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  1. Hey so with a clean install did drive bender just re-establish the pool, or did you have to carry over any info from a previous windows install? (I still have access to the old install so I can copy over the mounts folder for instance or the whole Division-M folder. )
  2. yep thanks support helped me: i was able to add the drive back to the pool, and DB was clever enough just to merge the files back
  3. I need to replace my hard drive with an ssd. Are their any potential issues with DB if I do this?
  4. Cos I don't need to know the answer to this question, anymore...
  5. no I mean I physically disconnected to the drive, then repaired the pool. (I assume this removes all the files that are on that drive from the pool). I know I could copy the files from the drive back to the pool but it'll take nearly 2 days (8tb). If I can add it back, and DB will know that the files that exist in the pool folder structure on that drive should be re-inserted into the folder structure in the pool. My guess is that if I add the drive back and include the existing drive files the pool will then contain a new directory called "{815D69EA-ECD0-4339-9A0E-2BEE6AA2C0B9}"
  6. whoops, I had a drive offline when I repaired the pool. Can I put it back online? What will DB do - will I need to add it? will the existing drive bender data on the disk confuse it? Urgh! headache!
  7. whoops wrong section again
  8. I'm swapping out a 8tb drive for a 12tb. I did the manual removal, as suggested in the help files (https://support.division-m.com/hc/en-us/articles/214025823) THe new drive is currently attached via USB3, as I'm all out of sata ports. Its copying at 2.2mb/s on average. I suspect its slow with small files. DB is only version 2.4 (because I'm a believer in if it aint broke...) Is it safe to stop the copy from the old drive, and update DB? Will this likely help? I'm on windows 1903.
  9. I've just come back to a drive bender installation that I havent looked at for over a year. Its my backup PC that crapped out, and I've been slack and now I really need to get it up and running again. 2 drives are reporting offline, but when I go to the drive info the drives have identical model AND serial numbers. AND! I just pulled the drive with that serial number, tested it on my desktop and the drive is called DB4, and seems to be fine. Anyone know what is going on here? Does drive bender rely on the way the drives are attached to work out which is what? Should I recreat
  10. Ok, have done will post response here for future refference
  11. So I read that you could add a drive to a pool without removing the data. I did that for my E drive, then went ahead and added my an empty drive and another that also contained data. What has happened to the data from this drive? It doesn't seem to be there when I access the E drive, and yet in the DP manager the drive shows only 1.26tb free of 1.82. Plus there are not files listed for this drive and the primary count semi-circle thingy is orange, instead of blue. EDIT: OK I should have RTFM. Now i've added instead of merged the drive, can I un-add and then merge?
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