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  1. Sorry answered my own question, it has it in the installer For anyone else wondering: Release v2.3.6.0 release (2015-06-03) Users running multiple pools could experience errors during a file system health check. Some components did not install/upgrade correctly and may cause issues.
  2. Hi I have a notification that Drive Bender is available for download, indeed the download file is v2360.exe but theres no change log or any mention of it here. Any one installed and have a change log?
  3. Hi What files are included on the pie charts for pictures, music and videos? I'm suspecting that not all of my video files are being included. Do you include .raw for images? .flac for music? .mkv and .m2ts for videos? Regards
  4. No problems after upgrading to v1.9
  5. No problems since upgrading to v1.9
  6. W3wilkes what system are u running? Can client backups b backed up to the pool, on server 2012 which I'm now using when I tried storage spaces there was a bug in using client backups to the storage space
  7. Gonzo0235 and the pregnantgod have you upgraded yet, I haven't had chance yet, copying my data back across to the server.
  8. Hopefully someone can answer my concerns here regarding partitioning offsets etc. I've been checking my disks in my server for alignment. All my physical disks seem ok. They have 1024KB offset. When I check the Drive Bender virtual drives they are coming back as 32KB. I know they are virtual so unsure exactly of how Windows sees them, but I would of thought they would align with the physical disks still. Another note, my drive bender pool is around 3TB, I've got two mounts on that pool. Windows disk management sees the two mounts with the same size for each (the full pool size). As these disks are large , 32KB doesn't seem efficient. Also, the virtual drive bender drives are partitioned using NTFS, and Microsoft state for disks greater than 2.2TB you need to use GPT partitioning.
  9. Hi All I'm using Server 2012 Essentials/Drive Bender, and trying to create NFS shares. It looks like Microsoft doesn't allow NFS shares on virtual disks for some reason. I read nfs not supported on mount points, which i believe is what Drive Bender uses? Has anyone managed to get this working?
  10. I thinkyou do use the WHS one for server 2012 essentials also, it just adds the dashboard feature. I've managed to remove my old config, but uninstalling, reinstalling the latest beta and deleting the pool there, uninstalling the beta and reinstalling the version. I'm going to try and test it now, as reported earlier was working ok and not crashing.
  11. I've put on but can't get it configured. It doesn't pick up my existing pool, and I don't know how to manually delete the old config to be able to make a new config.
  12. Do I usr the whs version for server 2012 essentials with the dashboard? I've installed 1810 over the top of the latest beta and its going really slow loading the manager and pool. Should I uninstall and reinstall the 1810 version?
  13. What do u mean its not for windows? I've installed it on server 2012
  14. that link post in this thead works if you right click it and save target as
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