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  1. Was this ever implemented? Is it now completely out of reach, given recent developments?
  2. I sent the logs, please let me know if the files i uploaded are not the right ones. Thank you, fK
  3. Just to complete my initial post, is not working for me either as an upgrade to and as a clean install, i tried both with the same results, service never leaves "starting" and pool never comes up. fK
  4. Hello I don't know what changes you made, but was working fine on my system and the is getting stuck on start, the service never leaves "starting" and the pool never comes up. I'm running drivebender under windows 2012 r2 with 32GB of ram with 20 disks pooled in (around 30tb). Thank you, fK
  5. Won't this mean that it will only move the files out of the landing zone and into the pool after the landing zone drive gets filled? That will probably mean that if you write more files before the data in the landing zone is cascaded out, then those extra files will be moved straight into the pool and avoid the landing zone altogether. This kinda defeats the landing zone idea. Or am i looking at this wrong? The cascade balancing mode mentioned in the changelog notes of this beta seems to imply this behaviour. Thank you, fK
  6. How can i enable the landing zone feature without enabling balancing? I want to use an ssd to speed up file transfers into the pool, but i don't want the files on other disks being moved by drivebender after they are initially copied over (it messes up snapraid protection). Is it even possible at this point to do this? Thank you, fK
  7. Going back to and balancing worked just fine on the same situation. fK
  8. I've stumbled upon something, i have a pool with 19 disks 2 TB disks, almost full, and i added 2 4TB disks to it. I told it to balance, and it's trying to copy everything onto the first disk of the pool, and complaining that it can't move the rest of the files, because there isnt enough space. Is balancing broken? No files made it to the 4TB disks. Thanks, fK [edit: typo]
  9. As i said on the initial post, this should be independent of duplicated files. What i am asking for is a head's up warning that something went wrong while moving/copying the files inside the array sooner rather than later when you try to access them and notice some are broken. Of course this doesn't avoid silent corruption, but it will help for other situations.
  10. Yes, it would slow down the I/O, hence why it should be optional. But there are some scenarios where it is highly desirable, and it would play really well into the landing zone feature coming up on v2. We could have an SSD landing zone and then when moving to final destination have it be verified. I'm a bit bummed by finding some crc errors in the middle of 30TB of data and being surprised by it.
  11. Hello A way to force drivebender to verify the copied data when it's moved to the destination disks (either through balancing or when directly writing to the pool) would be appreciated. This is independent and unrelated to duplicated files comparison. Thank you.
  12. Just came here to request exactly this. Also, please consider treating this as a balancing mode, so that we could now re-balance the files already present in the arrays according to this (or provide a functionally equivalent way of re-spreading the current files on the array to gather the files in leaf folders together). Thanks, fK
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