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  1. I'm currently running DB on Windows XP. It's running fine, but I see a lot of later versions available. Will DB version 3.x.x.x still work with Windows XP?
  2. Run the Driver utility to see if the driver is installed correctly. If it is, then using services.msc, switch Smart Bender service to Manual start (as opposed to automatic) and reboot. Check services and see if the DriveBenderService started.
  3. Spoke too soon. Still getting dozens of missing folder errors. I'll open a support ticket.
  4. Well, even though I don't have duplication turned on, it seems that "repairing" the pool has halted the error messages. Perhaps in the "Folder Missing" error message could be the suggestion that the repair function should be run.
  5. I don't have duplication turned on. Running the repair function on my multi-TB pool will take many days.
  6. Thank you, but what does the error actually mean? How does it know that a file is missing, and how would repairing the pool get that file back?
  7. So, what should I do if I'm seeing these errors? How does it know a folder is missing? Does it fix this problem itself? (xxxxx is replacing the actual characters for privacy in this message)
  8. Shut down your computer. Install the new drive. Boot your computer, go into DB Manager. Click on the Swap Drive icon beside the drive you want to remove. In the dialog that opens, check the box to the left of the new drive that you're adding. Click Swap at the bottom of the dialog. Leave your computer for a VERY long time until it finishes.
  9. You've clicked the wrong icon. You're clicking the icon that looks like a check-list. Click the one to the left that shows 3 drives and a back-and-forth arrow. If you hover your mouse over the icon, it shows "Swap this drive for a new drive" in the tooltip.
  10. In the main windows in the DB Manager, the drives are listed on on the left-most column. To the right of the drive name is a graphic that shows the drive's space, then to the right of that are 2 or 3 icons. If you have 3 (a drive that's part of the pool), the first is a - sign, to remove the drive from the pool, the next is an icon with 3 drives and a back-and-forth arrow, which is the icon you want, for swapping a drive. The 3rd is an icon with a check-list which opens the detailed properties of the drive.
  11. I'm not going to go through all that. I've lived with the erroneous graphic this long, and it doesn't affect the operation so I'll just leave it as is.
  12. Updated to 2.3.9 today, and still am seeing in DB manager a large amount of "Non pool used", even though on my system there is none.
  13. I think that 2.3.9 is supposed to address the errors in the pie-chart, but I haven't tried it yet...
  14. Sounds like maybe the registry setting didn't take. Double-check that you've typed the registry entry exactly as I suggested, and definitely have set the service to MANUAL start. Set it to 10 minutes and when you boot the computer, run services.msc and see if it's definitely NOT starting until 10 minutes have elapsed.
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