic interface.


    i don't need cloud after prism  ;) i have 14TB of data in DriveBender what the hell i need the cloud when i have DriveBender. i hate the call "cloud cloud cloud we are modern!!"


    VSS: must  ..but no NFS  :-[


    New user Interface: nice not must


    Network drive Support: nice


    Pool to Pool replication: nice


    Drive specific duplication: why?


    Cloud specific duplication: absolut not nice not must


    File system health monitor improvements: must


    Hard drive performance Monitor: is this not in the 1 version?


    Enhanced file balancing Options: Nice


    Multilingual support: must


    Under the Hood: MUST MUST MUST








  3. Hi, after install the V 1.8.1 on my WHS2011 Server, i see some new Infos on my Dashboard (e.g. duplicate Status ect..). That are great.


    The bad is, i don't see anymore the tab with all the hardisk and the Status "healty or so..", i only see this in the attachment :(


    is this normal or is this a ?bug on my Server?


    KR JiKo




    well i have found it. i must switch to classical view. this is not the standart in the options for WHS2011. when i Switch to classic view i see the smart for the pool :) but i have hardisk sentinel in the home Edition (Long time ago i have this  payed) and for the other drives i don't see the smart Status :(

    i will loved it when this smart Status are also displayed in the Dashboard :) :)


    see all attachments :)

    KR JiKo



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