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  1. I've had this same issue every time i've tried to remove a drive whether it was bad or not.
  2. Today I had a drive say that the SMART Status was bad, yet all the SMART attributes were okay and running the mfg hdd test software it past everything except SMART status. So I went to remove it from the pool and it was going fine until it got stuck on a file and then the progress wasn't going anywhere. This has happened to me when removing a drive from the pool before. I don't see how a 15MB picture file can take over 30 minutes to move. That issue is for another thread ( and its a VERY frustrating issue that does not seem to get fixed! ). Anyways, I rebooted the server and now the SMART Status is all good and running the mfg hdd tester gives me a pass on everything! Still gonna remove the drive though and will order a new drive when I can.
  3. I use crashplan for regular file backups of files stored on my drive pool. Works fine. I haven't noticed any issues of not crashplan using files at the same time as other programs, but i might just be lucky there.
  4. It currently does work with Crashplan... we use it here for our offsite backups. I'm not sure I understand what you mean by this? I am using Crash Plan to backup my data, but I meant the new "Cloud specific duplication" feature. Maybe I'm understanding that feature wrong? For the hot spare, what I mean is to have an extra drive in the pool that is not being used for anything. It is a spare drive. Then if a drive in the pool dies, the spare drive is automatically added and gets used and then whatever was on the now dead drive will be moved to the spare drive as long as it was duplicated. With something like this DB could even detect that a drive is starting to die and automatically move the files over to the spare drive before any data gets lost. Then you just need to remove the dead drive and add another drive to be assigned as the new spare drive.
  5. All sounds great to me. Would love to see Crashplan added to the cloud backup somehow. Also it's rather disappointing not to see the addition of being able to have a hot spare drive.
  6. Having a hot spare would be probably the best feature I could ask for right now.
  7. is I believe what fixed this issue for all of us (except you i guess?)
  8. I am having the same issues. This has only started after updating to
  9. Server rebooted with windows updates last night. all shared gone again.
  10. I updated to the latest version of DB and upon reboot all my shares were gone. The drive pool was still up and no files were gone but I had to recreate all of my shares. Anyone else have this issue?
  11. I am removing a 500GB drive from the pool and it seems to be taking abnormally long. I started it over 8 hours ago and it's only moved 20GB of files. I can see on the HDD activity in the drive dashboard that it will be taking files from the drive for a few seconds at a time then it will pause for 10 - 15 seconds (or more!). What is up with this? Seems very strange. I have submitted a ticket for this, but has anyone else run into this problem? I don't know if I can cancel it now without losing files.
  12. I'm interested in how this worked out for you. Did this do everything you were wanting to? Might be something I would want to do. It'd be a nice feature to have included in Drive Bender as well.
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