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  1. As an update, I rebooted and tried to reinstall and had the same result. Forced a restart and reinstalled and all appears to be ok. looks like for me is a no go Steve
  2. I am updating to on my WHS and it has hung during install. The progress bar is at about 3/4 but doesn't move any further. If I hit cancel it pops up a box asking if I want to cancel, I click OK and nothing happens. After reading about loosing shares I'm afraid to reboot. What do you think I should do?? Steve
  3. I have version on my WHS and am getting ready to install Do I just install over the top or do I need to do additional steps?? Steve
  4. Ok. So if I remove D: from the pool all of my shares will remain intact and I'll just have an almost terabyte empty drive?
  5. I guess I'm a bit confused. When I installed whs on the system drive it also created a D: drive which had all the pre-defined shares on it. This gave me C: and D: on the system drive. When I added my other drives and installed db I started with the D: drive in the drive pool so the original shares would be included. Now I'm reading that this could cause problems for me down the road. Just not sure what I should do at this point. I hate to waste the extra space on the 1TB system drive without it being in the pool. Steve
  6. I just installed db on my clean Whs 2011 install. For a system drive I am using a WD Black 1TB drive. For my pool drives I have 5 various drives ranging from 1TB to 2 TB. Unfortunately I included the D: partition of the system drive with the WHS shares into the drive pool. Am I screwed at this point? Should I remove it and if so how without loosing all my WHS shares and data?? Steve
  7. Hi all, New to this forum and to drivebender. Just got my server (WHS2011) up and running this weekend installed v and so far I AM SCARED! Db keeps crashing on me and acting kinda flakey. I have read about an older version that appears to be more stable. Where can I get it? I am currently running 5 (1tb to 2tb) drives plus a 1tb system drive. Thanks, Steve
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