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  1. Thanks guys , just knew about this as a potential solution for the problem, gonna search for a cheaper 1.5gb version though Not planning to use ssd"s here
  2. looks interesting... how can you attach 8 sata connectors to those 2 ports ?
  3. did you see the cards i posted ? i got 4 pci slots in my MB... since i am using it as a server i dont really need a descrete GPU or soundcard the i3 should be fine so with little math 4*4=16 and 6 onboard sata connectors,,, that should cover them all problem is i can get a max harddrive size supported...
  4. Looks good But do you really need the 3.0gb interface for a storage system ?
  5. only problem is that the chip is almost 10 years old.... and doesn't specify max hard drive size supported
  6. but it wont support 2TB+ hard drives... right ? was considering 4 of these : http://www.ebay.com/itm/NEW-4-PORT-SATA-SERIAL-ATA-PCI-CARD-CABLE-/230638073968?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item35b319b870#ht_2219wt_1257 as an alternative
  7. is kinda strange i mean one of the cards have 16 sata connectors... and a max size of 2tb for the whole array.... and they are not cheap at all till now... well get rid of them for a better solution...
  8. well to be honest i just plugged them in and connected the sata dconnectors and turned it on.... didnt do any raid settings so i am guessing yes JBOD duuno if this help but in the manager there showing as " ARRAY SCSI Disk Device " the card page says specifically : Max. array size: 2TB Max. physical disk drive size: 1TB http://www.adaptec.com/en-us/support/raid/sata/aar-21610sa/ http://www.adaptec.com/en-us/support/raid/sata/aar-2810sa/ currently my case can hold up to 20 harddrives and with my mother board having 6 sata connectors.. i am short of 15 extra sata connectors ( there is an extra system HD slot )
  9. hi there i just stumpled upon this... being an old whs user who were drove off by the fact that storage pool has been removed i find this thing AMAZING i got 1 question though i am about to change the RAID cards on my home server soon should just postpond adding the drives to the pool util then or will itidentify them regardless of the raid card their connected to ? ( i am using the raid card just to increase the number of sata inputs in the MB and thats all ) best of regards ahmed note : if any one knows a good/cheap way to increase the sata inputs on the MB please do tell... i just discovered my current card can support a max of 2 TB which is disappointing )
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