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  1. Ah. Good point. I should have been more detailed. I installed on WHS2011, but this time I installed the non-addin version of the latest; that must be 1810 I guess. I will try to fine 1720 and install that. BTW, do you know how to wipe drives so DB doesn't realise they were part of a pool at one time. I think it would be best if I start fresh each time... FOLLOWUP: where do I find ver 1720?
  2. I've been playing with DB for a few days. Overall, my experience is that it is what I would term 'fragile'. It seems that a lot of things can make it go hinky. The latest is that, if I check the services listed as dependent on Drive Bender, none of them are started. I was able to start them manually, but I don't understand why they wouldn't be started automatically. Most of them are listed as automatic. The 1 that wasn't is the Computer Brower Service, which was Disabled. I set it to manual. The other major issue is that I see no drives in the Drives Dashboard. There are drives attached; I have 2 drives (let's call them drives 3 & 4) in a USB3 external enclosure showing just fine in Disk Manager. Moreover, not even the C: drive is showing in Drives Dashboard - it's completely blank. A Refresh does nothing. I did have drives showing earlier today. I created 1 pool, added drives 1 & 2 to it, and copied over 120GB of files. It was after I created a 2nd pool that things went wierd. I expected to be able to add drives 3 & 4, but there is nothing showing. I would be grateful for any help. ps. I hope these aren't all noob questions: I did search the forum for what I hope would be good keywords, but nothing relevant seemed to come up. Oh, and I forgot to mention: it seems to take a realllllly long time for the Drive Bender Service to restart; so long that it times out in services.msc. It does seem to start eventually, but it is very long to do it.
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