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  1. Don't know how to get the correct readings, never tried and I won't claim to know the cause of this with 100% certainty. But whether you have 1 disk or 4, it doesn't matter. DB does not use striping like your raid 0 array does. A single file is written to a single disk and the speed is therefore limited to the max writing speed of the disk in question. Of that I am certain
  2. No way you are getting 1200MBps (you do mean MegaByte and not MegaBit right? just to be clear...) That speed is physically impossible for any current HDD to reach. I thought I read somewhere on the forums before that this might have something to do with duplication. For example: you are copying a 1GB file to the pool, which is marked for duplication. On a single disk you get a write speed of say 100MBps, duplication = writing to 2 disks => total speed of 200MBps, but also twice as much data is being written. Not sure that's it though, 1200MBps still seems incredibly high...
  3. I don't think the "Release license" option had been inclucded yet in version It has been in the latest beta though ( Either way, Tomcat should be coming out this week last I heard, in case you don't want to run a beta.
  4. Nyeah, why would you have to split the disk into 2040 GB and 754.40 GB partitions ? I have 4 3TB disks, all formatted as GPT NTFS disks so I have one big 3TB partition per disk... Works perfectly.
  5. Could be a trojan attaching itself to the process at runtime. Had the same thing happen to me only yesterday with the SpyEye trojan. All of a sudden the (running!) process TeamViewer.exe was infected. After I shut that down it was some Creative Utility process that got infected. Got rid of it by running ComboFix in safe mode.
  6. I have just specifically scanned the folder "C:\Program Files\Division-M\Drive Bender" using ESET Smart Security 5. It did not render any positives (be they false or not)...
  7. I have 3 GPT formatted 3TB disks in my pool, so go ahead^^
  8. you can find the latest release on the download page of the website: http://www.drivebender.com/index.php/downloads.html
  9. Just enter this in the Windows search box: ~"*(1)*" That'll get you what you want
  10. +1 Hadn't noticed it yet, but decided to check when I saw this topic. I too am experiencing this, averaging around 10% usage. EDIT: It's the WmiPrvSE.exe process for me (also run as x86)
  11. Maybe I'm stating the obvious, maybe I'm not, but did you use those tools on the pool, or on the individual pooled drives? I haven't been in your situation, so I can't say I speak from experience, but my guess is those recovery tools won't work on the pool, since that's a virtual disk that actually uses the underlying file systems of the pooled drives...
  12. Just format it as GPT and add the whole 3TB partition. That's how I use my 3TB disks (w7 x64).
  13. I don't know, but for me that risk doesn't even exist: I use O&O Defrag and it doesn't even detect the pool as a disk I'm guessing it has to do with the fact that it's virtual
  14. I use O&O Defrag, which works as it should. Also, I remembered this topic from the old forum: http://drivebender.squarespace.com/forum/post/1514977 It doesn't explicitly say PD12 works, but it may be an indication... Note: I'm talking about w7 x64, I have no experience with WHS...
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