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  1. After following these steps, I am unable to launch the dashboard in WHS 2011. I have uninstalled every plug in and got all of my drives back with drive letters to finally get my dashboard back. Now that I've begin the process again, I can't launch the dashboard any more. This is also after installing the SQL Server 2008 R2 SP1 updated. Anything related? Or just coincidence?
  2. Dilligaf - This worked to get the computer to see the drives again, thanks. I think I did more damage to the files, however, when I uninstalled DB. After adding the drive letters back to the DB1, DB2 and DB3 drives, they all had the same files on them. It was if DB1 had been mirrored to the other two drives. They each lost what was originally on them. I believe deleting the temp files that DB created is the problem. Obviously I screwed up some directory or file that told the computer how to read the merged drives or their individual indexes. Fortunately they were just media
  3. when I remove the drives from the pool, they do not show back up in windows explorer or wherever I browse for them. they do show up in the device manager, though. i really wish I hadn't allowed any renaming of my drives. think that was a mistake. i'm uninstalling and reinstalling DriveBender, but I hope I can get my system to rediscover my drives without having to reformat them and start from scratch.
  4. i'm also having a problem with adding drives to the pool. I seem to have added the drives fine, but lost all the data that was on them. i didn't select "format drive" or do anything other than add drives to the pool. Pretty annoyed with this add in. Seemed intuitive enough, but I can't believe I'm going to have to re-copy hundreds of gigs of files to the server again. I don't see any files in the mounted share, but it is showing that about half the space is being used (which would be about right). am I just not waiting long enough for the files to be recognized again? any sug
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