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  1. Can you provide a bit more info as to how you have your system arranged. My guess is that if you have 15 drives in the chassis you have to be using some sort of hot swappable backplanes, and either Raid Cards or HBA's. Has the drive failed or has DB just started throwing warnings like SMART does sometimes.
  2. I have been using with Windows 7 Media Center, and a Centon Tuner card with it since about a week after it's release. The only issue I noticed was more of issue with AVA media Transcoder and anything doing anything with DB while AVA was doing a conversion. That was early on as well. Doesn't seem to have any issues handeling the load now. Give it a go. I haven't felt like it has effected my system at all. Not sure what would happen if i added another Ceton card and did some tuner shareing accros the network though. My guess would be nothing.
  3. RMassey is right. There does seem to be allot of ciritisim to anyone giving less the positive comments about DB. I had several major isues when I tried to start to use it. Many of which I attribute to 1. functionality that ended up intentially be launched without that wasn't clearly documented, 2. Documentation and flow that wasn't clear. (At this pont i haven't looked at the documentation recently. It may have been addressed) There seems to be allot of dismissal of individual's concerns or problems for what appear to be very simple problems. I have no doubt that DB should work fine
  4. thesmith, So when you say convert "converts" the drive into a pooled drive, does that mean it adds the drive to the pool and creates a mount point for the content that is already on the drive?. My experience was just that. I converted a drive and ended up with a second Mount point that seemed to point just to the content that was on the drive previously? The result would end up being what appears to be multiple drives letters sharing the same pool of disk. Is that expected? As far as the Merge function goes, it hasn't worked once for me. I have tried 3 or 4 times to merge drives to m
  5. w3wilkes, It is WHS 2011 I really have one question for you. Folks like rmassey and myself are the ones that are helping spread the word for this product for use with WHS. I wonder how many other folks are haveing similar issues. The problem here is the obvious inclusion of a feature that is obviously not functional. There is already a thread starting at WGS forums to discuss our success and failures. How does it look to have obviously non functional and in turn frustrating options in the app that essentially serve no purpose other then to hurt the creditability of this product. I ca
  6. Can you please explain to me why i would use either of the Convert or Merge options. I thought it made sense from the manual, but after trying them I am really lost. So it goes like this. Basically I had a pool that i created with 2 completely clean and formated 2TB drives. I moved data to them it is all great. I had allot of content on a 3TB drive and decided i didn't want to have to manually baby sit it this time. So i tried the Merge drive option. I selected my source drive and the pool to merge into. Then there is the strange option path. The way I read it that path determines were th
  7. You still haven't answered my question. 1. Is the database working: Two easy ways to check this is to 1. Open up the collection management tool and see if content loads 2. Does the movie content show up in Media Center My Movies section. Both of those have to read the database to load correctly. If the database is presenting data fine my only other guess is that the data being movied has caused the location to get ut of sync with the database. This is based on the last comment that you are combineing them again into one folder from your last post. If that is the case there is
  8. Not sure if it is releated but I expereince a similar problem. Basically DB would load fine and I could create a pool and add disk to it. As soon as i restarted my whole WHS Server was useless because DB would hang and get stuck starting. To many things depend on it and then pretty much all external connectivity asside from RDP never really started. I tinkered around with it for a while and somehow managed to delete the pool and recreate it after a few restarts. What was interesting about it was that after I managed to get it back there was still something very wonky. Basically the
  9. Unable to connect to the My Movies database or the content. The database runs under a compact version of SQL which shouldn't be involved with Drive Bender. Have you connected to the server and check to make sure My Movies is running fine. My suspicion would be that My Movies didn't start correctly or you have had some database corruption. I have two occasions with database corruption since the new 2.0 version for WHS. All of a sudden one day it just stoped working. Finally I realized the database was corrupted when I finally decided to whipe it out and restore from a few days prior
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