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  1. That's the ticket. All resolved and version 1860 installed and running fine! Thanks for letting me bounce my ideas around and hope my experience helps others.
  2. Happily, after some analysis of crash dump files I seem to have narrowed down my BSOD issues to webcam drivers from Logitech and these have now been uninstalled. The chkdsk didn't find any issues so all seems well now so I may have a go at 1860 and report back.
  3. Not yet but I have downloaded it. This morning I found some entries in my event log that are quite worrying. The event ID is 134 which is an NTFS error which can indicate disk failure. Oddly this occurred at almost the exact time that my backup was due to commence. I ran Western Digital Data Lifeguard over the drive which happens to be my system drive and it reports no issues. I also noticed some VSS issues relating to the underlying drives which form a part of the pool around the same time. Right now I am running chkdsk against the system drive with the /F switch to make sure that any bad sectors are found but I'm suspecting that the issues are not really related to hard disk failure. Once I've done that I might give 1860 a try but it's difficult when I'm running remotely over TeamViewer because I can't see what's happening during a reboot. It might be better for me to try it when I get home tonight.
  4. Subsequent to my last post I have made another attempt to install 1810 with similar results and I have now logged a support ticket. The contents of my ticket are as follows: I should say that subsequent to logging that ticket I found a lot of problems including the fact that when shutting down there was still a BSOD as well as countless errors in the windows logs and corruption on the system drive. The errors suggested bad video drivers and/or bad ram and I have painstakingly gone through the process troubleshooting each error. After reverting to a generic video driver and running chkdsk in the system drive I still had problems so I then uninstalled a couple of apps from the server including Virtual CloneDrive and IsoMount since errors in the even log were suggesting some issue with virtual drives. I also had an issue with authentication by my Windows Media Centre which was resolved by removing and recreating some share permissions on WHS and disabling and re-enabling media streaming. The other thing that I changed was to turn offline files on one of my machines which may or may not have been causing trouble. Unfortunately I can't say which of the actions did the trick but 1800 now seems to be happy and I am no longer having BSOD's and the event log is relatively free of errors. Unfortunately all of this brings me no closer to having the confidence to reinstall 1810 but I have posted this info here for the benefit of others and in case anyone can see something in what I have posted that may help. Any comments are welcome.
  5. Thanks for that. I have been running 1800 and that's what I rolled back to. In fairness, the DB disk check has never worked on the drive in question but no other tool reports any error with that particular drive. I will probably log a ticket when/if I feel ready to spend the time to troubleshoot but with the problems I've had with DB already and the lack of support for shadow copies I'm beginning to think I'll either wait until VSS support is added or abandon DB altogether. Right now all it appears to be doing for me is adding complexity to my server that I don't need.
  6. I suspected as much. Any comment on the best way to assess the health of the system? I'm concerned about installing until I have a better understanding of what caused the problem in the first place. Should I be running the DB repair pool process? Would it make sense to just move everything off the pool and delete and recreate it? Would it be safer to uninstall and then install
  7. Thanks for that. What about the pool drive itself? If I go to the drives section of the dashboard and look at the properties of the pool drive I can select check and repair. I have not actually run repair but if I run check only I get the following: Is that an indication that there is a problem or that this operation is not supported on a pool drive. P.S. If this isn't supported, what's the best way to check that everything is hunky dory. I'm pretty sure something is wrong but not sure how to troubleshoot it.
  8. After I installed I immediately had issues whereby my server went into a cycle of BSOD's and spontaneous reboots. Because of limited time I immediately restored the server system image from backup and it is now running again. My suspicion from having read some of the event logs is that there was corruption on one of the pool member drives or on the system drive itself and so having run a chkdsk on the system drive I am wondering what limitations there are to running Windows native disk tools against member drives and/or the pool drive itself. Are there any specific procedures or risks given that windows will take the drive off line for this process? Note that the disk check within the Drivebender dashboard reports that it cannot run on 2 of my 3 member drives and this has been the case since I first installed. Any advice would be appreciated.
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